9 Best Garden Water Hose Timers for Irrigation Systems

Striking a balance between lush yards and maximum water utilization is not easy. If you over-use water, it will cost you more regarding water bills and soggy grounds. The opposite is weak or dead plants. The only way out is having a system that can help in controlling watering. A system that can eliminate instances of soggy yards, reduce the water bills and still maintain a lush yard. This is where the use of water hose timers come in.  Water hose timers enable you to control the amount of water for irrigating the yards. The current water timers are programmed, and some can be controlled via Android apps from any part of the world. You don’t need a gardener to water your gardens anymore. With the timers, there will be no more dead plants just because you haven’t been around for a few days. You can either set watering sessions or do it via a mobile app. Here is a list of the best water Hose timers in the market:

Table Comparison of Garden Water Hose Timers

9. Smart Irrigation Controller/Hose Timer Smartphone

Smart Irrigation Controller/Hose Timer

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RainRobor is a timer that is taking yard watering to another level. Can you imagine controlling your garden watering by the use of a smartphone? The timer is controlled by a RainRobot App installed on your smartphone. It allows you irrigate your garden from the office or at the comfort of your couch. It is user-friendly and very easy to install, and its battery life is incredible. The App can detect weather conditions and thus can trigger watering delay if it rains. The main con of this device is you must have an Android smartphone to use it.

8. Orbit One Outlet Single – Dial Hose Faucet Timer

Hose Faucet Timer

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Scheduling flexibility is one of the main features that are selling this water timer. Imagine a timer that can allow you to set watering cycles from once in every six to once in a week- this is what you get from this device. It comes with oversized dial feature that allows for easy setting of the device. The timer also comes with a rain delay option. You can set manual mode, and this interrupts the program at any time. It is constructed of a heavy-duty waterproof material, and thus durability is guaranteed. The timer is designed for outdoor use and cold water only.

7. Orbit Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

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This is another Orbit irrigation product that has been well received by the market. One main pro that makes it stand out is its digital 2-outlet feature. The two valves provide an exceptional control of watering frequency compared to a single valve. It is also easy to install and to program. The Orbit 58910 2-outlet also comes with a rain delay and manual options to ensure that sogginess is a thing of past in your gardens and lawns. It used 2- alkaline batteries that last for long. The device can only be used with cold water.

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6. Nelson 56600 Shut-Off Water Timer

irrigation controller

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If you need a device that will give you less worry, then you need this brand from Nelson Company. What sets this timer apart from the rest is its manual operations. The timer does not need batteries to operate. Its operation is purely mechanical. It is very easy to operate since it comes with only two functions -timed and manual watering.

5. Orbit Digital Hose Watering Timer

Digital Hose Watering Timer

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This is another watering timer that will reduce your water bills significantly. It helps in minimizing the use of water while still maintaining lush yards. The timer is designed with an oversized dial that allows for manual selection for watering schedule. With it, you can select every day or every 3rd-day watering sessions. Its automatic setting provides 16 watering duration from the range of 2 to 90 minutes. It is a very easy to install time. It has no rechargeable battery and can only be powered by 2 AA batteries.

4. Orbit 62061N-91213 Single-Dial Water Timer

Water Timer

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The Orbit Single-Dial Water Timer is a programmable sprinkler that will make irrigation of your gardens and lawn quite entertaining. With this water hose timer, you have nothing to worry about sogginess in your gardens since it will ensure maximum water utilization. It comes with a large digital display and thus readability is one of its main pros. Oversize dial and simple controls are other features associated with this timer. It is also easy to program. It does not come with a rechargeable battery. You have to use 2 -alkaline batteries supplied separately.

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3. Electronic Hose Water Sprinkler & Irrigation System with Digital System

Hose Irrigation Water Timer Sprinkler System

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With two programmable valves, this is indeed of the best water hose timers in the markets. The two valves can be customized independently depending on your needs. This is the perfect single water time that can be used for irrigation separate and different plants. You can program it to water as many times as you need per day, especially during a dry season. The large LCD screen improves its readability significantly. The timer is water and rain proof too. It is a user-friendly timer since you can also switch it to manual mode. It cannot be recharged. It uses 2 AA batteries.

2. Two Zone Electronic Water Timer

Electronic Water Timer

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This Melnor product will ensure that you keep enjoying lush green lawns with maximum water utilization. With its two valves, the water timer enables the home gardener to irrigate two zones at zones at a go. It is the perfect water timer for dry areas since it can allow for six water session per day. The main con is the lack of a rechargeable battery. It uses 2-AA alkaline batteries that require replacement with time.

1. 4-Zone Digital Water Timer

Digital Water Timer

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If you feel that Melnor 2- zone watering timer is not serving you right, then try 4-Zone Digital Water Timer. This device can be sued to water for zones at a go with each zone programmed independently. As you have several gardens; this is the perfect watering timer for you. You can use it manually or automatically. You don’t need to reprogram after changing batteries since it retains information. It also comes with rain delay feature. Main con – it is not easy to install. You need a guide to do so.

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