10 Best Dog Grooming Tables with Adjustable Overhead Arm In 2018

Pets are an important addition to our everyday lives as they reward us with their unconditional love, care, and playfulness, but do we give them the care they deserve? We often don’t. Today, you will learn about an amazing thing that can help your dog get that outstanding grooming session without any troubles. Dog grooming tables have gained the popularity owing to their smart use in parlour and homes by professionals.

These tables are designed specifically for your dogs and keep them calm even when they feel anxious. With the help of a dog grooming table, you can keep your restless dog at peace and give them the proper attention and care. The list below features the top best dog grooming tables you can buy online and each of these tables has been chosen on the basis of their top-notch functionality, durability and ease of usage. If you want your dog to look fashionable always, getting a dog grooming table can be an amazing choice to make.

Table of the Best Dog Grooming Tables Reviews

10. Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Tables with Arm

Dog Grooming Tables

The Go Pet Club grooming table is a smart choice that comes with impressive and reliable features for a great experience. In this table, you get a grooming arm along with a leash loop that is attached to the top with a clamp. Also, you get a deluxe aluminium alloy construction at the edges combined with a waterproof layer, to stop warping and absorption of water.

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Key features

  • Pebbled and non-slip surface for greater safety with the pets.
  • Static-free surface allows for easy cleaning of the table.
  • Goalpost styled legs for easy folding and transport.

9. Yaheetech Dog Grooming Tables

Yaheetech Pet Grooming Table

The Yaheetech dog grooming table can serve all the purposes of grooming with ease and comfort. It features an intelligent design with rounded table edges to eliminate risks of injury to your dog. The stainless steel construction of the table is complemented by an anti-slip rubber in the feet, thus rewarding you with top-notch stability and durability. Furthermore, you get the reliability of a premium wood platform which makes it extremely sturdy and rewards you with a great weight capacity of 256-331 pounds, thus making it safer for larger dogs as well.

Key features

  • The H frame at the bottom allows easy adjusting of the height.
  • Foldable and collapsible for easy storage and transport.
  • Comes with a mesh tray for storing of grooming products and tools.

8. Haige Pet Adjustable Dog Grooming Tables

Haige Pet Adjustable Dog Grooming Tables

If you want to give your pet a great amount of care and love, getting hold of the Haige Pet dog grooming table can be an outstanding idea. The great design, reliable construction along with features for amazing convenience makes the table an excellent buying option. Firstly, you get the user-friendly collapsible design that enables easy storage and transport of the table while the overhead pet grooming arm comes in a wide range of sizes for different breeds of dog. Moreover, you get a metal mesh tray at the bottom for storing pet grooming equipment while the non-slip rubber mating ensures easy working with your anxious pets. More: Best Electric Dog Training Collars

Key features

  • The board is scrap resistant and static free, for easy cleaning of pet hair and debris.
  • Impressive weight capacity of 250 pounds.

7. Gelinzon Pet Dog Grooming Tables

Gelinzon Pet Dog Grooming Table

This pet grooming table from Gelinzon is one of the most sturdy and strong tables as it features a heavy duty stainless steel construction, making it extremely durable as well as easy to use. Furthermore, it has a foldable design which makes it easy to store. The non-skid feet of the table assures zero wobbling while you are busy with your pet while the deluxe aluminium edging makes the corner smooth, guaranteeing no injury to the pet.

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Key features

  • Silicone surface table top to keep your pets in place.
  • Mesh tray under the table top for easy storing of pet equipment and accessories.
  • Scrap resistant, static free, anti-skid, and waterproof table top for added convenience.

6. BestPet Heavy Duty Large Adjustable Dog Grooming Table W/Arm Noose

Heavy Duty Large Adjustable Pet Dog Grooming Table W/Arm Noose

Your pets deserve to be a part of the fashion world, give them the beautiful look with the help of this pet grooming table from BestPet. The high-quality materials used in the construction ensures comfortable shower for your pet while the static free ribbed rubber surface assures the convenience of easy cleaning of your dog hair and debris. Also, you get the advantage of an adjustable universal clamp and a single nylon noose for easy working with your mutt. The rounded edges of the tabletop save your dog from the horror of injuries while the sturdy frame gives it stability.

Key features

  • Weight capacity of 220 pounds.
  • Collapsible design along with easy to assemble techniques for added convenience.
  • Waterproof and stable construction.

5. Yaheetech Professional Foldable Dog Grooming Tables

Yaheetech Professional Foldable Dog Grooming Tables

This is a professional grade pet grooming table with the reliable name of Yaheetech. It comes with exceptional and impressive features that will make grooming easier and a fun affair for you as well as your dog. The Polyurethane desktop is textured, resistant to slipping and waterproof making it more comfortable for your dog while the goal post style legs at the bottom look and functions in an amazing fashion. The table is foldable, strong and comes with rubber capped for added stability. The adjustable grooming arm can be adjusted up to 31 inches as well.

Key features

  • Storage shelf under the table for easy storing of grooming accessories.
  • Strong and reliable leash loop with strong buckle for easy working with your pet.

4. Flying Pig Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table

tainless Steel Dog Grooming Table

This is a uniquely designed dog grooming table from Flying Pig grooming. The bone-shaped table top looks amazing in every way while the table top offers a non-slip rubber surface for easy working with the runners. Moreover, the table frame is constructed out of heavy duty stainless steel that saves it from rusting, corrosion, and unwanted damages. To make tour sessions much easier, the table comes with a storage shelf under the table top, a noose, and a loop for easy working.

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Key features

  • Comes with the stainless steel heavy duty grooming arm.
  • Huge weight capacity of 330 pounds.

3. SHELANDY Professional Grooming Pet Table

SHELANDY Professional Grooming Pet Table

The professional dog grooming table from Shelandy has won the trust of a large consumer base and comes with everything you need for an effortless grooming session with your pet. The 30” adjustable arm along with a sturdy clamp and dog grooming restraint makes it a complete package for easy working with dogs. Furthermore, you get the trust of high-quality stainless steel construction which is both heavy duty and easy to fold. The smart design also allows it for a versatile and wider range of application every single time.

Key features

  • Rubber matting table top is waterproof and anti-slippery for effortless working.
  • No-sit haunch holder with double loops for greater convenience.
  • Foldable and space saving design.

2. Flying Pig Large Durable Foldable Grooming Dog Table

Foldable Grooming Dog Table

At the sophomore position of the list, you get a grooming table that is considered to be one of the most durable and strong grooming tables in the market. It has an exceptional weight capacity of 330 pounds, making it easier to work with a larger breed of dogs while the stainless steel frame is rust-resistant for added durability. Moreover, you get a table surface which is textured and non-slip for making every grooming sessions easier and effortless. The grooming arm features an adjustable design and heavy duty construction as well.

Key features

  • Comes with storage basket, noose and loop.
  • Easy to clean table top.

1. Pingkay Profession Dog Show Foldable Grooming Table

Profession Dog Show Fold Grooming Table

This model from Pingkay has extremely high-quality construction and features a very smart design for effortless working with your anxious pets.  Thus, it is the right choice to sit at the top of our list of best dog grooming tables. The goal post style legs of the table can be folded with ease and also ensures greater stability while at the top you get a pebbled rubber surface that is static free, slip-resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, it comes with steel reinforced rubber caps at the bottom for top-notch stability and an overall rust-free construction.

Key features

  • Deluxe aluminium edging to save your pet from injuries.
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Adjustable arm length of 26”.

For treating your lovely pets a luxurious experience, any of these excellent dog grooming tables will prove to be an excellent choice. Thus, indulge them in some fun spa sessions!

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