10 Best Outdoor Camping Screen Houses & Tents Reviews In 2018

Camping screen houses have actually become the norm for most campers. This is due to their spacious design, comfort and the ultimate protection they provide against unfavorable weather conditions. As the holiday season approaches, many campers are quite undecided on which model will suit them best. However, we want you to benefit from a camping experience of a lifetime. That is why we introduce to you the top models in screen houses to help you choose wisely.

Table of the Best Outdoor Camping Screen Houses

10. Clam Corporation 9281 Forest Green Quick-Set Escape Shelter

Camping Screen Houses

This camping house measures 140 x 140 inches and has a peak height of 90 inches. It is made of 210D fabric that is UV-treated to provide maximum protection. It features taped seams that offer excellent waterproofing. The house incorporates a mesh screen for maximum ventilation. It comes with 6 deluxe stakes. A carry bag is included for easy storage and transportation.

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9. Coleman 15″ x 13″ Instant Screened Canopy

Camping Screen Houses

This house is designed to offer maximum protection from weather and insects. It has a spacious floor surface that measures 15 x 13 feet. The house features two doors located at the front and on the rear for easy access. The doors are incorporated with zippers and loops to keep them shut or open. The house sets up in just a matter of seconds. It includes a bag for compact storage and transportation.

8. Clam Corporation 9882 Brown/Beige Quick-Set Pavilion

Camping Screen Houses

This house comes fully assembled and ready for use. All you have to do is just set it up, a task that takes less than a minute to accomplish. It features a weatherproof fabric designed to protect against the wind, rain, and sunshine. It has a mesh screen that keeps out insects while providing excellent ventilation. This house is quite large and measures 150 x 150 inches.

7. Tall Beige Mosquito Net for Gazebo w/ Velcro Straps Product SKU

Camping Screen Houses

The caped roof of this house makes it quite unique. The house measures 118 x 118 inches and has a peak height of 84 inches. The fabric incorporates taped seams that work well in keeping out water. The house comes with a mosquito net that is secured by a strapping mechanism. This offers great protection from insects. The house is durable and quite easy to set up. This is the best bed tents for kids that are good your children.

6. Casita 8-Panel White Round Screenhouse with Gray Roof

Camping Screen Houses

This house features an 8-panel construction that gives it a more stylish look. Each panel measures 50 x 75 inches. The house comes almost fully assembled for hassle-free setup. Upon set up, it measures 133 x 133 inches with a height of 90 inches. A triple-layered vinyl cover is used on the roof to prevent sagging and water pocketing. The house utilizes a fiberglass screen for excellent airflow.

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5. Tailgaterz Magnetic Camping Screen Houses

Camping Screen Houses

This is among the few screen houses that make use of advanced magnetic doors. The floor measures 11 x 9 feet, which makes it spacious enough to fit a picnic table. The frame is made of steel for maximum sturdiness. The house has large mesh walls made of fiberglass. This provides good airflow while offering a shield against insects.

4. Casita 12-Panel Round Screenhouse 23165 with Almond Roof

Camping Screen Houses

This is a paneled screen house. It features a total of 12 panels made of fiberglass material. This renders it rustproof and allows easy free flow of air. The frame is made of heavy duty steel that is powder coated for maximum weatherproofing. The roof is covered with a triple layer of vinyl to keep out water and eliminate sagging. The house measures 177 x 177 inches and 96 inches high.

3. Patio-Mate 7-Panel Screen Enclosure with Almond Roof

Camping Screen Houses

This is a 7-paneled screen house that features rectangular walls. The walls are made of fiberglass that makes them rust proof and breathable. The frame is of rolled steel that works well in preventing oxidation. A triple layer of the vinyl cover is incorporated on the roof for excellent waterproofing. The house has a sliding door for easy access. It measures 92 x 138 inches and 88 inches high.

2. Patio-Mate 8-Panel Brown Screen Enclosure with Almond Roof

Camping Screen Houses

This is yet another screen house with Patio Mate. Its walls are constructed using 8 panels made of fiberglass. It features a rectangular shape measuring 92 x 185 inches. The house has a maximum height of 88 inches. However, it provides the luxury of adjusting the height in small increments of 1 inches to provide a custom fit. The roof cover is a triple layer vinyl that functions to prevent fungal buildup and keep out water. A sliding door is incorporated for easy access.

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1. MSR Backcountry Camping Screen Houses

Camping Screen Houses

This is a tunnel-shaped screen house. The house incorporates a steel frame on to which secures a heavy gauge nylon fabric. The house offers 75 square feet of floor area and has a tent volume of 346 cubic feet. This renders it spacious enough to fit 5 persons. It has a zippered door for easy access and a door canopy for added convenience.

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