Top 10 Best Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Covers Reviews In 2018

Precipitation can adversely affect the paint and exterior design of your motorcycle. Therefore it’s crucial to choose the right motorcycle covers that will offer the best protection possible. Currently, the market stocks a range of waterproof covers designed to protect your ride for years to come. The search for the best cover will actually make you break a sweat as they are made differently and come at different prices. However, we’ve got you covered. The following is a list of the best waterproof covers for motorcycles that will just show the utmost care and attention you dedicate towards your bike.

Table of the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

10. XX Large & Lockhole Black Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This cover is designed to fit Tourer, Chopper and Large Cruiser motorcycles measuring 108 inches long. It is made of a lightweight 180T fabric and double stitched at the seams for added strength. The cover measures 104 x 41 x 49 inches. It features a weatherproof design that keeps out water and protects your motorcycle’s finish from the harmful UV rays. The bottom of the cover incorporates a cord that provides a more secure fit.

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9. Nelson-Rigg Deluxe Motorcycle Cover for Weather Protection, UV & Air Vents

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This is a tough all-season cover that provides excellent protection against the harsh outdoor elements. The cover is made of a lightweight Tri-Max polyester and UV-treated to provide maximum protection from direct sunlight. The cover features an extra-large size that allows it to fit large motorcycles of over 1000cc. It is well ventilated to prevent moisture buildup and allow for maximum airflow.

8. Formosa Covers Deluxe All Season Black Motorcycle cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This is an oversized cover that fits bikes measuring up to 108 inches long. It is made of polyester that is UV-treated for added protection. The cover has excellent water-repellent properties that ensure your bike remains dry throughout the day. It features a soft lining that protects your bike from scratches. The cover measures 111 x 45 x 53.5 inches and comes with a bag for easy storage and transportation.

7. Classic Accessories MotoGear Deluxe Motorcycle Cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

Classic Accessories 73887 is specially designed for touring motorcycles that measure a maximum of 108 x 46 x 64 inches. The cover is made of ProtekX fabric that works well in protecting your bike from rain, the sun, dirt, and other pollutants. It features a dual vent construction that eliminates moisture while minimizing the lifting effect of the wind. The cover has two elastic cords that provide a snug

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6. Premium High-Quality Harley Davidson Motorcycle Covers

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This cover is built to last. It is made of 300D polyester fabric and fits bikes having lengths of up to 108 inches. The cover offers excellent resistance against water and UV rays. Its XXL size enables it to easily accommodate large and medium-sized motorcycles. It features a cable lock set that secures it in place and prevents it from being blown away by the wind.

5. Premium High-Quality Motorcycle Cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This is an XXL cover that measures 111.5 x 45 x 52.5 inches. The cover is specifically designed for bikes that feature a maximum length of 108 inches. It is made of a heavy duty 300D polyester fabric to guarantee maximum strength and durability. It incorporates both thermal guard and weather guard features that shield it against water and heat. The cover does not cause any scratches, thanks to its soft lining. It is properly ventilated to facilitate free airflow and prevent moisture buildup.

4. Guardian By Dowco – Weather All Plus Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This cover comes in a medium size designed to fit small cruiser models. It is made of a heavy duty fabric that is coated to repel water and resist heat. It features a solid colour that doesn’t fade with time. There is a built-in moisture guard that eliminates condensation while providing excellent airflow. The cover features a cord and strap that provide a tight and secure fit.

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3. Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle cover Includes cable & lock

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This cover features a black top and silver bottom giving it a more appealing look. The cover is made of heavy-duty polyester that provides excellent weather protection. It is scratch resistant and treated to keep off the harmful UV rays. The cover features an XXL size that provides a perfect fit for bikes that have a length of up to 108 inches. The cover is 100-percent waterproof. It is well ventilated and measures 111 x 45 x 53.5 inches.

2. OxGord Executive Waterproof and Storm-Proof Motorcycle Cover 

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

Executive Storm-Proof Cover is meant to fit bikes that measure 91 to 97 inches long. It features a 7-layered construction that renders it 100-percent waterproof. The seams are reinforced for added strength and durability. The fabric is breathable to prevent any moisture build up. The cover features elastic hems and draws strings to provide a snug fit. Wind resistance is minimized by a series of tie-down grommets.

1. Pilot Automotive CC-6332 Blue/Silver Medium Motorcycle Cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This is a medium size cover that measures 6.66 x 2.92 x 3.9 feet. It is made of a durable fabric that boasts of excellent water resistance qualities. The cover has a soft inner lining that protects your bike’s paint from scratches. The fabric has undergone extensive UV treatment to keep out the sun’s rays. It can easily fold for convenient storage and transportation.

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