Best Small & Large Dog Carrier Backpacks for Hiking Reviews

Isn’t your pet fit for long hours of walking? Or maybe can’t keep up with you on a hike? Whichever the case, that shouldn’t keep him from enjoying the hustle and bustle of daily life. All you need is a dog carrier backpack. Unlike most types of pet carriers, it leaves your hands free for other tasks. Also, while high up your back, your furry friend gets to view a bigger landscape. So far, chances are you’re already too excited to browse for the best dog carrier backpacks for hiking or travel.

But hold your horses. Choosing the best pet carrier backpack is easier said than done. Thus, we see it fit to do the homework on your behalf. Having gathered feedback from users and experts alike, here are the top 10 dog carrier backpacks to consider.

Table of the Best Dog Carrier Backpacks Reviews

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10. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs

Dog Carrier Backpacks

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This pet carrier is for small dogs and cats weighing up to 18 pounds. Though petite, it packs lots of premium features. First on the list is the reinforced frame. It keeps the backpack from collapsing in on your pet. Above all, it gives your dog ample room to rest and relax.

Also, this backpack gives comfort a top priority. It has a Sherpa-lined bed and ventilated mesh opening. These keep your pet comfortable and fresh. Again, it has two access points for easy entry and exit. Besides your pet, the bag guarantees user comfort. Extra-thick padding and chest buckles make it more comfortable, especially on long trips.

Special Features

  • A collapsible bowl keeps your pet hydrated on the go
  • 600D polyester offers lasting durability
  • Zip-up mesh window gives your pet more headroom
  • Two mesh pockets and a front pocket accommodate pet supplies

9. Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpacks for Hiking and Travel

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpacks for Hiking and Travel

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Let not the price tag turn you away. This high-end pet carrier has a lot to offer. It’s among the few 2-in-1 dog backpacks. For this reason, it easily converts from a backpack to a traditional carrier. The fabric top is water-resistant, while the bottom is waterproof. Hence, it keeps your pet dry and makes it easier to clean after the mess.

Besides accommodating your pet, it has a padded laptop compartment. Again, this is one of the most heavily padded pet carriers. Together with a ventilated back panel, it guarantees maximum comfort. The best part, this is an airline-approved carrier. So, there’s zero chance you’ll be leaving your pet behind. For the record, this backpack is for pets up to 25 pounds.

Special Features

  • A hands-free design transforms from a backpack into a pet carrier
  • Waterproof and machine-washable for better sanitation
  • Rugged fabric withstands the rigour of daily travel
  • Multiple organization pockets for storage
  • Airline-approved design offers endless options to transport your pet

8. Mogoko Comfortable Carrier Backpack for Dogs and Cats

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This backpack holds your pet in a seated position. After all, it’s a compact pet carrier for small dogs up to 7 pounds. The quality that goes into this small backpack is quite amazing. The fabric, for instance, comes in strong and durable nylon. It’s washable and with a good level of water resistance. Again, the backpack has an adjustable mesh window. It’s a feature that makes it one of the best for your pet’s sightseeing.

A greater part of the exterior is covered in mesh fabric. Hence, the carrier offers a high level of cooling, both to you and your pet. Furthermore, it has a built-in clip that hooks to your pet’s collar. This keeps your pet from jumping out of the carrier.

Special Features

  • Side pockets accommodate treats and other necessities
  • An adjustable peep window gives your pet a view of the world outside
  • Entirely ventilated for excellent airflow
  • Inside hook prevents your pet from escaping

7. Ytonet Small Dog Backpack Carrier for Travel & Hiking

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Ytonet dog carrier has one of the best freestanding designs. The broader base, for instance, keeps it stable on all flat surfaces. Not to mention, the base has non-slip rubber feet that keep it from shifting. Also, the carrier has two access points.  There’s the front entrance that allows for easy entry and exit. As for the top opening, it lets you interact with your pet whilst in the backpack. Above all, it offers more headroom and doubles as a peephole.

Again, the carrier has a see-through mesh window that offers excellent airflow. Instead of cheap plastic, this backpack uses metal zippers. Not only are they durable but also lockable for security. Keep in mind; this carrier is for pets up to 18 pounds.

Special Features

  • Durable scratch-resistant fabric
  • Spacious side pockets offer plenty of storage for pet supplies
  • Anti-slip rubber feet keep the backpack in one place
  • Breathable mesh provides excellent visibility and plenty airflow

6. Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack for Large and Small Dogs and Cats

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This pet backpack has more openings than most competitors. It has four zippered mesh openings that give your pet more room to stretch. Out of these, there are two entry points. Again, the backpack has a rigid frame that enables it to keep its shape. However, after use, it collapses to a compact size for easy storage.

