Best Home Wireless Security Cameras/Videos Reviews In 2021

Home security has grown considerably over the past couple of years. This is partly because of the speed of the Internet connection that’s being used in home networks. At one time, it cost big bucks just to monitor what was happening in your place while you were away. Surprisingly, there are still security companies dedicated to doing just that. However, through a home network, along with an internet connection and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the average homeowner can now monitor his or her home or office with relative ease. Wireless security cameras have the ability to serve a wide range of purposes from improving your home security by monitoring a toddler.

Irrespective of what they’re used for, image quality and reliability are the key characteristics that separate good cameras from the bad ones. The features they come with can also determine their functionality. The following review of the best wireless IP network cameras will help you choose the right camera for the purpose it’s intended for.

Table of the Best Home Wireless Security Cameras

10. D-Link Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing – DCS-930L

Wireless Security Cameras

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This camera comes with everything you require to add a surveillance camera to your home or your office network. The camera is ready to use in three simple steps: connect the cables; plug in the camera; run the installation wizard on your computer and your set up is done.

While some webcams provide basic motion detection and need to be plugged into your PC, this particular camera works independently and broadcasts even with everything else turned off. The camera can connect to your home network via wireless or Ethernet. Mydlink service makes it easy to access the video stream while you are away from home, and when you install the camera, you’ll be asked to create an account with Mydlink.

This can be used on any PC or a mobile device with an internet connection. An integrated microphone is also a wonderful tool for monitoring your house or small office, and the camera can be set to email you every time it detects motion.

9. D-Link Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing – DCS-932L

Night Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing

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This is a complete surveillance solution for any home or small office. The built-in IR LEDs provides you with 24-hour surveillance, complete with sound and motion detection. Featuring a compact design with a built-in antenna, this camera can be placed almost anywhere, even in the tiniest corners of your home. It’s also mydlink-enabled, allowing you to check on your camera anywhere and at any time from any PC, mobile phone or a tablet.

The camera doesn’t require any special software or hardware and can operate independently even without a PC. It wirelessly sends email notifications with snapshots every time sound or motion is detected.

8. Vimtag VT-361 Super HD WiFi Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera

WiFi Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera

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If you are tired of the costly surveillance cameras that boast of several features yet give no much return, then this is the camera for you because it actually does what it says. The camera has great features, a wonderful price, and brilliant picture quality. It can work independently without connecting to a computer, allowing you to view clear high-quality images and view in real-time through your mobile device.

The camera supports 2-way voice, thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker. The built-in IR LEDs allow for night vision, and the camera is very easy to mount. It also comes with a QR code so you don’t have to search for the app when you’re setting up the system, and it runs on Wi-Fi.

7. D-Link Wireless Security Cameras with Remote Viewing – DCS-931L

D-Link Wireless Security Cameras with Remote Viewing - DCS-931L

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Featuring high digital video resolution and 1/5-inch CMOS sensor, this indoor security camera can record clips of great picture quality. The integrated microphone allows you to speak to your visitors before you let them in, and the built-in wireless extender eliminates dead zones and helps expand your home or office wireless network. The camera also comes with infrared LEDs, motion, and sound detection features.

6. D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing – DCS-2132L

D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing

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This is a mydlink-enabled IP network camera that allows you to monitor your home or office 24 hours a day. This cloud camera features a ¼-inch CMOS image sensor with up to 720p resolution, providing sharp and clear video. The integrated IR LEDs provide improved night vision up to 15 feet in total darkness. The images are recorded directly on your camera, thanks to the integrated micro SD card slot.

It allows you to watch your surveillance footage and control the camera from a compatible iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It requires no configuration, thereby allowing for automatic configuration and quick syncing with the majority of routers.

5. D-Link Record & Playback Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing – DCS-942L

Playback Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing

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The camera features a MicroSD card slot and comes with a 16GB card, enough to record up to 7 days’ worth of video. The infrared LEDs covers up to 15 feet, allowing night vision to automatically turn on when it’s dark. It produces clean, crisp images and high-quality video. The 4X digital zoom allows you to focus on the areas of interest, and the system manages up to ninety-nine cameras on a single account. The camera also features an easy Do-It-Yourself setup with WPS and no configuration.

4. Belkin NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi enabled Camera works

Wi-Fi enabled Camera works

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Featuring night vision, this camera allows you to watch your home or small office wirelessly on your tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere. It connects directly to your Wi-Fi router without requiring a computer, and the camera’s wide-angle lens provides you with a full view of any room.

It allows you to record and store videos on the cloud or on your mobile device. You can also communicate with your kids or pets while you’re away, thanks to the integrated microphone. The camera works with the entire Belkin WeMo family, including WeMo motion sensor, WeMo switch, and much

3. ANNKE SP1 HD 720p Wireless Security Cameras with Audio and Remote Pan/Tilt

ANNKE SP1 HD 720p Wireless Security Cameras

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This camera allows you to monitor your place 24 hours a day. It’s very easy to set up. Just install the app (known as MIPC), connect via Ethernet for preliminary set up, and then create an account. Once you’re done, you can connect the camera either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It has good video quality both during the day and at night, and the app has so many nice options and is easy to use. The camera can also record to a microSD card. You can either use the camera freestanding or mount it on a wall with the provided bracket.

2. D-Link Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera – DCS-5020L

D-Link Pan & Tilt Wireless Security Cameras

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This mydlink-enabled surveillance camera is perfect for any home and small business. The camera produces superior quality video images and comes with integrated infrared LEDs and pan/tilt functions that allow you to monitor a wide range of areas despite the lighting conditions. The camera is also integrated with the wireless extender for a full home coverage. It sets up in minutes and supports multiple cameras.

1. Y-cam HomeMonitor Indoor Wireless Security Cameras

Y-cam HomeMonitor Indoor Wireless Security Cameras

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HomeMonitor is a brand new cloud-enabled camera from Y-cam. It’s a new system that runs on the latest technology and combines a dedicated high-quality HomeMonitor camera, a free online account, and seven days of unlimited and free secure online storage in the cloud. The uniquely bold HomeMonitor HD design blends plain white with complementary smoked lens cover, and its small discreet size allows it to fit into any room perfectly.

Intended for indoor use, this camera is ideal for watching hallways, rooms, or entrances, particularly when you want to see exactly what is happening in HD video. The camera works over Wi-Fi but needs a wired connection with the router for preliminary set up.

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