11 Best Electric Cheese Graters & Cheese Shredders In 2018

Get ready to impress your friends and guest with our best electric cheese graters which are easy to use and the parts which come into contact with food are dishwasher safe. Our best products are handy when grating chop nuts, chocolate and make bread and their bases are sturdy enough to give you peace of mind. Don’t grate by hand because it will take hours and when you have this unit, you will be able to grate enough pounds of coconut, potato, and cassava as well as cheese in minutes. If you love potato pancake, then these products are what your kitchen needs. These best electric cheese graters are well-made, durable, reliable and strong motors machine and thanks that they’re safe and easy to operate. They have good grating blades and operate quietly and they have simple to use on/off buttons. Get your best electric cheese graters and prepare a delicious fun meal for your loved family.

The best types of electric cheese shredders are designed to ease and quicken grating in your kitchen. Because it is fast, you can easily make several dishes in less time. However, the market is crowded with several products in the market all promising to deliver on functionality. They come with varying features and specifications to serve various purposes. While it can be difficult to settle for the ideal electric cheese grater, it is advisable that you settle for the cheese grater that will meet your specific needs and preferences. The following is the top 5 electric cheese graters reviews that will help you get started in your search to find what best suits you.

Table of the Best Electric Cheese Graters Reviews

11. Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Electric Cheese Graters

This product is diverse and works great with vegetables, fruits, and cheese. In this, you can easily prepare a wide variety of foods with ease. It comes with four cones, which are easily interchangeable which you can use to make regular slices, thick slices, ripple cuts, as well as shred-plus. Thanks to its parts, it is easy to clean with most of its parts being dish washable. By simply rinsing it off, out, you will be able to get rid of all the big chunks of anything that may be stuck on the grater. It is therefore, easy to use and fast. In no time, you will have your ingredients prepared.

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10. Cuisinart CMG-20 Cordless Rechargeable Multi-Grater

Electric Cheese Graters

This grater is durable thanks to its stainless steel body that will also ensure that it will not rust. It features three cones, which are interchangeable to allow you slice, grate, as well as shred. Other than cheeses, you can also use it with other foods such as nuts, vegetables, as well as chocolate. It features an ergonomic handle that is easy to use whether you are left handed or right handed. It will keep running for up to 20 minutes. It is also easy to clean with its ability to dish wash its removable parts. Using it is fast as you can easily assemble its parts when you need to use it.

9. CASO Germany MR 200 Multi Grater

Electric Cheese Graters

This electrical cheese grater comes in a compact design that makes it easy to store away without the fear of losing or damaging any parts. It features three capacity stainless steel drums that make it easy to use. They include fine, coarse, and slicing. This helps you to prepare a wide variety of ingredients for various food preparations. The drum blades are sharp to ensure that you are fast. Its dimensions and weight make it easily portable. You can use it with any bowl reducing on restrictions, which makes it your ideal grater. The hopper and the drums are dishwasher safe.

8. Zyliss Rotary Cheese Grater

Electric Cheese Graters

This is one of the best-rated table-side cheese graters. You can use it with a variety of foods other than just cheese such as chocolate and nuts. It is easy to clean with the drums and handle being separate. The plastic material makes it light in weight allowing for easy portability. It is therefore, designed to boost durability and functionality.

7. Presto 02910 Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Electric Cheese Graters

This item will give you the easiest way to slice and also shred fruits, vegetables, cheese and more for your tacos, pizzas, soups, salad and also desserts. It will let you create chop nuts, chocolates and make bread and also cracker crumbs. It doesn’t have complicated parts which need to be installed and cleaning it is effortless. If you like healthy salads which are loaded with veggies, then this product will be your friend. The cutting blades are sharp and made of stainless steel material and it is super easy to use and you don’t have to clean bowl while processing different kinds of food and so you can shred lettuce, cheese, carrots and more.

6. Oster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater

Electric Cheese Grater

This unit is rechargeable and also uses electric and it is a perfect cheese grater which you can use to enhance your dinner party as well as the entertaining event. The item will let you serve freshly grate cheese which your loved family will enjoy and with only a push of button, you’ll be able to serve enough cheese which is great for a dinner part of eight to ten guests! You will also love this product because it has elegant vertical style which takes only small space and it will enhance overall dining experience. This unit is shipped with coarse/fine shredding drum and has a clear window to let your work effortless.

5. Grandma Ann’s Electric Grater

Electronic Cheese Grater


Are you ready to grate yucca/cassava, calabaza, green plantains and coconut for pone cake, pasteless and cassava cake? Get this item and it will let you enhance your dining experience and you will grate up to five pounds of potato, cassava as well as coconut in minutes. You will let your family enjoy potato pancakes fast and you will not worry about cleaning because it is simple, too. It only needs warm soapy water to clean and you only need a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the machine. The part of this cheese grater is dishwasher safe. This item will let you grate horseradish, parmesan cheese, and other hard vegetables.

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4. Epicureanist Electronic Cheese Graters

Electronic Cheese Grater

Get this product and it will be your companion when it comes to meal time. The device has a high-quality grater that you can use it to grate spices, cheese, and nut which is great to be used on top of your dishes. It features a sleek design to let you store your item on your kitchen countertop and the cordless operation will let you use your cheese grater anywhere, anytime. It is battery operated and needs 6AA batteries. The TPR coated plastic and stainless steel construction will make you enjoy delicious cheese and nuts and it is super easy to maintain it.

3. Black & Decker GG200 Electric Cheese and Chocolate Gismo Grater

Electric Cheese

The cordless design will let you grate your cheese and nut anywhere, anytime and the sturdy blades will let your grating time effortless and within no time you’re done. The item is easy to operate and with only a touch of a button, your unit will give you enough spices for your family. This stuff also features 3 blade accessories which are easy to be interchanged and it is great for your grating needs. The fine grating blade is great when it comes to hard cheeses and the coarse grating is also perfect for soft cheeses like cheddar. You will make use of the shaving blade for coconut, chocolate, and other dry foods. The parts which come in contact with food and dishwasher friendly and the versatile storage are perfect on your wall, on the counter and also in a drawer. The ergonomic design will let you use your unit comfortably.

2. Westmark Multipurpose Rotary Cheese Grater

Rotary Cheese Grater

The ABS base and rubber suction foot make this item the best for your busy kitchen and it will ensure that your unit has tight ad also secure hold. You only use soap and water to make your item clean and it comes with a five-year warranty. It has drums which are perfect for carrots, cheese, cucumbers, carrots, nuts and more. The handle is ergonomically designed and it is efficient and also comfortable to use. It has coarse and also fine grating and one for cutting/slicing and another for shredding. The non-slip suction base will secure your cheese grater and give users confidence while using their unit.

1. Omra Electric Cheese Grater

Electric Cheese Grater

This is improved model which has steel gears which are stronger and more dependable and it is versatile and can work as bread grater, cheese grater, and electric grater and you will only use a simple touch of a button to activate it. It is lightweight to let you carry it anywhere you wish and handy when you want to use it. It is also easy to disassemble and cleaning will never give you issues. The unit is perfect for hard as well as soft cheese and works well with chocolate, dry bread, almonds, and hazel-nuts. It has a sturdy metal housing and effortless to clean. You can use it out of the box and it is the best electric cheese grater to have.