Best Most Secure Fingerprint Door Locks Reviews In 2021

Are you fed up carrying around your house keys? Or maybe worry about lost or copied keys? Well, burglars seem to be getting clever. To them, breaking into a conventional door lock is a piece of cake. Thus, you need a solid, convenient, and safer alternative. Welcome to the world of the biometric door lock. You may have heard or seen it in spy or action movies. And if you did, then you know this is one lock that can’t be fooled. The best part, it has become more than available for average consumers. But then, what are the best fingerprint door locks to buy?

Picking the best isn’t a walk in the park. For this reason, we’ve reviewed the best biometric door locks to consider. From the basic-feature fingerprint locks to the more sophisticated smart fingerprint locks, we’ve included models for different budgets.

Table of the Best Fingerprint Door Locks Reviews

10. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks

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Let’s first give this fingerprint lock the credit it deserves. It’s the first 5-in-1 key-less smart lock. Apart from being a pioneer, it offers five ways to open the door. You can use fingerprint, key, code, Smartphone, or knock to open. So, even if one fails, you’ve got more than enough backup. The fingerprint mode identifies users in less than 0.5 seconds. Above all, it can enrol up to 95 users. As for the code, it has an anti-peep keypad to protect your password.

The Ultraloq app makes things even more interesting. You can shake or knock four times on your Smartphone to open the door. The best app, this app uses low-energy Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, it offers a longer battery life of up to 1 year. Again, the app allows you to add or view users who’ve had access to the lock.

Special Features

  • Solid one-piece construction offers waterproof and dust-proof performance
  • DIY-friendly installation (Takes under 10 minutes)
  • A reversible handle is ideal for right or left-handed doors
  • Batteries last for up to 8,000 times access

9. Newest Fingerprint & Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock for Office Hom

Newest Fingerprint & Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock for Office Hom

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Technology improves with time. So, new generation locks tend to offer the best in security. One such model is this HARFO smart lever lock. In fact, it took three years of research before its launch. Hence, you don’t expect anything short of advanced security features. Foremost, it’s a 4-in-1 smart lock. It opens via fingerprint, passcode, access card, and a backup key. Fingerprint, in particular, has an accuracy of up to 99.86%. Above all, it keeps track of up to 300 users. That makes it ideal for a large household or a family with lots of guests.

We love that this fingerprint lock has a voice guide and an intuitive OLED display. These make it easy to operate, especially for beginners. Furthermore, this is a low-energy smart lever lock. The batteries, for instance, can last up to 1 year of use.

Special Features

  • New generation 3D fingerprint sensor has an accuracy of 99.86%
  • The OLED display and voice guide give intuitive information
  • Excellent memory manages up to 300 users
  • Micro USB for emergency power

8. Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

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Don’t confuse this fingerprint lock with the first product on our list. It takes a whole different route. For instance, it doesn’t use a Smartphone. Instead, it has all its capabilities in the locking mechanism itself. Plus, there are three ways to open: fingerprints, code, and backup keys. The lock accepts 95 fingerprints, which is quite impressive. Again, the keypad automatically lights once your hand gets near it. Hence, it gives an easy time seeing the pad in the dark.

Another huge positive is the weatherproof design. In fact, this device is rated IP65. That makes it dust-tight and waterproof. So, even if you install it on the exterior door, it still works accurately. Above all, the lock has a sturdy metal construction. Thus, would-be trespassers will have a hard time breaking it.

Special Features

  • Sense-On recognition allows easy use in low-lit areas
  • An IP65 rating makes the lock virtually weatherproof
  • 4-second re-lock gives peace of mind, especially if you forget to lock
  • A sleek, ultra-modern design makes it stand out

7. ARDWOLF A1 Keyless Biometric Keypad Lock – Fingerprint Door Locks

ARDWOLF A1 Keyless Biometric Keypad Lock - Fingerprint Door Locks

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Before we get into the details, this lock is strictly for interior use. That aside, there are five ways to open the door. You can use a one-step verification of fingerprints and user code. Alternatively, you can open via dual verification. It’s a combination of fingerprint + user code or fingerprint + fingerprint. Keep in mind; dual verification improves security. Lastly, you can open using a mechanical backup key. Overall, the lock not only offers more flexibility but also allows you to beef up security.

This biometric lock accepts up to 100 fingerprints. Plus, it allows you to add or delete users directly from the keypad. Another excellent feature is the passage mode. It keeps the door open, especially when hosting friends.

Special Features

  • A 2-step verification option improves security
  • Passage mode keeps the door unlocked
  • Easy to delete or add users without using a Smartphone or computer

6. Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock – Code Fingerprint and RFID Entry

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Let not the price put you off. Though it costs up to 3x more than other models, it offers the most value. For instance, it features an award-winning design. Also, it has world-class fingerprint recognition. Above all, it has the most security features. In a nutshell, this fingerprint lock is worth every penny. But to find out more, let’s get down to the specifics.

