Best Automatic Deer Feeders with Feeding Times Reviews In 2021

There are lots of ways to make your hunt a success. Some will opt for better optics or an excellent shooting platform. Still, some will settle for camo or scent control. In as much as they’re all effective, there’s a much simpler way to go about it. All you have to do is invite the deer to a meal. For this, you need a deer feeder. This will attract deer and other game to your hunting area. Better still, it does so on a constant basis. Well, there are lots of models out there. Some distribute food automatically on a set schedule while others do so manually. But with all the options available, how do you tell the best deer feeders to buy?

Well, choosing the best is no easy task. So, to help you out, we give a list of the top deer feeders to buy this hunting season. Since you’re the one with the final say, take time to go through all of our selections to see what suits you best.

Table of the Best Deer Feeders Reviews

10. Moultrie Tripod Automatic Deer Feeders

Deer Feeders

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Moultrie’s deer feeders are notoriously well-made. Take the Deer Feeder Standard, for instance. It’s made of UV-resistant plastic to withstand the test of time. Again, it’s among the most reliable all-in-one feeder on the market. The 30-gallon hopper can hold up to 200 pounds of corn per fill. Plus, it has a fill height of 5.5 feet, which allows easy access from the ground.

It dispenses feeds up to 4 times a day, each 1 to 20 seconds. Also, the feeder has a quick-lock mechanism. Hence, don’t expect to use any tools. Instead, you only push and twist for a secure lock. The feeder runs on lithium batteries. However, it’s also compatible with a 6-volt solar panel.

Special Features

  • A programmable digital timer allows for up to 4 feed sessions a day
  • A metal spin plate reduces the risk of clogging
  • A tool-free quick-lock mechanism allows for easy setup
  • Durable UV-resistant plastic housing

9. Wildgame Innovations W225D Tri-Pod Digital Deer Feeders with Feed Time

Wildgame Innovations W225D Tri-Pod Digital Deer Feeders with Feed Time

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This Deer Feeder lets you enjoy a fully programmable function at a low price tag. You can program 4 daily feed times each 1 to 30 seconds. Like the Moultrie, this is a tripod deer feeder that you can place anywhere. Also, it has heavy-duty 12-piece legs. Hence, it remains stable, even when filled to capacity. The 30-gallon hopper holds 225 pounds of feed. Plus, it has a built-in chute that keeps feed wastage to a minimum.

The mounting bracket is a rare feature in most deer feeders. In fact, it’s one feature that makes this model stand out. You can use it to attach a scouting camera for an optimal view of the prey. Furthermore, this deer feeder has a rivet hardware system for easy setup. For the most part, it cuts down setup time to under 15 minutes.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty plastic barrel withstands harsh outdoor elements
  • A built-in chute cuts down of feed wastage
  • A mounting bracket for a scouting camera
  • Rugged 12-piece legs offer excellent stability

8. Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeder with Digital Timer – Metal Hanging Bar

Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeder with Digital Timer

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The all-metal housing is one feature that separates this model from the rest. In fact, this deer feeder has no plastic parts. Hence, it offers superb protection, even against the most determined pests. The barrel holds 200 pounds of feed. So, it’s tough as well as big. The timer dispenses feed six times a day, making it ideal for areas with a lot of game traffic.

This deer feeder has raised edges that protect the feed from the wind. Also, it has a varmint guard that keeps off pests from raiding your feeder. The dual battery compartment is another excellent feature. It lets you add an extra battery for backup. Above all, it includes a battery indicator that lets you know when to recharge.

Special Features

  • A rugged, lifelong metal construction
  • Dispenses feed 6 times a day, making it ideal for large game traffic
  • Dual-battery compartment lets you fit an extra battery for backup
  • Varmint guard keeps off pests
  • A battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge

7. On Time 71540 Buckeye Gravity Deer Feeders

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Those who live in areas with a lot of animals will love this deer feeder. Instead of one feeding station, it has three. Hence, it can feed more animals at a time. Also, it’s a fuss-free gravity feeder. As such, you don’t need to program feeding sessions. The hopper holds 200 pounds of feed. Thanks to the UV-resistant plastic, it can stand up well to harsh weather.

Well, this is a low-profile deer feeder, standing at 1.5 feet. So, even small deer and hog can easily reach the feed. Furthermore, it has an internal cone system to reduce waste. Three metal legs keep the feeder stable, especially during frenzy feeding moments.

Special Features

  • 3 feeding stations accommodate more game
  • Fuss-free gravity feeding system
  • A no-waste internal cone system
  • A low profile design gives easy access to the feed

6. Boss Buck “All in Series Protein Deer Feeders

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Boss Buck feeders are among the most durable and reliable. Of the three models, the Boss Buck protein feeder is the smallest. Despite the size, this feeder is the most versatile. For instance, it converts between a gravity feeder and an automatic feeder in seconds. Plus, it has all the features you can ask for in a high-quality deer feeder.

