Top 10 Best Portable Foldable Deer Carts Reviews In 2018

Hauling a heavy game from the forest using a sled can be demanding. For this reason, you need a heavy-duty cart to bring you the efficiency that you need. Modern deer carts come with heavy-duty yet lightweight construction bringing hunting enthusiasts increased convenience. They also come with larger and solid wheels that ensure a smoother ride even through rough terrains. Other benefits that come with the best deer carts include the collapsible design, spacious platforms to accommodate large game and ergonomic handles. With many manufacturers making these carts, you will find them in different standards hence varying quality. To help you in selecting a model that meets your needs, go through the following top 10 best deer carts available on the market.

Table of the Best Foldable Deer Carts Reviews

10. Goplus Large Foldable Deer Game Cart – 500lbs

Deer Carts

The Goplus foldable game cart offers you a simple and efficient way of transporting your trophy after a successful hunt in the wild. Having been constructed using high-end steel material, this hauler cart will enable you to carry game of up to 500 pounds capacity effortlessly. The extra large and heavy-duty steel axle wheels facilitate this. Besides the incredible weight capacity, the cart comes with a large carrying space to accommodate your catch as well as your hunting equipment.

Key features

  • Sturdy construction with a weight capacity of up to 500lbs
  • Features 17-inch wheels with rubber tires
  • Large storage capacity offers plenty of room for carrying games
  • The innovative folding design makes it easy to transport and store
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9. Kill Shot 500 lb Capacity Game Cart with Tow Bar

Kill Shot 500 lb Capacity Game Cart with Tow Bar

Use the Kill short game cart to easily and quickly carry your game and hunting gear from the wild conveniently. unlike other models on the market, this cart has an impressive weight capacity allowing you carry up to 500lbs. pulling and navigating the cart even in rough terrains doesn’t have to be a problem thanks to the convenient tow bar and large, heavy-duty wheel. Additionally, the unit comes with padded rubber sleeves and ergonomic handles that offer extra comfort at the same time reducing the pushing and pulling effort.

Key features

  • Impressive 500 lb weight capacity
  • Solid rubber 18.5 wheels allow simple navigation through rough terrain
  • No tools are required for assembly
  • Folds for compact storage

8. Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy Duty Deer Hauler Cart – 750 lb

Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy Duty Big Game Deer Hauler Cart 750 lb Capacity

Protect yourself from back pain and hand strain when trying to drag your trophy game out of the woods on a sled. With the range Powersports cart, you can transport larger game or several smaller games weighing up to 750lbs. this makes it a great choice if you are looking to hunt elk, bear or 35-point buck. The cart comes in a heavy-duty cart that has buckle straps to secure your game. Again, this model comes with a heavy-duty 20-inch steel axle, steel rims, and solid rubber tires. Setting up the unit is hassle-free as it comes with a tool-less wire spring assembly.

Key features

  • Foldable design that ensures simple transportation and storage
  • Heavy-duty construction, featuring steel tube frame
  • Easy navigation through tough rough terrains
  • Tool-less wire-spring assembly

7. Guide Gear Deer Cart

Guide Gear Deer Cart

If you are looking to hunt for larger games such as bears or deer then you need a high-performance cart with a low centre of gravity to ensure a smooth movement. The Guide deer cart is designed to offer you with this and much more. Besides providing you with a low centre of gravity for a non-tipping performance, this unit also comes solid construction that ensures high capacity. Plus, we love the lightweight design, so transporting it from one place to the other is not a problem. Additionally, this model comes with large rubber wheels that enable it to roll over a shallow stream and other tough terrains with ease.

