9 Best Cosmetic Makeup Bags & Cases For Women Reviews

Women love their makeup and you just cannot separate a woman from her makeups. It is therefore, important for a woman to own a makeup bags so as to ensure that her makeup is safe. Make-up bags are beauty kits. They hold the essential makeup items that a woman uses nearly every day. some makeup cases can be fitted inside other bags or can be carried alone. However, there are so many makeup bags to choose from and you can get confused on where to begin. You should however, consider various key factors when choosing a makeup bag. First, you need to consider how much make up your bag needs to hold. The purpose of the bag is also a key factor in which case you should consider whether you need to use it daily, on weekends, special occasions or for traveling holidays. Consider one that is also water resistant so that you can rest assured that your accessories do not end up soaked up in case of a slight accident. A handle and a flat base is also very important in most makeup bags for women.

9. Vera Bradley Luggage Women’s Large Cosmetic


This makeup bag has a flat base which is an interesting feature as it ensures that it can firmly stand on its own hence provide room for its contents. The flat base also ensures that there is minimum chance of the bag being accidentally dropped hence breaking the contents. It also has a lined interior and a handle for easy carrying. With this bag, I rest assured that my cosmetics are safe due to its zipper closure.

8. Transparent Clear Hanging Travel Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer Storage Bag

Makeup Bags For Women

This is a perfect bag for both weekdays and weekends. You can store all your toiletries and jewelry inside. It has a transparent pocket that will enable you to see everywhere in the bag and hence you can easily find even your smallest cosmetics and jewelry. It is also a perfect travel item. More so, it is easy to clean.

7. Travel Kit Organizer Bathroom Storage Hanging Cosmetic Bag Toiletry Bag

Makeup Bags For Women

Going on an extended vacation? Then this is the makeup kit for you. With many compartments, it can surely accommodate all your necessities. It has a secure closure zipper for safety. It is also light and compact hence convenient to carry around. I liked the hook as it makes it easy to hang in your bathroom or hotel room hence keeping your stuff safe and dry.

6. Double-Sided Cosmetic Fabric Toiletry and Jewelry Bag

Makeup Bags For Women

One thing that I loved about this bag is its two separate sides. This means that with it I will be very organized .It also makes it easy to store all my cosmetics without causing a mess. It further has pockets for other personal effects such as toothbrush and shavers. With a zipper closure on both sides, this bag guarantees you safety during travel. It is of good quality, great design and very easy to clean.

5. Baggallini Complete Cosmetic Makeup Bags

Makeup Bags For Women

Looking for a perfect cosmetic bag for traveling? Look no more as the Baggallini Complete Cosmetic Bag is here for you. It is large with so many pockets that ensure that all your stuff fits in with ease. It has clear zipper pockets that allow you to find exactly what you are looking for with ease. It has a hook for easy hanging. It is also very easy to clean, safe and convenient.

4. Toiletry Bag, E-BLOOMY Magical Series Hanging Travel Toiletry Kit

Makeup Bags For Women

Going on family travel, extended holiday or if you just have a lot of toiletries then this bag is ideal for you. It is large with four water-resistant side pockets with loops for accessories such as toothbrush, shavers among others. Its inner lining is worth admiring since it is antibacterial and water resistant hence ensuring hygiene. With its built-in hook, you can hang it up and save on space.

3. Toiletries Bathroom Travel Bag Organizer for Women Makeup or Men Shaving Kit

Makeup Bags For Women

This is the bag that you need to organize all your personal, household and travel items. It is large with a hook design to save on space. It has mesh pockets that can hold lotions, shampoos and even deodorants. One interesting feature about this bag is its light weight yet quite sturdy and has the right size. This makes it portable and hence convenient to travel with.

2. Magictodoor Make Up Bag Cosmetic Organizer Bag Train Case for Women

Makeup Bags For Women

With this one, you are sure of a two in one bag. It is small in size and can serve as a makeup bag as well as a clutch bag. Some people also use it as a lunch bag and it serves just right. It is also waterproof hence the safety of your expensive makeup and accessories is guaranteed.

1. Rockland Luggage Rockland 2 Piece Cosmetic Set

Makeup Bags For Women

This set made it to number one in the list. It includes two bags made of 100% polyester hence assuring you of good quality. Each set includes an interior mirror. They also have a padlock for security purposes. They are the best for traveling on air since the bag certainly fits in the overhead perfectly and the handbag will fit under the seat in front of you and leave some room. The bag has skate wheels for portability and this even makes it perfect for air travel.