Best Indoor Outdoor Wall Mounted Fans with Remote Reviews In 2021

For most or all of us, the summer session is never easy to thrive in, more importantly, without a cooling appliance in your home. While most people have air conditioners installed in their living spaces, these appliances can be expensive to buy and install, the reason it wouldn’t hurt to look for a cheaper alternative like wall-mounted fans.

A wall-mounted fan is a fan that installs on the wall. It acts as a cost-effective solution that will help you cool the occupied space without cooling the empty rooms. Since not all wall mounted fans are the best, you do not want to settle for a poor-quality fan. That’s why we present the top best wall-mounted fans. These are a perfect combination of reliability, durability, and energy efficiency.

Table of the Best Wall Mounted Fans Reviews

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10. Hurricane Commercial Outdoor Wall Mount Fan

Wall Mounted Fans

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The Hurricane HGC736474 is a high-velocity wall-mount fan. It stands at 20″, thus a perfect choice for a space-saving wall-mounted fan. The fan features a steel guard material for durability. Its blades feature an aluminum material, while the entire unit features rugged metal construction with a black powder-coated finish to protect it from rust and corrosion. The HGC736474 is easy to mount, thanks to the included wall bracket and hardware. It integrates a thermally protected motor.

Its motor goes off automatically when the fan overheats to protect it from damage. Featuring three-speed settings, this fan is an ideal choice for use in different seasons. Better still, it features oscillation controls with an adjustable tilt function. These features work concurrently to help you direct the breeze over the desired area. The fan runs at 4500CFM and 1400RPMs. It comes with a 6-feet power cord designed to work from a 120volts power outlet.

Highlighted features

  • All metal construction for durability
  • Three-speed settings for easy customization of the cooling effect
  • Thermally protected motor for safety and longevity

9. Hurricane HGC736503 Wall Mount Oscillating Fan 

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An excellent combination of performance, reliability, and quality is the HGC736503 wall-mount fan. It is a 16″ fan suitable for installation in small spaces. The fan integrates three speeds. Because of this, you can customize the speeds for the desired cooling effects during different seasons. Its 90-degree oscillation design is another plus. Because of this, the fan can spread the cool breeze over a large at once, thus an ideal choice for delivering fast results.

You can tilt the fan up and down, thanks to the adjustable tilt function. Better still, the unit includes two pull cords. One cord allows you to control the speed and the other the oscillation for effortless control. The unit integrates a metal fan grill and steel support neck for durability. It comes with a 60″ power cord to enhance effortless reach to the power outlet. Given the included mounting bracket, this is one of the best choices for a wall-mounted fan that is easy to install.

Highlighted features

  • The fan locks in a non-oscillating position.
  • An adjustable tilt function allows you to change the direction.
  • Easy pull cord controls for easy adjustment of the speed.

8. Simple Deluxe High-Velocity Industrial Wall Mount Fan

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The Simple Deluxe is an 18″ industrial wall-mount fan. If you are looking for the best wall-mounted fan for use in a greenhouse, warehouse, factory, patio, or basement, it is one of the best choices. The fan features durable construction. It is made using powder-coated steel and fitted with premium ball bearings for longevity and reliable performance. Furthermore, the fan integrates three aluminum blades and a reinforced wire grill for reliable performance and safety.

Designed to provide three speeds, you can be sure to have better control of the airflow. Moreover, the fan’s head can rotate to 360°. As such, you can expect it to spread the air widely and effortlessly. The base features a broad design to enhance stability. Besides that, the unit adopts Deluxe’s new technology that reduces the noise level by 40%. The wall-mount fan includes a mounting bracket for easy installation. Also, it comes with a 6-feet power cord that allows you to fit it into the power outlet effortlessly.

Highlighted features

  • Rear-mounted controls for easy adjustment of the speeds
  • Thermally-protected motor for durability and reliable performance.
  • Sealed motor housing keeps dust and debris off the engine.

7. ILIVING ILG8E14-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Fan

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Whether you want to drive mosquitos away or enjoy a cool breeze in an outdoor setting, you can be sure to enjoy the reliability of a long-lasting fan once you buy the ILG8E14-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Waterproof Fan. As the name suggests, it is waterproof, and therefore, an ideal choice for use in wet conditions. The fan features a galvanized steel frame and curved aluminum fan blades. Because of this, it is one of the best choices for a durable wall-mount fan that is designed to deliver an optimal air movement.

Also, it features a corrosion-resistant finish that protects it from rust and corrosion. Designed to derive its power from a permanently lubricated and sealed industrial motor, this fan is suitable for use in wet locations. Furthermore, it features an IPX4 rating that assures you of its safety and reliability even after getting into contact with moisture. The fan comes with a wall-mount kit for easy installation. It comes in three size options, a 14″, 18″, and 20″ fan.

Highlighted features

  • The fan can deliver up to three speeds.
  • 14″ curved blades for optimal air movement
  • Pull chain control for easy adjustment of the speeds.

6. Air King 9518 18″ Industrial Grade Wall Mounted Fan

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Are you looking for the best wall-mounted fan for use in large offices, warehouses, or other industrial spaces? If that is the case, I would recommend the Air King 9518 Wall Mount Fan. It is an industrial-grade wall-mount fan with an 18″ size. Thus, it acts as a perfect addition to small spaces. Also, the fan is ETL and OSHA approved for safety. The unit features powder-coated steel blades, mounts, and guard for durability.

