5 Best Disney Snow White Costumes For Adult In 2018

Some historical costumes have proven to withstand the test of time. It’s not uncommon to see someone in the modern society rocking a costume that originated way back in the olden days. It’s the timeless design of such costumes that won’t be seeing them go out of fashion anytime soon. One historical costume that has been of great influence is the popular snow white costume; one that originated way back in 1937. Snow White is one of the most known Disney princess characters, and part of her appeal lies in her form of dressing. Though quite ripped off compared to other Disney princesses, Snow White costumes never cease to amaze.

Currently, there are many Snow White costumes that will make you feel attached to something of the olden days, and of course, give you that adorable princess figure. But which are the best Snow White costumes that will make you stand out? Below, we look at some of the Snow White costumes you might want to add to your wardrobe.

Table of the Best Disney Snow White Costumes

5. JerrisApparel Snow Party Dress Queen Costume

Snow White Costumes

Have a little girl that wants to dress up like her favorite princess? This little party dress might just be what you need. The dress is made of a non-scratchy material that stays super comfy all day long. It sports a dark blue skirt with floral prints and a black silver-laced bodice. Rhinestones are included on the neckline and sleeves to add some element of sparkle on the dress. The long-sleeve blouse comes white and has stretch cuffs to accommodate different wrist sizes. A vibrant touch is provided by a red hood sporting a silver piping along the edges. The dress is designed for handwash and makes a perfect wear for birthday parties and other special occasions.

4. Dressy Daisy Girls’ Princess Snow White Costume Fancy Dresses

Dressy Daisy Girls' Princess Snow White Costume Fancy Dresses

This dress comes in a one-piece design that has a classic appeal. The dress is made of satin and tulle; a perfect combination that gives the dress a durable, silky feel. It sports white, stand-up collar with short puffed sleeves accented in red and blue. There’s a red satin ribbon that crisscrosses the tie panel. It combines with a red bow tie at the neckline to provide some extra decoration. The skirt comes in yellow and sports a 4 layered design for added fullness. A netting is attached to make the skirt more breathable and provide additional fullness. A tie sash and zippered closure come in handy to ensure you get a perfect fit.

3. ReliBeauty Little Girls Puff Sleeve Dress Up Costume

ReliBeauty Little Girls Puff Sleeve Dress Up Costume

Want a Snow White costume that comes delicate and adorable? This dress might just suffice. One thing that makes it stand out is the retro printed bodice; a decorative piece that looks timeless. A ruffle jewel neck combines with floral puff sleeves to provide a look that’s hard to go unnoticed. The skirt sports a foil organza overlay that move beautifully with each slight movement. There’s a concealed zippered closure at the back to give an easy time getting in and out of the dress. This dress up costume is made of 100% polyester for long-lasting durability.

2. Disney Deluxe Snow White Women’s Costume

Disney Deluxe Snow White Women's Costume

This Snow White costume is made of 100% polyester; a wrinkle-resistant material that resists wear and fades even after many washes. It sports a blue bodice featuring a yellow piping along the center and decorative print along the neckline. The blue/red sleeves come short and puffed and are designed to be stretchy at the cuffs to provide a snug fit. The dress has a full-length skirt sporting a yellow color with an attached petticoat. A detachable cape and matching bow headband are included to complete this classy fit.

1. Leg Avenue Classic Snow White Adult Costume

Leg Avenue Classic Snow White Adult Costume

This is a colorful option; one that will surely make you stand out. This classic dress is made of 100% polyester, a thin, lightweight, and durable material designed for comfort. The dress has a blue lace up bodice sporting a red crisscross tie and yellow piping. The short, light blue sleeves have a puffed design to add some retro look. The dress has a light, white collar and a long, yellow skirt. A matching red bow headband and gloves are included to spice things up. This multicolored dress washes easily by hand.

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