There are four ways to unlock the door. You can use fingerprint identification, code, RFID card, or override key. Also, it accepts double authentication, which includes fingerprints and code. There are several features that enhance security. Foremost, there’s an automatic motion detector. It alerts suspicious movements. And if the movements persist for 60 seconds, it sounds an alarm. Apart from that, the lock has a robust design that blocks forced entry.

Special Features

  • A push and pull design makes it quick to open and close the door
  • A user-friendly interface displays the lock status
  • A robust, hack-proof construction keeps off unwanted guests
  • Anti-theft mode sounds an alarm to improve security

5. ZKTeco Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

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Fingerprint door locks fall under different categories. There’s the high-end, mid-range, and inexpensive models. Apparently, this door lock falls under the inexpensive models. So, for those on a tight budget, this particular fingerprint lock will suit you. It doesn’t have all the high-end features of other models. However, the level of security it provides is quite impressive. The alarm, for instance, is one feature that lacks in most mid-range door locks. Surprising enough, this door lock has an alarm to ward off intruders. It opens via fingerprint recognition, which supports up to 90 users. Keep in mind; this door lock is for indoor use only.

Special Features

  • A sleek, affordable fingerprint lock
  • A fuss-free design makes it easy to operate, even by kids
  • Reversible design is compatible with all door open directions

4. AIGURD Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

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Not all fingerprint locks are reversible. Such is the case with the AIGUARD fingerprint lock. It’s available in two versions. There’s one with a right-handed handle and another with a left-handed handle. The keypad is quite unlike those of other models. It has numbers ranging from 1 to 8. But what we love most is the scrambled password. You can put in your code followed by up to six random numbers. Thus, it’s difficult for someone to memorize your password. Before we forget, there are three ways to gain access: fingerprint, code, and key. It can recognize up to 200 fingerprints, making it ideal for homes and offices.

Again, this fingerprint lock supports a combine-open function. Therefore, you can open using fingerprint + code. Furthermore, you can connect the lock to a power bank. This allows for emergency opening in case the battery runs out.

Special Features

  • Anti-corrosion stainless steel plate offers a longer service life
  • Scrambled password makes it difficult for others to memorize
  • Supports two access ID’s for added security

3. SCYAN X7SC Keyless Door Lock with Fingerprint Scanner

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A fingerprint door lock doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Like the ZKTeco fingerprint lock, this is another budget model. The best part, it doesn’t skimp on quality. The double-shell construction, for instance, makes it one of the most durable. In fact, it will give thieves a difficult time breaking through. The lock uses a fingerprint scanning, a code, or key to open. It supports up to 100 users and has excellent memory function. So, even if the power runs out, it can still recall registered fingerprints.

The passage mode comes in handy at those times when you have friends around. Plus, there’s no fear of running out of power all of a sudden. Thanks to the low power alert, you can recharge the battery in time.

Special Features

  • Memory function recalls data, even after power runs out
  • Low battery indicator
  • Double-shell construction offers heavy-duty performance

2. ARDWOLF A10 Fingerprint Touchscreen Smart Door Lock

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We believe this to be a solid upgrade of the ARDWOLF A1 fingerprint lock. First, it’s designed for high-volume use. The lock supports up to 300 entry codes, alongside 256 fingerprints. Again, it supports double verification. Thus, it’s more difficult to hack. Above all, the lock comes with two mechanical keys for backup. One feature that stands out is the visual menu display. It literally walks you through the whole process. Hence, this is one lock that gives novice users an easy time.

Another impressive feature is the audit trail. It tracks everyone who’ve had access. As a result, it’s easier to manage risks. Furthermore, this fingerprint lock has a sleek, contemporary design. So, it easily adds a modern touch to your space.

Special Features

  • Audit Trail feature allows you to track entry records
  • Extra-large capacity (Supports 256 fingerprints and 300 entry codes)
  • Double verification increases security significantly
  • A user-friendly OLED visual menu

1. MENGQI-CONTROL Full Kits Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

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This is an all-in-one package. It includes an electromagnetic lock, RFID cards, and key fobs. Overall, we believe this to be one of the best value packages. Well, let’s get down to the lock itself. First, it has the largest capacity of any fingerprint lock on our list. It supports up to 3,000 users. This makes it ideal for high-volume traffic areas. Also, there are four ways to gain access. It supports fingerprint, RFID card, and passcode. Apart from that, you can use the mechanical backup keys.

The fingerprint sensor offers a quality image. Hence, it can easily identify users, even with wet fingers. Again, you can plug in a cable to download entry records. Moreover, this is one sturdy lock that can withstand 600 pounds of force.

Special Features

  • Solid construction withstands 600 pounds of force
  • A magnetic feature offers reverse current protection
  • Extra-large capacity supports up to 3,000 users
  • High-quality imaging, even for wet fingers

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