Best Garden Electric Tillers and Cultivator for Sale Reviews In 2021

The choice of best tools helps you to make your garden ready for planting. With the electric tillers, it is easy and quick to break up the soil. Hence, the plot or garden becomes ready for planting. Moreover, they are famous for saving hours of manual work. Many people find them useful for reducing backache.  They are easy to start and easy to manage. Furthermore, their other names are rototiller and cultivators.

Especially during autumn or spring, these tools are helpful. In these seasons, they help to make garden beds easily. Moreover, the rotating steel blades loosen the thick soils perfectly. As a result, the soil is ready now for planting or sowing. Most of them come in durable construction for years of use. Also, the built-in handle helps you to easily carry and use it anywhere. The wheels provide portability. Now let’s learn more about the best electric tillers.

Table of the Best Electric Tillers Reviews

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10. Sun Joe TJ603E 12-Amp Electric Tiller & Garden Cultivator

Electric Tillers

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The electric tillers and cultivators from Sun Joe are reliable. One such tool is the TJ603E electric tiller.  It is a 120V tiller with a 12A motor. This motor quickly grinds dirt. Moreover, it slices the soil at a speed of 340 RPM. Hence, it guarantees good aeration and prepares the seedbed perfectly.

This tool is useful to control weeds in some parts of the garden.  You can use it for tough garden and yard tasks. You will experience less strain and more comfort. Furthermore, you don’t need oil, gas, or tune-ups. Hence, it is easy to start and maintain.


  • The 12A motor softens the soil up to 16 inches wide x 8 inches deep.
  • There are 6 steel tines available. They provide great durability and an increase in performance.
  • The built-in handle folds flat for easy storage and transport.
  • The wheel is easy to adjust in 3 positions.

9. Earthwise TC70001 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator

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Earthwise design this corded electric tiller to provide long runtime. Moreover, it is durable enough to last for years of use. The built-in 8.5A motor provides high performance. Generally, for small and medium-sized gardens, this tool is useful. The overall design is lightweight for portability. It is easy to maneuver with a single lever switch.

This tiller is an eco-friendly option for gas-powered garden tools. For its use, just push the start button and press the lever. There is no need for gas or oil for maintenance.


  • The 4 tine long handle is available. It can till soil up to 11 inches wide x 8 inches depth.
  • There are rear wheels for easy transport.
  • The soft ergonomic grip provides comfort during the use.

8. TACKLIFE Advanced Electric Garden Tiller with Adjustable Wheels

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The adjustable width makes these electric tillers unique. You can easily change the width from 12.5-18 inches. Hence, it can meet various work needs. When not in use, you can fold it to a small size. The foldable and space-saving design helps you to carry it anywhere.  Also, it guarantees ease of cleaning.

Weighing just 22 lbs, you can use it for various usages. You will benefit from high mobility. Furthermore, there is no bad effect of vibration. Hence, arm fatigue is reduced.


  • The 13.5A copper motor can produce speed up to 380 RPM.
  • The maximum working depth is up to 8 inches. This is perfect for making bed and loosening of soil in the garden.
  • There are manganese steel tines available. They guarantee steady performance and durability.
  • The brake switches and safety buttons are present. They guarantee safe operation.

7. Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

Electric Garden Cultivator

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With the TB154E electric tillers and cultivators, you can till gardens and flower beds. It can successfully cultivate any soli terrain.  Moreover, the rotating blades help you to easily till the soil, in less time. It is easy to change the tilling width. All the 4 tines are perfect for tilling gardens with various types of soils.

The ergonomic and lightweight design helps you to use it anywhere. Now you can keep your garden always green with this tool. The well-built gearbox offers durability.


  • A 6.5A electric motor is available for high performance.
  • The tilling width is adjustable from 6 inches to 9 inches. This helps you to work in small gardens and flower beds.
  • The transport wheels provide easy mobility in the yard.
  • The included tines can tear, dig, and turn the soil.

6. Mantis 3550 Garden Electric Tiller and Cultivator

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The tillers with electric start save time. This red and green tiller is powerful yet lightweight. Hence, it is easy to use anywhere. During its working, it does not make noise. Also, there is no harmful emission. Basically, it is a 9A 120V gardening tool.