Two-way zippers provide tight, escape-proof closure. Better still, there’s a built-in clip that keeps your dog on the leash. The backpack comes with a soft fleece mat for your pet to rest and relax. Moreover, it includes two large mesh pockets that keep your pet supplies fresh.

Special Features

  • A rigid frame allows the backpack to hold its shape
  • Collapsible design allows for easy storage
  • Built-in escape-proof leash
  • Multiple zippered openings give plenty of headroom and ventilation

5. K9 Sport Sack Small and Large Dog Carrier Backpack

K9 Sport Sack Small and Large Dog Carrier Backpacks

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Thanks to the front-facing design, this carrier allows for more contact between you and your pet. As a result, it’s a whole lot more interactive than most competitors. Also, the backpack unzips all the way down to provide a larger entrance. That makes it ideal for small to medium-sized dogs of up to 30 pounds.

The top has an open design ideal for sightseeing. Not to mention, it has a drawstring that adjusts to different neck sizes. The backpack has moisture-wicking mesh sides and ventilated straps. So, it keeps both the user and the pet comfortable. Moreover, it has two large side pockets for pet supplies.

Special Features

  • Large entrance accommodates pets up to 30 pounds
  • Cooling side panels wick away sweat and moisture
  • Adjustable strap offers excellent lumbar support
  • The open-top design gives your pet an excellent view

4. PROPLUMS Dog Carrier Backpack – Pet Sport Sack Air for Walking, Hiking and Traveling

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So far, this is the only dog carrier with an adjustable size. It comes with a free booster block that gives a 3-inch boost. Should you choose, you can remove it to create more room. Well, the booster block isn’t the only bonus that comes with this dog backpack. There’s also a collapsible bowl that holds up to 26 ounces of water.

Instead of cheap plastic buckles, the backpack uses an all-nylon DURAFLEX buckle. Not to mention, it features durable YKK zippers. Together with the waterproof fabric, it’s easy to see why this backpack costs a bit more than most competitors. Furthermore, it has a removable daypack big enough for a few extra small items.

Special Features

  • Detachable storage bag holds extra supplies
  • Easy-to-clean waterproof fabric
  • Bonus booster block (For size adjustment) and a collapsible bowl
  • Top-quality YKK zippers and DURAFLEX buckle

3. LEMON Dog Hiking Backpack Carrier 30 lbs for Bikes and Travelling

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This pet carrier comes taller than most dog backpacks out there. It stands at 21.6 inches, providing an ideal fit for a dog body length of 22.8 inches. Like the K9 Sport dog backpack, the entrance unzips all the way down. Hence, it comfortably accommodates small to medium dogs up to 30 pounds.

Apart from durable zippers, the entrance has buckles to provide escape-proof closure. Again, the backpack has an open-top design. As such, it gives your dog plenty of headroom. Also, the carrier has reflective strips that ensure safety in the dark.

Special Features

  • Cutouts for the front legs and an open-top design gives your pet plenty of room to stretch
  • Breathable mesh sides improve airflow
  • Reflective strips improve visibility in the dark

2. JESPET Pet Backpack Carrier for Small Dog for Walking and Outdoor Activities with Family

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This dog backpack adopts a bucket-style design. It not only offers plenty of room but also keeps the backpack stable. In fact, it can stand unsupported on most surfaces. The backpack has a top entrance and a front entrance that doubles as a see-through mesh window. Once opened, the top gives your pet all the headroom he needs.

Also, this pet carrier has a rigid structure. As such, it doesn’t lose shape while the pet is inside. However, you can fold after use for easy storage. The carrier comes with a fleece mat to provide comfortable bedding.

Special Features

  • Freestanding bucket-style design is less likely to tip over
  • The foldable design allows for easy storage
  • A built-in safety leash makes the back[pack escape-proof
  • Washable fleece pad offers a comfortable bedding

1. Blitzwolf Waterproof Lightweight Handbag for Cats Small Dogs & Petite Animals

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The design of this dog backpack is quite unlike any other on our list. First, it has a transparent bubble window that offers excellent visibility. Well, the window is removable, allowing you to swap with a mesh cover. This comes in handy, especially when things get too hot for comfort.

The back is made of strong and tough polycarbonate. As such, it’s entirely waterproof. The front comes in durable, tear-resistant oxford cloth. In addition to mesh panels, the backpack has vent holes for better ventilation. Well, this carrier is for small dogs up to 8 pounds.

Special Features

  • A scratch-proof and waterproof polycarbonate shell
  • Removable bubble window offers excellent visibility
  • Built-in air vents improve airflow
  • A sturdy handle and shoulder straps offer multiple ways to carry

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