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When you own something priceless, you tend to take care of it the most. Documents, jewelry, gun, or any other thing, a little misplacement can cost you a lot. So, instead of keeping it in any random location, keep it in a secured box. But any flimsy box won’t work. You need to have something like fireproof safe boxes in order to protect it from any sort of hazards. Be it any sudden fire outbreak or a flood, the box will not allow any damages to your content.

If you are wondering which are the best options, the fireproof safe box buying guide has some suggestions. You can see what makes each of the products a genius piece of art.

Best Fireproof Safe Boxes Reviews

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10. Serenelife Store Safes And Lock Boxes, Money Box, Safety Boxes for Home

Fireproof Safe Boxes

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Even if a wildfire breaks out, the high-quality materials of this digital fireproof safe box will protect your contents. It has been built of reinforced solid steel that isn’t easy to melt. The dual security door is lockable in nature as there are locking bolts and no one can open it without any access. To strengthen it more, the powder-coating will help plus prevent situations of corrosion or rusting.

Moreover, it is both digitals as well as manual. With the touchscreen functioning, there is a control pad that will allow you to set the password. So, unlock with the same password whenever needed to have easy. Plus, you will get keys as well for unlocking.

Key features:

  • It even has a fingerprint sensor that will detect your thumb’s fingerprint for opening it.
  • The digital panel requires 4AAA batteries to keep the digital pad functioning.
  • When it comes to thickness, the door is 3mm thick whereas the body is 2mm thick.

9. SentrySafe Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

SentrySafe Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

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This is indeed an electronic fireproof safe box that has received the UL certification. To your surprise, it can withstand a high as 1700-degrees F of heat for a stretch of 1 hour. In this span of time, the documents, jewelry, USBs, and every other item will remain safe. As a matter of fact, even a 15-ft fall will make no impact on it. The waterproof feature has been recognized by ETL and so, 24hours protection under 8-inches deep water will cause no harm.

You can create your very secret digital combination or for locking it manually. It has four live-locking bolts that are of steel and extremely sturdy. As it is pry-resistant, breaking and stealing anything out of it isn’t easy.

Key features:

  • Its offers a 1.23-cubic foot capacity for you to store everything.
  • There is an interior light that will let you see the contents with clarity.
  • It has as many as 4 1-inch bolts for high-end security.

8. SentrySafe HD4100 Fireproof Safe with Key Lock

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Winning the approval from UL to keep your valuables unharmed for ½ hour at a temperature of 1550-degrees F. This waterproof fireproof safe box looks traditional but functions as a modern box. The ETL verified waterproof certification assures the safety of the contents for 72-hours even during flood emergencies. As it has a flat key lock, the lid with not open wide when there is a fire.

Besides, the captured fire insulation material deals with heat at any temperature. To unlock the safe, you get two keys that will lock and unlock with ease. You can even keep digital files inside it without worrying about water damage.

Key features:

  • The 0.65-ft cubic feet will accommodate everything you might imagine.
  • It will let you store up to 40 standard folders without ruining the document.
  • The lid organization gives you extra space for storage.

7. Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Fingerprint Safe

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This is a biometric fireproof safe box that will unlock in a matter of seconds when you put the registered finger. You can even set your own pin in order to ensure extra security. Coming with an upgraded 500 DPI optical sensor, the 5mm door is sturdy enough to endure anything. Interestingly, you can save as many as 32 fingerprints so that your trusted individuals can have access to it. However, you can set only 1 pin password for avoiding misuses.

Moreover, the interior is fully carpeted that feels luxurious and the LED interior light will let you spot everything easily. Finally, it has beeping sounds that will warn you if someone is opening it.

Key features:

  • Due to the modern design and perfect size, you can keep it in your office, bedroom, living room, or any other location.
  • It even has keys that will let you open it in case you forgot the password or the fingerprint isn’t working.
  • The sealed solid steel body is gun-safe so that it can have rugged use.

6. Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

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Amazon Basics has proven its worth in this safe box that features an electronic lock. It has a roomy space of 0.5-cubic foot and if you want more, you can check the other size options. Having a construction of steel, the carpeted floors will not let your valuable get scratched or damaged in any way. In case, you forgot the combination of passwords, the safe allows reprogramming it and you can set a new one.