Additionally, it boasts a permanently-lubricated 1/6hp motor for reliable performance. Designed for dependable use during different seasons, this fan provides three speeds for optimal customization of the airflow. Plus, it includes a pull cord switch located on the back so that you can turn the fan on or off or change the speeds. The fan consists of a 9-foot power cord that provides an extended reach.

Highlighted features

  • Powder-coated steel construction for longevity.
  • A 9-feet power cord delivers an extended reach.
  • Rear-mounted pull cord for easy on and off.

5. Hydrofarm Active Air Whisper Quiet Heavy Duty Wall Mount Fan

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The Hydrofarm ACFW16HDB is a commercial-grade wall-mount fan. It features a steel frame plus aluminum blades that enhance durability while making it an ideal choice for harsh environments. The fan delivers three speeds, with the highest one rated at 1350RPMs. Its head can tilt up and down for easy direction of the airflow in different directions.

Fitted with a powerful yet quiet motor, this fan acts as an excellent addition to homes and offices. Also, it features a side-to-side oscillation. As a result, you can expect it to direct the airflow over a large area effortlessly. The fan can lock in a non-oscillating position so that it can direct the airflow over a specific area. It is 16″ in size, thus a perfect choice for use in small spaces.

Highlighted features

  • The fan can tilt up and down.
  • A powerful and quiet motor enables it to provide three speeds.
  • Solid-state speed controller for smooth customization of the speeds

4. Hurricane HGC736506 White Wall Mount Fan

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Introducing the Hurricane HGC736506, this is a wall-mounted fan suitable for use in an office, apartment, or dorm. It features a quiet and powerful motor that makes it an ideal choice for such setups. Better still, the motor enables it to run at 3036 CFM and 1250RPMs, making it suitable for cooling large spaces fast and effortlessly. The wall-mount fan has a 90° oscillation. Because of this, it can spread the breeze over a large space with a lot of ease. At the same time, its head can tilt up and down so that you can direct the cool air where it is required.

The fan has an 18″ size, thus suitable for installation in small spaces. It offers three quiet speeds for optimal airflow and comfort. The fan’s speeds can be controlled using a dial or pull cords. Moreover, the pull cord controls are suitable for turning it on or off and controlling the oscillation. The fan comes with a hanging bracket for easy mounting. It can be locked in a non-oscillating position to help you direct the airflow over a specific area.

Highlighted features

  • Powder-coated steel grill is durable and easy to clean.
  • Three-speed settings comprise high, medium, and low speeds.
  • The blades are made using chemical-resistant polypropylene.

3. Air King 9312 Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mounted Wall Fan

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The Air-King 9312 is a powder-coated wall-mount fan. It is best suited for use in commercial spaces such as warehouses, loading docks, health clubs, among others. The fan is ETL and OSHA compliant for safety. It offers an airflow that covers up to 1360 cubic feet per minute. The fan features a 9-foot power cord aimed at providing an extended reach. Adding to that, it features a 12″ powder-coated metal blades for durability.

With a steel handle, this is one of the best choices for a portable wall-mounted fan. Also, there is a 3-speed 1-phase open motor for reliable cooling performance during different seasons. The fan comes with a single bolt mount for fast installation. It features steel construction for durability. Because of the rear-mounted pull cord switch, you can expect to change the speeds effortlessly.

Highlighted features

  • Tough powder-coated finish for longevity.
  • The fan can mount on a wall, l-beam, or ceiling.
  • Steel construction for durability.

2. VIVOSUN Quiet Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

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This wall mount fan is the best choice for use in greenhouses. It is lightweight to facilitate easy transportation. Moreover, it features a 16″ size, which means that it doesn’t require much space for installation. The fan offers three-speed settings. Because of this, you can customize the speed settings to suit one that matches the current temperature and sessions. It can oscillate up to 80°, making it an ideal option for cooling an entire room.

The fan’s head can tilt to 60° so that you can choose a perfect angle that meets your airflow needs. It is fitted with pull cords that allow you to control the oscillation and speeds while keeping your hands away from the moving parts. Equipped with a well-built motor, you can rely on the fan to offer a reliable performance. What’s more, there is a 6-feet power cord that provides an extended reach to the power outlet. The fan comes with clear and simple instructions for effortless installation.

Highlighted features

  • Quiet oscillation mechanism.
  • Two convenient pull cords for the oscillation and speed control
  • A vertical tilt head so that you can choose the perfect angle to meet different airflow needs

1. TPI Corporation Commercial Wall Mounted Fans

TPI Corporation Commercial Wall Mounted Fans

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This is a single-phase wall-mount exhaust fan. It is suitable for use in commercial setups so that you can install it in the basement, bathroom, warehouse, restroom, or kitchen. The exhaust fan can get rid of pollutants in the air so that you can breathe fresh air comfortably. It features blade cages that meet workplace safety standards. These blades make it easy to achieve a precise placement so that you can direct large volumes of the airflow.

The fan derives its power from a ¼ HP lubricated motor. This motor is durable, thus a perfect choice for achieving reliable performance. What’s more, the fan features a coated metal finish to enhance durability. The fan offers a three-speed setting with airflow rates of up to 6000 cubic feet per minute. It includes a pull chain that allows you to switch it on and off. Fitted with three aluminum paddle blades that attach to a steel hub, this is one of the best choices to a durable wall mounted fan.

Highlighted features

  • Compact and lightweight for portability.
  • Coated metal finish and aluminum paddle blades for durability
  • A pull chain for effortless switching on and off.


The best wall-mounted fans provide an outstanding way of regulating the temperatures in your home. They are affordable and easy to maintain but designed to provide reliable performance. To this end, buy one of the reviewed products so that you can cool your space in a cost-saving way.

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