Best Caster Boards for Kids and Adults Reviews In 2021

Are you looking for a more fun way to get around town? Maybe perform a few stunts and tricks along the way? I think it’s time I introduced you to the best caster boards. They’re more like skateboards, but with unique surfing-like feel. Moreover, all you need is a simple twist of the hip and legs to create momentum. So, there’s no much leg work here, at least not like in a skateboard.

There’s a caster board for every age, skill, tricks, and stunts. But getting the best for your specific needs isn’t a piece of cake. Hence, let me be the Samaritan and walk you through the best-rated caster boards to consider.

Table of the Best Caster Boards Reviews

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10. ENKEEO 220lb Caster Boards with Hand Grip – Illuminating PU Casters & Carrying Pouch

Caster Boards

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ENKEEO isn’t the best brand overall. But for nighttime rides, it’s the best. The 76mm illuminating casters and vibrant colors make it easier to spot in the dark.

Well, the ENKEEO caster board isn’t all about vibrant colors. It also prioritizes safety and durability. Anti-slip stripes, for instance, keep your feet from sliding off the board.

As for durability, the board comes in high-quality ABS. Hence, it can hold up well to impact. The torsion bar, on the other hand, comes in a compressed steel sheet.

For me, ENKEEO isn’t at the top of the durability scale. At least not like Razor caster boards. However, you’re going to get some good years of use from it.

ENKEEO caster board offers a 34-inch sturdy, generous platform. It can support up to 220 pounds comfortably. So, it feels accommodating across a wide range of riders.

Portability-wise, ENKEEO scores pretty well. It has built-in handles and weighs only 5.1 pounds. Also, it comes with a carrying pouch. Hence, transporting it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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9. Spinner Shark Drifting Kneeboard – Ride On Scooter Board with Casters for Kids

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Spinner Shark might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a caster board. But for little riders, as young as six years, it’s one option you can’t afford to ignore.

Well, the Spinner Shark caster board is designed to be used while kneeling. It sits low on the ground, providing exceptional stability.

Spinner Shark boasts responsive brakes to avoid obstacles. Also, it has a steering bar to prevent it from spinning out of control.

This knee caster board is as tough as they come. It has a sturdy plastic body and solid steel axles. Hence, it can take a few knocks. Also, ball-bearing wheels can take a beating on bumpy terrains.

At 8 pounds, Spinner Shark isn’t the lightest out there. But it’s nothing that kids can’t handle. And for a kid’s caster board, it has an impressive weight limit of 110 pounds.

8. Razor RipStik Ripsurf Caster Boards

Razor RipStik Ripsurf Caster Boards

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Razor Ripsurf recreates the feeling of carving the waves. So, if you want a close feel of the beach without getting wet, this caster board is your best bet.

Ripsurf adopts a more innovative design. It has a single-piece deck with plenty of room for your feet. Complete with diamond-textured traction, it offers more stability than two-piece caster boards.

Thanks to fiber-reinforced polymer, Ripsurf offers industrial-grade durability. And with such a material, you get a lighter construction of only 5 pounds.

Furthermore, Ripsurf supports a wide range of users, from 8 years up. Also, it accommodates riders as heavy as 220 pounds.

7. Razor RipStik Air Caster Board

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Compared to other RipStik caster boards, RipStik Air comes lighter. And while other RipStik caster boards have two independently moving parts, RipStik Air moves in unison. Hence, I’d recommend it for jumping and doing tricks.

As mentioned, RipStik Air adopts a single-piece construction. It comes in industrial-grade plastic complete with fiber reinforcement to prevent twisting.

Also, this caster board has a ribbed structure. It works in tandem with the one-piece design to reduce vibrations.

Though not as much as RipStik Ripsurf, RipStik Air gives the feel of a surfboard on dry land. Moreover, it has self-centering casters to ensure superior landing.

The how-to DVD video that comes with this caster board is a great bonus for beginners. This caster board is for riders as young as eight years and supports up to 220 pounds.

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6. Razor RipStik Limited Edition Caster Board

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RipStik Limited Edition rewards you with more artistic painting. And as the name suggests, you won’t find such painting in other RipStik caster boards. For that, it comes a bit more expensive.

