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Disposable face masks were a hit at the time of their release. But with time, people are beginning to realize the shortcomings. For the most part, these masks don’t have what it takes to protect your lungs from dust and other harmful contaminants. Half-face respirators are the next best choice. But as the names suggest, they don’t entirely seal your face. Well, that brings us to the worry-free full-face respirators. They offer ultimate protection from fumes and poisonous gases. No wonder, they’ve become increasingly popular among anti-riot police officers. However, with the numerous models, choosing the best full face respirator masks is a great challenge.

Well, let’s make the process relatively shorter for you. In this article, we’ve narrowed down to 10 of the best full-face respirators for painting and harmful gases. So, read on to find the best for your needs.

Table of the Best Full Face Respirators Reviews

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10. 3M 6800 Medium Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator Mask

Full Face Respirators

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This is among the best mid-range, full-face respirators. Out of the box, it feels light and well-balanced. Hence, it’s comfortable to wear for long hours. A silicone face seal locks out dust, fumes, and other particles. Above all, it adds to the durability of this face respirator.

A cool flow valve and a center adapter are two features that set it apart. The valve ensures a cool, dry comfort for easy breathing. The adapter, on the other hand, directs exhaled air and moisture downward. We love the large lens, which offers a wide field of view. Plus, the lens has a built-in optical that eliminates distortion.

Special Features

  • A large high-impact lens offers excellent visibility
  • Smooth surface makes cleaning quick and easy
  • A cool flow valve makes breathing easier
  • Silicone offers a tight seal for enhanced comfort

9. 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator Mask for Painting, Sanding, Chemicals, Gases & Dust

3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator Mask for Painting, Sanding, Chemicals, Gases & Dust

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Like the 3M 6800 respirator, this model doesn’t include filters nor cartridges. Nonetheless, it’s a feature-rich full-face respirator with lots of extras. First on the list is the passive speaking diaphragm. It allows for easier and clear communication. Also, the respirator has a specialized coating. It encourages stains and paints to bead up, making it easier to wipe off clean.

Thanks to a 6-point harness and comfort cradle, the respirator offers a secure fit. It’s available in a medium-size, which fits up to 80% head sizes. So, it’s more likely a perfect fit for your head size.

Special Features

  • A 6-strap configuration gives a secure fit
  • Comfort cradle offers a snug fit on all head shapes and sizes
  • Scotchgard coating makes it easier to wipe off paint and stains
  • A passive speaking diaphragm allows for clearer communication

8. Complete 6800 Painting Spraying Full Face Gas Respirator Mask

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Trudsafe face mask has everything you need in a respirator. Surprisingly, it’s among the most affordable. In fact, we consider it the best for a tight budget. It comes with a P100 filter that blocks 99.9% particles. Plus, it filters particles as small as 0.3 microns. Hence, it offers protection from gas chemicals, smoke, dust, and more.

Food-grade silicone provides a tight seal. Also, the respirator has an anti-fog PVC cover for excellent vision. Another huge positive is the high flow outlet valve. It reduces gathered heat and moisture for easier breathing.

Special Features

  • P100 filter blocks 99.9% particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • High-flow outlet valve keeps moisture and heat from being trapped inside
  • Includes both standard and thread connectors for enhanced compatibility
  • Anti-fog PVC cover provides a wide field of vision

7. 3M Full Face Respirators – Packout Organic Vapor P95

3M Full Face Respirators - Packout Organic Vapor P95

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Here’s another respirator from the 3M brand. Only this time, it comes complete with P95 filters. As the name suggests, these oil-proof filters offer 95% filtration efficiency. Above all, they trap particles up to 0.3 microns. No wonder, it’s officially licensed as an ideal choice for paint works.

The lens doesn’t fog up, allowing for a clear vision. Again, this is a light face respirator. For the record, it weighs only 1 pound. Therefore, it provides long hours of comfort.

Special Features

  • Oil-proof P95 filters trap up to 95% particles
  • Organic vapour cartridges help prevent headaches
  • Lightweight construction makes it comfortable to wear for long hours
  • The anti-fog lens allows for clear vision

6. UOPASD Organic Vapor Respirator Full Face Mask with Carbon Air Filter

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This full-face respirator offers the best value for the price. It has an anti-fog coating that improves visibility. Plus, the lens minimizes distortion. As a result, you won’t get dizzy nor disoriented. The communication diaphragm is a feature you rarely get at this price range. It keeps you connected with others.