Take the tough roto-moulded plastic, for instance. It makes one durable barrel that holds 200 pounds of corn or protein feed. Also, it has three feeding ports that accommodate more animals at a time. This feeder measures 40 inches from the ground to the bottom of the barrel. Therefore, you don’t have to climb to fill up.

Special Features

  • 2-in-1 leg system lets you convert from gravity to automatic feeder in seconds
  • Tough UV-resistant roto-moulded plastic barrel
  • A double-walled lid prevents condensation from building up inside the barrel
  • Three feeding ports feed more animals in one go

5. Moultrie Pro Hunter Hanging Deer Feeder – 30-Gallon Hunter Feeder Kit

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Maybe your wallet is really light this hunting season. As such, you want to do it cheaply without skimping on quality. Lucky for you, there’s this budget-friendly pail feeder. Though it doesn’t have lots of extras, it has everything you need in a deer feeder. With a 6.5-gallon size, it can hold 50 pounds of feed. Such size makes it easier to hang up a tree.

While it’s not programmable, it can feed up to two times a day. Again, the hopper is made of galvanized steel. This makes it weather-resistant enough to lasts several hunting seasons. As the name suggests, this deer feeder has Real Tree camouflage patterns. Hence, it easily blends in with the surrounding.

Special Features

  • A bucket-style design makes it easy to hang up a tree
  • Galvanized steel barrel offers weather-resistant performance
  • Real Tree camo allows the feeder to blend with the surrounding
  • 5-gallon size allows for easy portability

4. On Time 71800 80 Lb T-Post Gravity Feeder

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Sometimes, it feels good not having to worry about battery life. Or better still, a jammed-up mechanical feeder. Well, here is one simple gravity deer feeder. It has a slot that mounts to a T-post. Alternatively, you can use tie-downs to secure to a tree. So, it’s a breeze to set up as well as maintain.

Despite the compact size, it can hold an impressive 80 pounds of feed at a time. The feeder is made of heavy-duty plastic. Therefore, it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Special Features

  • A slot at the back makes it easier to mount to a T-post
  • Compact user-friendly size holds up to 80 pounds of feed
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene offers weather-resistant performance

3. Moultrie Pro Hunter Hanging Deer Feeder – 6.5-Gallon

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This is a simple, tool-free deer feeder. Like most Moultrie feeders, it has a quick-lock adapter for a hassle-free setup. The bucket-style design makes it pretty easy to hang. Similar to the Wildgame Innovations pail feeder, it has a 6.5-gallon hopper. Filled to capacity, it holds 40 pounds of feed. Plus, you can program up to six feed sessions per day.

This deer feeder allows for 360-degree coverage. Hence, it gives you a chance to focus on the hunt. Also, the feeder has raised edges to protect the feed from the wind and varmints.

Special Features

  • Bucket-style design for easy hanging
  • A tool-free quick-lock adapter makes setup a breeze
  • 360-degree coverage with up to 6 feed sessions a day

2. One and Done Game Feeder – Loads 130 lbs, 250 lbs, 500 lbs Feed

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This deer feeder is from a brand that likes to go big. In fact, if you plan to disperse a lot of feed, the One and Done Feeder will suffice. It’s one huge, rugged model. Well, it’s more of a 55-gallon drum, holding up to 250 pounds of feed. Hence, it’s one of the largest deer feeders out there. Also, it covers a great deal of area. For instance, it can disperse feeds up to 40 feet wide.

Moreover, this is a versatile feeder. You can sit on the ground or strap to a tree. Not to mention, you can hang from a strong branch. In short, you have lots of options to set it up. Furthermore, this is no plastic feeder. It comes in 16-gauge steel, making it bear-proof as well as hog-proof.

Special Features

  • Rugged 16-gauge steel barrel
  • Extra-large 55-gallon size holds up to 250 pounds of feed
  • Six dispersion sessions of up to 99 seconds
  • Broad feed dispersal, up to 50 feet out
  • Versatile options to set it up

1. Texas Hunter Stand and Fill Wildlife & Deer Feeder with Foot Stand and Fill Legs

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Like the One and Done feeder, this unit holds more feed at one go. It holds 300 pounds of feed and disperses it 20 feet wide. Also, the feeder has 9 dispersion sessions, each up to 60 seconds. Thanks to a built-in gauge, it’s easier to monitor the level of feed. Moreover, this is a low-profile deer feeder. As a result, it’s easy to fill. There’s a built-in funnel to keep waste to a minimum.

Heavy-duty legs with 24-inch stabilizers improve stability, even on uneven ground. Furthermore, the feeder has a powder-coated hopper. Hence, it’s resistant to rust and corrosion, allowing it to withstand nature’s tough elements.

Special Features

  • Lockable, easy access door protects the timer and battery
  • A lockable latch-on lid keeps out varmints
  • Extra-large 300-pound capacity with 9 feed sessions
  • Heavy-duty fill legs with 24-inch stabilizers offer excellent stability
  • Feed level sight gauge lets you know when to refill

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