Best Wall-Mounted Bike Racks & Floor Stands Reviews In 2021

Store your bikes in style by investing in the ideal bike racks and stands. Unlike conventional bicycle storage units, they provide a more elegant way of displaying your bikes while economizing greatly on your garage space. Getting the best in different kinds of racks and floor stands is the desire of every cycling enthusiast. That is why we have taken the time to conduct some research so as to present you with the top choices on the market. The list below outlines the best racks and stands for storing bikes that have proven to be a more cost-effective choice for both professional and novice cyclists.

Table of the Best Garage Bike Racks

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10. Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Stand

Bike Racks And Stands

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Racor is one of the leading brands when it comes to providing cost-effective bicycle storage solutions. Pro PLB-2R is one of its top units that is designed to help you economize on storage space. This stand is made of heavy-duty steel and powder-coated to give it added strength and durability. It features 4 independent arms that are coated with vinyl to make them gentle on your bikes’ finish. The base is fitted with anti-slip rubber to protect your floor. This stand is designed to hold 2 bikes. It has a weight capacity of 100 pounds.

  • It is possible to store 2 bikes.
  • Its rack’s arm is adjustable.
  • It is easy to be mounted on the wall.

9. Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stands

Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand

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Racor PBS bike stand features a freestanding design that eliminates the need for any installation. Like the Pro PLB stand, it is made of powder coated heavy duty steel to guarantee maximum durability and strength. As the name implies, this stand is designed to rest on the floor. It accommodates 2 bikes by holding the front tires in position. The stand has a wide base that provides great stability. The base is encased in rubber to safeguard the floor finish.

  • This rack is easy to stand on the floor.
  • Can store 2 bikes.
  • It is constructed of tubular steel with the durable epoxy finish.
  • It weighs 13 pounds to 30 by 24 by 22 inches.
  • Does not fit large or wider bike tires.

8. RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist Garage Mountain Bicycle Hoist 100LB Capacity

RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist Garage Mountain Bicycle

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Looking for an ideal way to store your mountain bike? Well, RAD Cycle Products have a solution for you; a bike lift hoist. This hoist comes as a pack of 2. Unlike other bike storage units, it does not compromise your floor space as it is designed to hold your bike overhead. The pack includes a pulley system and rubber coated hooks that suspend your bike 12 feet up on the ceiling. This lift hoist holds mountain bikes weighing up to 100 pounds.

7. Monkey Bars Storage Bike Racks

Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

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Running out of floor space to store your bikes? If yes, then you should perhaps consider the 6-bike storage rack designed by Monkey Bars. This rack is a great space saver designed to suspend your bikes off the floor. The wall-mounted rack measures 48 inches long. It is made of powder-coated steel to provide extra strength and long-term service. The rack comes with 6 sliding hooks that can be adjusted to hold your bike at the desired position. The hooks are coated with plastic to make them scratch-free. This rack has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

6. gearup The Grand Stand Black Single Bike Floor Stands

The Grand Stand Single Bike Floor Stand

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Benefit from the enhanced flexibility and portability provided by this lightweight bike stand. The stand features a freestanding design and is meant to be placed on the floor surface. It is made of tough, scratch-free plastic that is durable enough to last for years. The great waterproofing capability makes it ideal for use in any kind of weather. The good thing about this stand is that it can easily be adjusted to accommodate tires measuring up to 2-1/4 inches wide.

  • It can support up to 4 bikes.
  • No need to install permanently.
  • This bike rack is easy to be portable and lightweight for storage.
  • It is rugged, waterproof and adjustable to fit tires up to 2 ¼ ” wide.

5. Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand

Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand

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Looking for a more stylish way to display your bike? Well, you should probably try out Feedback Sports’ bicycle storage stand. This advanced bicycle stand does not only provide that stylish display, but it also provides maximum support for your bike. The stand features an arm with a spring loaded mechanism that functions to secure the front or rear wheel of your bicycle. It can accommodate tires having a diameter of 20 to 29 inches and a width of 20mm to 2.4 inches. The base is fitted with non-slip rubber to protect your floor.

  • Easy to store your bike at home or in your garage.
  • Designed to hold front and rear wheel without risk.
  • Easy to store limited space.

4. Aluminum Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand Rack

Aluminum Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand Rack Bike

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Bike repair should not be that difficult, particularly if you own the Pro Mechanic Bike Stand designed by CyclingDeal. This is a sturdy yet lightweight stand made of aluminium. The top of the stand is fitted with a clamp system that holds your bike by the seat post or top tube. It enables you to rotate your bike through 360 degrees and adjust the height from 1.5m to 59 inches. This stand can support bikes weighing up to 55.1 pounds.

  • This rack is easy to lift a bike for repair.

3. Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

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Simple yet highly functional, Pro PLB-4R Bike Stand offers a more compact way of storing your bikes. The stand is made of steel and finished with epoxy to guarantee maximum durability. Its freestanding design means that you won’t have to engage in those lengthy installation processes. It comes ready assembled and all you have to do is just make it stand on your floor. The stand has four adjustable arms designed to accommodate 4 bicycles.

  • This stand rack can store up to 4 bikes.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is adjustable to all bikes.
  • This rack is possible to hang on the wall.

2. TidyGarage Wall Mounted Bike Racks

TidyGarage Wall Mounted Bike Rack

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TidyGarage is actually one brand that stands true to its name. Its wall-mounted bike rack is certainly a wise choice for those that want to store their bikes in a neater and more organized way. This is a stylish rack that hangs your bikes by the front tires. Its powder coated steel construction means that it is a rack that is built to last. Vinyl-coated suspension hooks are fitted on the frame to allow for easy adjustment. The coating on the hooks functions to protect your bikes’ finish from scratches.

  • It is easy to hang up to 4 bikes on the wall.
  • It is designed with Vinyl coated steel hook to protect bikes.

1. RAD Cycle Products EZ Fold Bicycle Repair Bike Stand

RAD Cycle Products EZ Fold Bicycle Repair Bike Stand

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Repair your bike in style with RAD Cycle’s EZ Bike Stand. This stand is a durable and lightweight option for those experiencing difficulties during bicycle repair. It weighs a mere 16 pounds so that you to easily lift and move it about. The stand incorporates an advanced clamping system that locks your bike in the desired position. It has an extra-wide base that provides maximum stability. This stand is designed to hold your bike at a height off the ground. It can easily fold for convenient storage and transportation.

  • This rack is portable and foldable.
  • It can support only 16 lbs weight.

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