The exhalation valve allows air to flow in one direction. Hence, heat and moisture are less likely to build up inside the mask. Furthermore, the respirator has a 5-strap harness to offer a secure fit. Keep in mind; the respirator is NIOSH approved for safety.

Special Features

  • 5-strap harness distributes pressure and offers a secure fit
  • A sound device allows for clearer communication
  • Activated carbon air filter combats volatile organic compounds

5. Holulo Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator Safety Protective Mask

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So, you have a tight budget but want decent protection? If so, look no further than the Holulo face respirator. The mask is made of high-quality double-layer silicone. It not only adds durability but also conforms to facial contours for a perfect seal. Also, the respirator uses activated carbon. Hence, it easily blocks out organic gases and vapour.

Keep in mind; this is an N95 respirator. Thus, it offers 95% filtration efficiency. Again, it’s certified for up to 8 hours of continuous use. Furthermore, the respirator has a sound device for clear communication. Not forgetting, it has a 5-point harness that fits comfortably without pinching.

Special Features

  • Activated carbon and double filtration block out organic gases and vapour
  • A 5-point harness is secure and easy to use
  • Sound transmission device for easier communication
  • A large spherical lens provides 200-degree vision

4. 3M 6900 Reusable Full Face Respirator Kit for Mold Remediation, Dust, Lead & Asbestos

3M 6900 Reusable Full Face Respirators for Mold Remediation, Dust, Lead & Asbestos

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Do you remember the first product on our list, the 3M 6800? Well, this particular respirator is a slight upgrade. It includes four P100 filters that trap up to 99.97% particles. Hence, it’s ideal for a wide range of applications. For instance, it filters out dust and asbestos. Above all, it reduces exposure to mould and spores.

The mask feels light, weighing at only 1 pound. Plus, the straps distribute the weight uniformly. Thus, it offers comfortable wear, even for long hours. Like most 3M respirators, it has a cool flow valve and centre adapter. Therefore, it allows for easy breathing. More importantly, it eliminates most of the moisture and heat inside the mask.

Special Features

  • Durable high-impact lens
  • P100 filters block up to 99.97% particles
  • Integrated optical limits distortion
  • Lightweight construction improves comfort

3. Allegro Industries 9901 Constant Flow Supplied Full Face Air Respirator

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Unlike the above models, this is an air-supplied respirator. So, it’s suitable for those that want to increase productivity. Since it has constant airflow, the respirator offers an excellent cooling effect. Hence, if you plan to work on those hot days, this respirator will suffice. Above all, this respirator pulls air through the filter. By doing so, it significantly decreases breathing resistance.

Also, the mask has a highly protective polycarbonate face shield. In fact, it meets high-impact requirements. Moreover, the mask includes a mesh harness. That makes it breathable to provide comfort under hot environments.

Special Features

  • Breathable mesh harness improves the cooling effect
  • Constant airflow offers excellent cooling and decreases breathing resistance
  • 90-degree elbow keeps the down tube out of your way
  • High-impact polycarbonate lens

2. Electric Constant Flow Supplied Air Face Gas Mask Respirator System

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This is a powered face respirator. Hence, it significantly addresses the issue of breathing resistance. Again, the mask comes complete with a chargeable air pump. The best part, it reaches a full charge in under 3 hours. Once full, the pump offers up to 7 hours of continuous use.

The pump wraps around the waist, allowing you to keep it close. We love the adjustable airflow rate. It makes the respirator ideal for different working conditions. For the record, the pump has a flow rate of 62 to 74 litres per minute.

Special Features

  • A bonus of five lens covers
  • A chargeable air pump offers a portable power source
  • Adjustable flow rate suits a wide range of applications

1. 3M Powerflow Face-Mounted Powered Air Respirator

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However expensive it might be, this respirator is worth the cost. First, it’s a battery-operated unit, which makes it portable. Also, it offers a steady flow of air to minimize breathing resistance and improve the cooling effect. On a full charge, it can last up to 8 hours.

Used with the filter, it delivers a minimum of 4 cubic feet of airflow per minute. For the record, this respirator uses the 6000 series facepiece. Hence, it provides a highly protective face shield. In fact, it meets high-impact requirements.

Special Features

  • High-efficiency filter makes it ideal for lead and asbestos
  • A motorized system improves productivity
  • A close-fitting design offers improved comfort
  • A high-capacity battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge

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