The painting isn’t the only unique feature of RipStik Limited Edition. Other RipStik boards use a metal torsion bar, either steel or aluminum. But for the Limited Edition caster board, it uses rubber. Such flexibility makes it an excellent choice for grinding.

This caster board has a non-slip concave deck for excellent footing. Also, it runs on 76mm swivel wheels for effortless spins.

Overall, if you want an artistic look and have the dough, RipStik Limited Edition will suit you.

5. Razor RipStik Classic Caster Board

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This is the RipStik classic caster board, the first RipStik ever produced. It’s among the best choices for beginners. Hence, if you’ve never ridden a caster board before, I’d confidently recommend it.

Well, RipStik Classic is more of a hybrid. It provides both the feel of a skateboard and a snowboard.

The board sits on 76mm wheels, complete with ball-bearings. Hence, it offers smooth rides and is durable enough for bumpy terrains.

RipStik classic has a concave deck. It works in tandem with spiked traction pads to keep your feet from sliding off the board. At 8 pounds, the board is less cumbersome to carry. It holds 220 pounds and accommodates riders as young as eight years.

4. Razor RipStik Brights Caster Board

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At times, the fun may not be enough. You want to go the extra mile to grab some attention. For that, you’ll never go wrong with RipStik bright caster board. Instead of the basic color scheme, it rewards you with vibrant, contrasting design. Also, the wheels match the deck for a seamless, vibrant look.

RipStik Bright has a slip-resistant polymer deck, complete with removable plates. Also, it adopts a concave platform that makes you feel like you’re carving through the waves.

Like other RipStik caster boards, it supports up to 220 pounds. Well, RipStik Bright is an attention-grabber, and I’d commend it for that. Also, it’s an excellent choice for entry-level riders looking for an affordable RipStik caster board.

3. RipStik “G” Caster Board

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RipStik G is pretty much what you’d want for hardcore riding and extreme tricks. It takes time to master it. Hence, I’d recommend it to more experienced riders.

Also, RipStik G comes a bit heavier than other RipStik caster boards. So, it scores highly in terms of stability.

The spinning center tub is another sweet spot of RipStik G. It comes in a light yet durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Well, the spinning center tub is what you’d want for extreme grinding.

Moreover, this caster board gives a snowboard-like carving experience on dry land. Also, it comes with traction pads to keep your footing.

Other features are pretty much standard for RipStik caster boards. For instance, you get a weight limit of 220 pounds and a minimum recommended age of eight years.

2. Razor RipStik DLX Caster Board

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RipStik DLX is your ideal pro-style caster board. If you’re into lots of kick-flip styles, this caster board will suit you.

Well, RipStik DLX is known for its smooth, highly-accelerated speeds. Hence, it excels in downhill carving. Not to mention, it rewards you with a more pleasurable ride.

Like RipStik G, the DLX has a spinning aluminum torsion bar. Hence, I’d also recommend it for grinding.

The DLX rides on 76mm high-quality urethane wheels. So, like other RipStik caster boards, it guarantees a smooth ride. Also, it’s equipped with bearings to take on bumpy rides.

Furthermore, DLX has spiked traction pads. Hence, it provides sure footing. The age recommendation is a minimum of eight years. As for the weight limit, it can hold 220 pounds.

1. Razor RipStik Ripster Caster Board

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RipStik Ripster is the 2020s best-seller. Compared to other RipStik caster boards, it’s shorter. Hence, it’s ideal for little riders with a narrower stance. Again, it’s lighter than other RipStik caster boards. So, if you feel a heavier model will come in your way, this is the right board for you.

Well, RipStik Ripster can take a great deal of weight. But for the compact design, I think it works best for kids.

Other RipStik boards adopt 76mm wheels. As for Ripster, it uses smaller 66mm wheels. It’s still large enough for smooth rides. Moreover, it sits a bit low for more stability.

The slip-resistant deck material is pretty standard for caster boards. It comes in a high-tech polymer. Also, Ripster uses a steel torsion bar.

Aside from providing a perfect fit for little riders, Ripster is a lot more affordable than other RipStik caster boards. Hence, it’s the best budget RipStik for little riders.

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