Best Low Profile & High Lift Floor Jacks for Car Reviews In 2021

The need may arise to lift heavy objects. The floor jacks are the best appliances for this. The lifting force is enough. As a result, it is easy to lift heavy loads. For example, cars, luggage, etc. can be lifted easily. There is no effort during the process. During roadside emergencies, a floor jack is useful. It helps the driver during vehicle repairing. Generally, you can find a floor jack in a garage. The repairmen use a floor jack for lifting heavy loads. It becomes easy and quick to repair the vehicles.

Generally, most of them come with a large weight capacity. The safety feature is important to consider. Most of them come in a durable construction.  The aluminum or stainless steel is the common material. These materials make the construction durable. The stability is good in most cases. It makes sure the load stays in place during lifting. Take a look below to pick the best floor jack.

Table of the Best Car Floor Jacks Reviews

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10. Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile 2-Ton Floor Jacks for Car

Floor Jacks

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The feature of a floor jack is weight capacity. This Pro-Lift jack comes with 2-ton capacity. The manufacturer designs in extra-low profile. Hence, it does not occupy much space. The design is compact for use in most applications. The heavy-duty steel offers durability. Also, it guarantees stability. During any heavy loads, it will not lose stability.

The design is sleek and perfect for most applications. A beautiful handle is present. It helps you to easily use this jack. The paint finish stops corrosion. The original look of this jack stays for years.


  • The lifting range is 3-.5 inches to 14 inches.
  • The bypass device stops over pumping. Hence, all operations are safe.
  • There is a safety valve present. It removes overload problems.
  • No harmful effects of corrosion.

9. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service 3.5 Ton Floor Jacks

Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service 3.5 Ton Floor Jacks

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When it comes to durability, this product is one of the best floor jacks. It is durably built from steel. This steel material is of high quality. The durable construction offers longevity. This service jack can lift up to 3.5 tons of loads. Hence, it is useful for many applications. For example, it is useful for vehicle repairing. Also, you can use it for construction work. Some people use for outdoor activities like ball games.

The unique design offers quick lifting. The advanced technology makes the lifting quickly.  During excess pumping, there is no damage to the jack.


  • It comes with a rotating saddle. It offers easy positioning of the jack. Also, it offers user safety.
  • The diameter of the saddle is 4 inches.
  • It comes with a strong universal joint. It offers exact control of the load.
  • The vent plug and safety valve are present. They provide extra safety.

8. SUNCOO Heavy Duty 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Stands for Cars Trucks & SUVs

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This floor jack of 3-ton capacity is useful for many applications. It comes in a durable construction. Therefore, it can bear heavy loads. You can use it to lift vehicles.  The quick-lift mechanism makes it unique. There are dual-pump pistons present. They provide ease of lifting.  Generally, this jack is useful for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Hence, it can lift heavy loads of vehicles.

It can reach under the majority of cars. Hence, it is easy to lift. Furthermore, the joint release offers exact control. The high-quality finish stops corrosion.  The jack only weighs 71.7 lbs.


  • The lifting capacity is 6600 lbs.
  • It comes with a 45.25 inches long arm.
  • The range of lifting is 2.95-19.6 inches. Hence, it is perfect for SUVs.
  • It comes with a lift arm and steel casters. They provide great strength and stability. For any heavy load, the jack works well.

7. Arcan Quick Rise 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons and Reinforced Lifting Arm

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The jack extension helps a lot with lifting. Arcan designs this jack with an extension. There are two main objects in this jack. They are lifting arm and dual-pump pistons. A handle is present on the side. It makes the lifting process easy. This handle helps you to position the jack properly. Also, it provides easy storage benefits.

A pawl perfectly locks in place. This avoids slipping. Moreover, it allows for adjustments. There is a big saddle with lugs available. They support the frame of the vehicle. Furthermore, the wide base offers stability. The base pads avoid vibration during lifting.  Hence, the jack will not sink during lifting. The welded assembly offers durability. Moreover, the steel alloy increases durability.


  • There is the use of lightweight aluminum. It provides easy maneuverability.
  • The dual-pump pistons are available. They quickly lift the floor jack saddle to the load.
  • A lift arm is present. It increases strength and durability. Hence, there is better control.
  • A handle bumper and a rubber saddle are present. They protect the vehicle.
  • The bypass valves and overload valves are available. They make sure jack does not extend much.

