Best Portable Tri Folding Mattresses on Floor Reviews In 2021

Folding mattresses are gaining popularity, especially in guest rooms and overnight accommodations. As the name suggests, these mattresses fold into a much smaller size for storage. However, the foldable design offers more than a compact size for travel or storage. Some models, for instance, fold to convert from a bed to a sofa. Folding mattresses are available in different designs and with different characteristics. Hence, knowing what’s best for you can be quite a challenge. That said, how do you select the best folding mattresses?

As long as you know what you’re looking for, getting the best folding mattress for guests shouldn’t be that hard. But you’ll agree with us that expert opinion can help a lot in your selection. It’s for this reason that we review the best foldable mattresses to buy.

Table of the Best Folding Mattresses Reviews

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10. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattresses & Sofa Bed for Quest

Folding Mattresses

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If you’re looking for a dual function folding mattress, then this is your best bet. Not only does it come in handy as a mattress, but it can also double as a sofa. After all, it’s called a sofa-bed for a reason. The mattress has pure high-density memory foam. Hence, it offers optimal levels of comfort. For the record, the foam is 4.5 inches thick. Plus, it’s consistent throughout to provide all the comfort you need.

Also, the mattress comes with a 3D mesh polyester cover. Thus, it’s breathable and safe to toss into the washing machine. Furthermore, the cover can zip off easily for washing. Keep in mind; this is a queen size mattress.

Special Features

  • Certified high-density memory foam doesn’t sag or soften
  • 2-in-1 design converts to a bed or sofa
  • 3D polyester mesh fabric makes it breathable

9. Milliard Tri Folding Mattresses with Washable Cover

Milliard Tri Folding Mattresses with Washable Cover

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This is a twin mattress for one-person use. Though small, it’s of decent quality. The 4-inch foam, for instance, offers therapeutic qualities and excellent support. Overall, the mattress has three layers. There’s the medium-firm foam for support. Next is the non-toxic fibreglass layer that offers superior fire protection. Lastly is the super-soft jacquard bamboo layer that makes it durable for long-term use.

Also, the bamboo cover has an anti-slip bottom. It keeps the mattress from sliding around, especially on a smooth surface. Moreover, the cover is machine washable for convenient cleaning. This folding mattress weighs 3 pounds for easy portability.

Special Features

  • Breathable mesh sides regulate sleeping temperature for maximum comfort
  • A durable bamboo cover offers life-long use
  • Certified 4-inch high-density foam doesn’t lose shape
  • The anti-slip bottom keeps the mattress from sliding

8. SLEEPLACE Multi-Layer Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress

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The Sleeplace mattress offers the best dry surface camping solution. Unlike most models, it has a combination of memory foam. A 2.5-inch Dura high-density foam makes the bottom layer to provide firm support. The top is made of 1.5-inch Dura gel foam. Not only does it distribute pressure evenly, but it also offers decent cradling support.

Also, the cover comes in a stitch-bonded non-woven fabric. Hence, it offers excellent thermal insulation. Furthermore, it comes with a zipper, making it easier to remove. Well, this is a twin mattress for individual use.

Special Features

  • Highly moisture absorbent polyester jacquard cover dries quickly
  • 5-inch Dura HD foam offers a firm support
  • 5-inch Dura gel layer gives superior cradling support

7. Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress – Folding Foam Mattresses

Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress - Folding Foam Mattresses

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Inofia mattress is among the best for customized full-body support. The 4-inch foam has two layers for the best sleeping experience. First is the 2.5-inch foam, which forms the base layer. This layer offers superior support. The top layer is 1.5-inch memory foam, which offers enhanced sleeping experience. Also, this mattress uses certified foam. Hence, it’s non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals.

Again, the mattress has a removable bamboo cover. It not only offers superior softness, but it also regulates temperature. Above all, it wicks away moisture. Because of that, it prevents sweat from pooling.

Special Features

  • The anti-slip bottom keeps the mattress in one place
  • Moisture-wicking bamboo cover regulates temperature
  • A multi-layer design offers a superior sleeping experience

6. Cushy Form Tri-Fold Foldable Mattress

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This is among the most convenient folding mattresses, and for a good reason. Not many models include a carry case. So, the bonus storage bag that comes with this mattress is a great plus. It not only allows for easy storage but also comes with handles for transportation. Hence, if you need a portable folding mattress for travel, this will suffice.