Key features

  • Incredibly strong and yet lightweight construction
  • Comes with 16-inch solid-rubber wheels
  • Solid steel frame for years of durable use
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
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6. Sherpa Game Summit Viper Classic Cart

Sherpa Game Cart - Summit Viper Classic Model

Another fantastic game cart that you should consider is the Sherpa summit Viper game cart. Boasting of a revolutionary design, you can convert it from a stand to a cart in less than two minutes. We love the amazing construction, featuring high-quality materials with the wheels, frame, and the handle is made firmly. While it doesn’t offer higher weight capacity like other models listed here, it comes with a spacious platform for carrying your game plus hunting gear.

Key features

  • Superior design that converts from a cart to a tree stand in minutes
  • Spacious cart with 250lbs capacity
  • Heavy duty, maintenance free 16-inch wheels
  • Compact, durable, and lightweight construction

5. Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart

Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart

The Guide Gear Deer cart will smoothen the transportation of deer from the woods thanks to its balanced design that has minimal weight on the handle. This cart is incredibly durable and comes with puncture proof 16 inches solid rubber wheels that roll over rough terrains conveniently. The cart also comes with an ample carrying space allowing you carry your hunting equipment as well as your game conveniently

Key features

  • Puncture-proof, solid rubber wheels
  • A decent capacity of hauling up to 250 lbs
  • Folds flat making it easy to carry and store
  • Anti-reflective finish allows it blend with nature

4. Ameristep Premium Portable Folding Aluminum Deer Game Cart

Ameristep Premium Grizzly Portable Folding Aluminum Deer Game Cart

Being made from high-end materials, the Ameristep Premium grizzly game cart comes in a high-end construction making it an excellent unit for your money. Apart from having a sturdy construction with a 550lbs carrying capacity, this cart also offers ample space to carry your game and hunting gear. Similar to other professionally designed game carts, this mode comes with large wheels that ensure a smooth ride through tough terrain.

Key features

  • Durable construction ensures long-term service
  • Easy to set up and fold for storage
  • Puncture proof tires and large diameter rim ensures easy manoeuvring
  • 550lbs Carrying capacity
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3. JDM Auto Lights Folding Deer Game Cart Hauler

JDM Auto Lights

JDM Game hauler is a highly praised model among deer hunter for it is not only durable construction but also massive lifting ability. The hauler comes with a heavy-duty steel frame plus ergonomic handles and durable wheels. This enables it to not only carry the heavier game but also ensure easier manoeuvrability on all terrains. Despite the sturdy construction, this cart is surprisingly lightweight and easy to fold. This makes it easy to store and transport.

Key features

  • Boasts of a solid steel construction
  • Heavy load carrying capacity of up to up to 500 lbs
  • Foldable design makes it easy to transport
  • Ergonomic handles and large heavy-duty wheels

2. JDM Auto Lights Folding Deer Cart Game Hauler

Folding Deer Cart Game Hauler Utility Hunting

If you love spending your free time hunting, then you need a high-quality game hauler to make transportation of your game easier. This innovative game hauler comes with all the features that you need to transport your trophy game and hunting gear out of the woods effortlessly. It comes with solid rubber wheels, solid steel axle, and heavy-duty steel construction ensuring a performance you can depend on.

Key features

  • Features ergonomic handles making transportation labour saved
  • Transports game that weighs up to 500 lb
  • Fast assemble or disassemble
  • Comes with large, solid rubber wheels

1. Deer Cart Game Hauler Utility Hunting – Gear Dolly Cart 500lb

Deer Cart Game Hauler Utility Hunting Accessories Gear Dolly Cart 500lb

With over a decade producing high-end hunting gear, the ShOpPeRcHoIcE has gained a lot of popularity in this field. This is a top-notch game hauler designed to allow you to carry your trophy game easily. It is crafted using durable materials to ensure a long lasting service. Having been equipped with large solid wheels and ergonomic handles the cart tackles all types of terrains easily. Above all the solid steel construction is powder coated to ensure durability that is hard to beat.

Key features

  • Heavy-Duty construction and 500lb capacity
  • Removable wheels for folding and transport
  • Large solid rubber wheels ensure a smooth ride
  • Powder coated to boost its durability

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