Best Electric Cheese Graters | Cheese Shredders Reviews In 2021

Grating cheese will be an effortless task if you have the right cheese grater. Electric cheese graters will let you use it for grating different items and is perfect for both home and commercial applications. It is available in different designs and can be perfect for different recipes. With it, you can have the consistency of your preference, and it delivers efficient performance. Cheese graters have durable construction so that there will be value for money. Here is the list of the best cheese graters for the kitchen.

Table of the Best Cheese Graters Reviews

10. TIBEK Electric Cheese Graters for Home and Kitchen Use

Cheese Graters

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This cheese grater comes along with a stainless steel exterior. Nevertheless, the interchangeable stainless steel cones also chop through various food ingredients. Moreover, the super-shape steel cones can grind, grate, and slice veggies like a pro. You can adjust the coarseness and thinness of ingredients accordingly. However, the one-button operation helps you to use this kitchen tool with ease.

The 53mm wide filling mouth lets you grate food in lesser time. You can use this multi shredder for making smoothies, salads, and more. The plastic components of this tool are of BPA-free ABS plastic material. Furthermore, the 200-watt motor accelerates the grating function. All the blades and attachments are dishwasher-safe.


  • Safe to use with the BPA-free housing.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Comes with a powerful motor for exceptional performance.

9. Presto Salad Shooter Electric Slicer & Cheese Shredder

Cheese Shredder

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The handy electric slicer comes along with a food-grade stainless steel blade. The automatic pump of this tool runs without any complication. You can use this cheese grater for preparing salads and other items. Moreover, the 125-watt motor comes along with detachable attachments. Nevertheless, you can use your dishwasher to keep these attachments clean.

The interchangeable slicing and shredding cones also make this appliance quite functional. Furthermore, you can wipe off the dirt from the motor base. You can directly shred ingredients on bowls, pizzas, and salads. Nevertheless, you can shred cheese, nuts, chocolates, and other ingredients. The compact model easily fits inside a kitchen drawer. This appliance requires no critical assembly.


  • Lightweight design for having an easy operation.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Value for money with durable materials.

8. Cambom Rotary Cheese Grater – Round Box Mandoline Slicer

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The interchangeable stainless steel cones are exceptionally hardy. The detachable design also makes cleaning and maintenance easier for individuals. Moreover, this cheese grater has a round drum design. The strong suction base keeps the appliance stable against the countertop. However, BPA-free plastic components take care of your health. The 360-degree roller slices through food ingredients in no time.

You will also never require electricity to make this grater work. Furthermore, the sharp round blades offer fine to coarse shredding and slicing. You can disassemble the parts without any trouble. Nevertheless, you can rotate the hand crank to shred your food ingredients. The handy model fits inside a limited space cupboard.


  • Available in a multifunctional design.
  • Suction base for having easy chopping.
  • Efficient performance for user advantage.

7. Ourokhome Rotary Cheese Grater Shredder

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This cheese grater runs without any electricity. The hand crank rotator also utilizes your physical effort to shred food ingredients. Moreover, the provided cleaning brush helps you to clean the attachments with ease. All parts of this potato grater are of BPA-free ABS plastic material. However, these plastic components are never prone to rust and corrosion.

The space-saving model stores compactly into a tight drawer. Furthermore, the rotary mandoline grates cheese, veggies, hash browns, and more. The plastic parts catch no door. However, the drum blades have the construction of 430-grade stainless steel material. The grater comes along with a sharp vegetable slicer. You can clean these attachments by placing them under plain water.


  • Compact design for having easy storage.
  • Premium-quality rust-resistant housing for long-lasting use.
  • A quick cleaning with easy disassembling.

6. Geedel Kitchen Rotary Cheese Grater – Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Geedel Kitchen Rotary Cheese Grater

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The BPA-free parts of this cheese grater are safe for everyone’s health. This hand-operated appliance also requires no electricity. Moreover, the multifunctional appliance shreds, slices, and cuts various food ingredients. The space-saving module fits the tight space on your kitchen cabinet. The 430-grade stainless steel blades never usually corrode or catch rust.

The vegetable grater also comes with three interchangeable blades. Furthermore, the potato shredder shreds onions, potatoes, carrots, and more. The detachable parts help you to manage your space accordingly. However, you can use a dishwasher to keep the parts clean. The interchangeable blade design helps you to alter the blades with ease. You can use this grater for different sorts of nuts as well.