Also, this folding mattress measures 31 inches wide. That makes it wider than the 25-inch models. Thus, this is a mattress that gives you that extra room to toss and turn. It’s 4 inches thick and comes with a washable cover.

Special Features

  • Bonus carry bag for easy storage and transportation
  • The 4-inch foam stays soft without sagging

6. Best Small Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cover

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Most brands tend to have limited sizing options. Hence, it can be hard picking a mattress that matches your stature. Luckily, this model offers multiple sizing options. There’s a total of nine sizes, which include six standard mattress sizes. Also, the mattress has a high-density foam base and a memory foam top. The latter, which measures 1.5 inches thick, keeps the mattress from sagging or sinking in. In fact, it can support more than 130 pounds without losing its firmness.

Thanks to a jacquard cover, the mattress allows you to sleep cool. Furthermore, the mattress has a slip-resistant bottom. Therefore, it’s less likely to move, even when you toss and turn.

Special Features

  • Memory foam sustains more than 130 pounds and still retains its firmness
  • A machine-washable cover allows you to sleep fairly cool
  • Multiple sizing options (Up to 9 sizes) make it easier to find your exact fit

4. Best Portable Folding Twin Mattress Topper

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This folding mattress is among the most attractive. The netted-style cover, for instance, gives it a neat appearance. However, the mattress offers more than a beautiful look. Like the Milliard mattress, you can use it as a sofa or bed. Above all, it comes with Velcro, which lets you secure it into position.

Well, this is a 4-inch poly foam mattress. That makes it one of the lightest out there. Hence, you can move or flip with ease. Also, the mattress has two built-in handles and comes with a carry case. Because of that, it’s easier to store and transport. The protective cover is removable and washable for sanitation.

Special Features

  • High-density foam offers heavenly comfort throughout
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to move and flip around
  • Integrated handles and a carry case makes storage and transportation a breeze
  • Attractive netted-style cover

3. SAMAY Waterproof Tri Folding Mattresses

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So far, this is the thickest mattress on our list. At 6 inches, it allows you to get comfort at its peak. It’s consistent throughout and makes one of the best temporary beds. For such a thickness, one might take this for a heavy mattress. Surprisingly, it weighs 14 pounds, making it easier to move and flip. Again, the mattress uses 25D therapeutic foam. Hence, it offers life-long support for the entire body.

The mattress has a removable bamboo cover that protects against wear and tear. Underneath is a waterproof liner that protects the foam from spills. Furthermore, the mattress has ventilated mesh on the sides. As such, it allows you to sleep cool.

Special Features

  • 25D therapeutic foam offers the optimal amount of support
  • Removable bamboo cover and waterproof liner offer double protection
  • Anti-slip bottom prevents sliding

2. American Furniture Alliance Twin TriFold Mattress

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This mattress brings comfort wherever you go. In fact, this is a mattress that takes portability into great consideration. First, it weighs only 8 pounds, which makes it easier to move. Then, it has a carrying strap and built-in carry handles. All these make it one of the best travel-friendly folding mattresses.

Aside from portability, it offers a lot of comfort features. Take the ultra-soft poly sleeping surface, for instance. It feels gentle on your skin and offers a superb sleeping experience. Also, it has a durable mesh side that gives users better ventilation. This mattress is 3.5 inches thick, a perfect size for light backpacking.

Special Features

  • Lightweight construction and carry handles improve portability
  • Mesh side allows for better air circulation
  • Ultra-soft and hard-wearing pro-fibre sleeping surface

1. Inofia Twin Memory Foam Trifold Mattress

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This is the thicker 6-inch Inofia mattress. The added thickness offers a high level of support, especially for heavier side sleepers. Again, it has a base and top layer. The base is 4.5 inches thick. Hence, it provides sufficient support to prevent sagging. The comfort layer is made of 1.5-inch memory foam. It provides not only superior comfort but also premium softness.

Also, it comes with an ultra-soft bamboo cover that is removable for cleaning. Thanks to mesh sides, this mattress makes an ideal choice for hot sleepers. Furthermore, the bottom of the mattress has a textured surface. Thus, it stays in place, even as you toss and turn. For the record, this mattress comes in three sizes.

Special Features

  • A two-layer construction provides stable support and optimal comfort
  • The 6-inch thickness makes it ideal for heavier sleepers
  • Mesh sides improve the cooling effect
  • A textured bottom keeps the mattress in one place

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