Furthermore, there are 2 live bolt doors that you can twist to unlock. Besides, the hinges are pry-resistant so that it doesn’t break or fall-off so easily.

Key features:

  • There is an option of a shelf and you can put the shelf inside or remove it if you want more room.
  • The two override keys don’t let you only depend on passwords.
  • Its compact size will allow it to fit in any room at any corner.

5. TIGERKING Security Lock Safe Box for Home or Office

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This premium-looking lockable fireproof safe box is for people who have a taste. The solid-steel construction will not cheat you with quality and it isn’t possible to damage it. As it is a digital safe, you can program a secret code of 1 to 8 digits. Just activate it with the press of “*” and you will be done. If anyone is trying to steal and there are 3 incorrect entries, then the aggressive vibration is going to alert everyone.

Also, you will get the option of installing a shelf and you can remove it for making it more spacious. Finally, the in-built LED light in the interior will let you keep a track of every item inside.

Key features:

  • Having a soft inner layer, there will not be any scratches or damages to the contents inside.
  • The live-locking bolts give a thrilling feeling and ensure double security.
  • It weighs 52.9-pounds that proves how heavy it is.

4. H HUKOER Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Cabinet for Cash, Document, and Jewelry

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Stealing any item from it is going to be a tough job. The product has a triple solid lock core that is tough and sturdy. Not like any other product, the door is 20mm cause of solid steel and is one of the thickest. It is not an easy task to open it without proper access once it’s locked. On the inside, there are two layers of partition. In one, you can store the smaller items whereas on the wider one, keep the documents, gun and so on.

However, you can obviously set your password through the given keypad. It even features a LED indicator for prompt security. But one can also unlock it using a key given in the package. Lastly, the alarm will turn on if someone has put 3 consecutive wrong passwords.

Key features:

  • The vibration alarm is pretty strong that can alert anyone.
  • You will two emergency keys so that you always have one in case you have lost another.
  • The alarm sound will continue for a span of 1-minute for informing everyone.

3. ETE ETMATE Fireproof Waterproof Safe Box with Digital Keypad and Key Lock

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Once locked, you cannot easily open it. The triple solid lock core of this box makes the security tight. Its construction of 20mm thick steel makes it an unmatched competition. Now, decide your password and activate it. You can also use the master key for having immediate access in case; the keypad is out of power. Besides, the keyboard features 3 indicator lights that are green, red, and yellow for safety reasons.

As it already comes with predrilled holes, you can mount it on a wall or install it on the floor. The mounting bolts are going to help in the installation. It is both water-resistant and fire-resistant and so, damages to the articles inside will not be a concern.

Key features:

  • It offers 1-cubic foot for your belongings.
  • With the code-change button, you can reset your password anytime.

2. DocSafe Portable Fireproof Document Bag with Lock

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It appears more like a bag that will safe-keep all the documents. With a 3-layer of file storage option, you can stack in as much as you want. When you talk about its built, this is of double-layered fiberglass that is enhanced with non-itchy silicone. This fireproof bag has a temperature rating of 2000-degrees F. Plus there will be no water damage as it is water-resistant.

Moreover, it has 2-way zippers that you can slide smoothly and even the zippers are waterproof. With the use of a carry handle, you can grab and leave for your destination.

Key features:

  • The combination lock will ensure that no one can unlock it easily.
  • As it weighs 1.2-pounds, it is an impeccable portable product.
  • Being rectangular in shape, you will get sufficient space inside.

1. KKTECT Fireproof Safe Box for Money, Gun, Jewelry, Document

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Thanks to the premium metal construction that the user is going to get protection against water as well as fire. Having the promise of triple solid locked core, you can trust with keeping your valuable inside this product. Next, you are going to get two different ways of locking and unlocking it. The password helps to keep away anyone with stealing intentions and the master key is going to unlock it if the power is out.

Furthermore, there is 0.8-cubic ft space inside it that is certainly enough for every sort of item. Providing all-around protection, you will get installation hardware along with it.

Key features:

  • From documents and passports to jewelry and gun, keep everything inside it.
  • There are different size options available in case you have a bigger option.
  • The professional and rugged look is enough to intimidate the thieves.

Your personal and valuable items should be your priceless possessions. Ensure that no one can steal by getting fireproof safe box for home or office and keep everything checked.

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