6. Performance Tool W1640 2-1/2 Ton Car Floor Jack

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This feature of the jack is versatility. It is useful for garage and other applications. Generally, it works well for trucks and cars. A carry handle is present. Hence, it is easy to lift heavy objects. You can use this jack to change the oil in the vehicle. The surface is non-slip. It offers great stability and traction. Moreover, it can work in all weather conditions. The fabric offers comfort. Moreover, it makes this jack lightweight. This fabric is weather-resistant. The heavy-duty construction offers durability. At the base, metal wheels are available.


  • It comes with a lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs.
  • The lifting range is 5-15.5 inches.
  • The steel saddle can rotate in all directions.
  • The swivel casters allow easy adjustment.
  • The steel frame offers stability.
  • The bypass valve stops overload problems. It provides extra safety.

5. BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack with Extension

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The 3-ton floor jack is versatile. This large capacity can lift heavy vehicles. Hence, you can use it for lifting trucks and SUVs. Also, you can use it for cars and vans. An extra saddle is present. It makes the lifting process easy. A quick-lift pump is present. It helps to lift the jack to needful height. Moreover, the bypass system offers overload protection. Hence, it offers extra safety.

A carry handle is present. It allows ease of use. The extension is removable. The durability is good.


  • The range of lifting height is 5.875-20.875 inches.
  • It comes in heavy-duty steel construction. It offers durability.
  • The big steel casters are present. They can rotate in any direction.
  • The saddle neck is long. It saves time during lifting heavy loads.

4. BIG RED 1.5 Ton Torin Hydraulic Low Profile Aluminum & Steel Racing Floor Jacks

Aluminum & Steel Racing Floor Jacks

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The floor jacks low profile saves space. This T815016L jack is lightweight. Hence, it becomes easy to use for different vehicles. The steel and aluminum are present. These materials make the jack durable. There are no problems during overloading. Moreover, aside handle is available. It allows easy movement of the load. Also, it saves time during lifting.

The low-profile design makes it perfect for use in the garage. The performance and quality are high. The quick-lift design offers easy lifting.  Hence, you can lift the jack to the required height. The front wheels offer stability.


  • It comes with a 1.5-ton lifting capacity.
  • The lifting range is 3.5-15 inches. Hence, it can easily lift small or large vehicles.
  • The construction is sturdy and durable.
  • A foam bumper is available on the handle. It stops damage to the vehicle.
  • The safety overload method is present. It stops use beyond the load capacity.

3. New! 3000 Lb Jack Low Profile Aluminum Racing Auto Floor Car Lift

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This floor jack comes in a compact design. Also, the durability is good.  The use of aluminum makes it strong. For garage and other applications, this jack is useful. The pump system offers ease of lifting. During the use, it feels lightweight. The color and design are beautiful. You can use it for cars and SUVs. Overall, it is well-built and easy to use.


  • There is the use of aircraft aluminum. This material is lightweight. It comes with a sapphire anodized polish.
  • The steel handle offers a stable grip. It can quickly lift heavy loads.
  • A joint release system is present. It allows a smooth lowering of the load.

2. Pittsburgh Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel 3-Ton Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift

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The low profile floor jacks save space. For limited space, you can use this jack. The industrial-grade construction offers durability. The pump system lifts load with fewer pumps. Hence, the lifting process is easy and quick. The joint-release system is universal. It offers exact control.


  • It comes with a quick-lift pump. This saves time and effort for lifting.
  • The welded construction offers durability. There is a high-quality finish on the body.
  • The steel casters are wide. Hence, they provide more stability.

1. Sunex 3-Ton Aluminum Car Lift Jack

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The floor jack extension makes the lifting process quick. This Sunex jack comes with an extension. The dual-pump pistons are present. They quickly lift the saddle to the load. Moreover, the built-in handle comes in 2-piece construction. It offers ease of storage.

The side plates come with a thick frame. They offer stability. The lift arm is strong. It offers extra strength and durability. Moreover, it makes load control easy and quick.


  • The maximum height is 19.3 inches.
  • The handles are present on the side. They allow easy positioning of the jack.
  • The track wheels are wide. They provide good control for lifting heavy loads.
  • The bumper pad comes with foam. Moreover, the rubber saddle protects the vehicle from damage.


The floor jacks come with a large weight capacity. You need not use extra energy during pumping. They can easily lift vehicles and other heavy loads.

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