To use it, simply connect the handles and cables. Within 15 minutes, you can assemble this tool.  An owner’s manual with instruction is present. Moreover, for the size, it provides lots of power. Ideally, you can use it constantly for 8 hours. With less effort, you can cultivate your whole garden.


  • There are 2 speeds available –high and low. The high speed is useful for tilling and low speed for cultivation.
  • It comes with a quick push-button start.
  • It can easily loosen hard soil.

5. Greenworks 10-Inch Corded Tiller

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This corded electric tiller from Greenworks does not create cord mess. The electric start removes the need for mixing gas. The main part of this tiller is an 8A motor. It provides high performance. Moreover, 4 rotating tines are available.  The width of each of them is 8 inches. They provide high performance when digging soil.

The process of assembly is easy and quick. No need to use extra tools. Once assembled, it is easy to use.


  • The tilling width is adjustable from 8.25 inches to 10 inches.
  • It comes with 5 inches of tilling depth. This makes the tilling process easy.
  • You can dig up to the suitable planting depth.
  • The built-in handle folds down easily. Hence, you can easily store and transport this tool.

4. WEN TC0714 Electric Tiller and Cultivator

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There are lots of features in this 7A electric tiller. It makes this tool suitable for various types of soils. For example, it can work for concrete, hard rocks, and other steady objects. Moreover, the 7A motor turns the 4 steel tines. The rotation speed is enough for the proper loosening of the soil. Hence, this tool can turn any soil for proper gardening and planting.

The unique handle design offers high control during turning. One unique feature is overload protection. It makes sure the motor stops automatically when working on a solid surface. Also, there is no damage to the blades and body of this tiller.


  • It can till soil up to 14.2 inches width and 8.7 inches depth.
  • The 7A motor can turn at a speed of 380 rotations per minute.
  • All the 4 steel tines provide 16 blades for simple cultivation.
  • There are two removable wheels present. They provide ease of storage and transportation.

3. LawnMaster TE1016M Electric Tiller

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The tillers with electric start are easy to maintain. One such tool is this LawnMaster tiller. It is a 10A tiller with 16 inches cutting width. This width is enough for loosening various types of soil. Moreover, the safety lock button is available. Simply press it and pull the trigger level upward. Hence, it is easy to start this tiler.

With a weight of just 26.4 lbs, it is easy to carry it anywhere. Also, you can fold with the help of a handle. Thus, storage and transportation become easy. In addition to soil loosening, this tool is useful for flower bed preparation.


  • There are 6 steel blades and 6 rust-resistant blades present. They allow this tiller to till soil up to 16 inches width and 9 inches depth.
  • It comes with 3 variable mower heights. Hence, it can meet different mowing needs.
  • This tool can till through the rough terrain.
  • The wheels at the bottom roll smoothly.

2. TACKLIFE Electric Tiller with Foldable Handle

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When looking for a high-performance electric tiller, you can pick this tool. It can run at high speed for good mowing results. The power output is strong enough for different terrains.  Moreover, the built-in foldable handle offers ease of storage and transport. It saves space. The transport wheels roll smoothly for portability.

The lightweight design helps you to easily lift it with one hand. Any kid or adult can operate it easily. Furthermore, you can change the handle’s length according to the needs. To use this tool, just push the start button and press the lever.


  • It comes with a 12A copper motor with a maximum speed of up to 400 RPM.
  • The cultivation depth is 8 inches. The cultivation width is 16 inches.
  • There are 6 manganese steel blades available. They are useful for turning any hard soil terrain.
  • The safety switches offer protection.

1. TACKLIFE 13.5 A Electric Tiller with Removable Blade and Adjustable Wheels

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TACKLIFE makes this electric tiller with adjustable width. It is easy to vary the width for various mowing needs. Moreover, you can quickly switch from 6 tines to 4 tines. No need to use extra tools. The foldable design saves space. It helps a lot for storage and transport. The brake switches and safety buttons offer protection. With a weight of just 22 lbs, it provides more mobility. Furthermore, there is no vibration during use.


  • The width is adjustable from 18 inches to 12.5 inches.
  • It comes with maximum depth up to 8 inches. This makes the tool suitable for making flower beds and loosening of the soil.
  • Its 13.5A copper motor produces speeds up to 380 RPM.
  • The blades are durable for high performance.


The electric tillers are reliable for tilling soil terrains. Also, you can use them for making flower beds. They come with great durability and a comfortable handle.

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