  • Suitable for shredding different food items.
  • Ability to grate at a faster rate.
  • Easy storage with a space-saving design.

5. Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater

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The cheese grater comes along with a low-profile structure. The manually operable appliance also has a hand crank. Moreover, the hand crank has an interchangeable hand design. Hence, both left and right-hand users can use this appliance easily. Moreover, the grater comes along with a detachable steel roller blade. This fine drum blade can slice hard cheese, nuts, and other ingredients.

You can also separate the parts of this grater without any struggle. Furthermore, the minimalist appliance consumes lesser space on your countertop. The deformation-free plastic parts last for years without any complication. This restaurant-style appliance consumes lesser space on your countertop. The ergonomic hand crank makes operation easier for all.


  • Allows having hassle-free cleaning.
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed users.
  • Meets the safety standards of NSF.

4. LHS Stainless Steel Rotary Cheese Grater – Chocolate Shredder –  Nut Grinder

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The countertop cheese grater comes along with three stainless steel blade cones. All parts of this appliance have the construction of food-grade metal. Moreover, the polished metal surface makes cleaning of these attachments trouble-free. You can grate nuts, chocolates, walnuts, and cheese. Nevertheless, the rotary cheese-grating tool utilizes your physical effort for the process.

Furthermore, the wide filling mouth helps you to drop food ingredients without any hassle. The detachable handle design allows you to store this grater without any hassle. However, the stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and corrosion. You can use these blades for grating, slicing, and cutting veggies as well. The appliance can grate hard and frozen cheese.


  • Allows using for a wide range of applications.
  • Comes with interchangeable blades for custom consistency.
  • Quick disassembling for having easy cleaning.

3. Vivaant Professional Rotary Grater

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This professional-grade cheese grater comes with BPA-free construction to assure safety. The locking handle also drastically reduces friction during operation. Moreover, you can use this appliance for shredding cheese, chocolates, and nuts. The sharpened stainless steel blades take lesser time in shredding cheese. Nevertheless, the reversible handle is suitable for left and right-hand users.

The attachments are also top-rack dishwasher-safe. Furthermore, this purchase brings two small containers with adjustable caps. You can use these containers for serving purposes. This set brings you two pieces of stainless steel drums for fine and coarse shredding. You can shred chocolates, nuts, veggies, and cheese. Nevertheless, the metal parts come with a rust and corrosion-resistant finish.


  • Reduced friction due to the locking handle.
  • Long-lasting use with a durable design.
  • Serving containers for having a secure attachment.

2. BNUNWISH Round Mandoline Slicer Rotary Cheese Grater

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This cheese grater comes along with a manual pump. The suction base also keeps the base stable while using. Moreover, the simple locking function offers both easy locking and unlocking. The big hopper and sharp blades speed up the slicing process. Nevertheless, the interchangeable blade design makes grating and slicing trouble-free.

The hand crank also comes with a smooth-rolling mechanism. Furthermore, you can cut veggies, nuts, fruits, and other food ingredients. The grater comes with food-grade, BPA-free ABS plastic material. However, the veggie mandoline chopper has three interchangeable blade designs. The round drum slicer reduces the risks of clogging. Hence, you can operate the grating tool without any trouble.


  • Allows having an effortless operation.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Comes with multiple interchangeable drum blades.

1. LOYALMASTER Manual Rotary Cheese Grater – Food Shredder for Vegetable

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The cheese grater comes along with a strong suction base. This grating tool also comes along with a stainless steel blade. The stainless steel drum blades can grate, slice, and cut food ingredients. Moreover, the round drum speed slicer can resist corrosion. The BPA-free ABS plastic material makes this grater perfect for residential kitchen purposes.

The interchangeable blades also resist corrosion and rust. Furthermore, the food processor offers quick assembly and disassembly. The strong suction base prevents the base from wobbling while processing. Nevertheless, the wide feeding chute perfectly holds chunks of veggies. The metal drums are hardened enough to resist deformation. However, the grater can slice and shred different sorts of cheese.


  • Safe usage due to secure handle.
  • Composed of BPA-free plastic material.
  • Ability to grate different items with versatile design.


While buying a cheese grater, you will have to see if it is safe to use. Go for the one that delivers heavy-duty performance and can grate different fruits and vegetables. You need to see if it lets you have easy operation and cleaning. Select the one that is composed of high-quality materials so that you can use it for a long time. Some of it can come with interchangeable blades so that there will be a perfect consistency. Always see if it offers you many options.

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