Best TRX Suspension Trainers for Home Gym In 2021

Suspension training has gained humongous popularity among the fitness freaks over the years and trx suspension trainers are also gaining importance. Actually, it has become one of the most important exercises in the gyms today. Though every exercise that you do in the gym focuses on developing the muscles of a certain part of the body, the suspension training helps in developing every muscle in your body. That is the main reason behind its huge popularity among every individual looking forward to building a great physique. However, the suspension training does not only provide you with a great physique, but it also makes your joints strong and provides stability to your muscles. So, you must include this training in your workout regimen.

But what do you need to do this suspension training? Well, you will need a trx suspension trainer kit for starting this strenuous training. That is where the problem arises! There are a plethora of suspension training kits available in the market from different brands and it is almost impossible to choose the right one for yourself. Should you be worried? Of course, not! We are here to help you out. Have a look at our list of top suspension training kits and choose the best suspension trainer one for yourself:

Table of the Best TRX Suspension Trainers Reviews

10. TRX Training – Complete Full Body Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

TRX Suspension Trainers

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TRX has made all the efforts to ensure you have the choice of a versatile workout routine anywhere. You can set up their kit easily within a minute or two. The sturdiness and portability of this kit enable you to test out your limits with your own body weight. Moreover, the build quality on this can support individuals on the heavier spectrum, which makes it a great choice for your fitness regime. Along with TRX suspension training strap, door anchor and anchor, it also comes with a bonus workout guide that will help you in obtaining your dream body.

9. TRX Training – Lightest & Leanest GO Suspension Trainer Kit

TRX Training - GO Suspension Trainer Kit

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Another great product from TRX but this product is more purchase-worthy and lighter than the previous contender. This kit redefines portability and usability for everyone since it weighs one pound and can be set up almost anywhere. Plus, the TRX suspension trainer helps you to strengthen your core, burn unwanted fat and build up strength. With more than 300 exercises which can be done with the use of this trainer, you can be sure of getting an all around quick workout no matter where you are.

8. TRX Training – 3-Types of Pro 3 Suspension Training

TRX Training - Pro 3 Suspension Training Kit

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With TRX coming up a third time in the list, you have probably guessed their dominance in the market. If you are looking out for a serious workout regime this is the kit waiting to be shipped to you. It is better than the previous two for justifiable reasons. It is constructed of commercial grade components with locking carabineer and 3 anchoring solutions. Further, the rubber handles that are textured to ensure a strong grip. If you are looking to upgrade your training regime and its portability, this would definitely help you do so.

7. Core-X Fitness Body Gym Marine Core-X System

Body Gym Marine Core-X System - Portable Gym

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Core-X provides is a much better alternative to the rest of the market with the Body Gym Marine. This easy to use kit can be anchored off any door, beam or outside from tree branches or a rafter. It even comes with a guide set of 29 workouts including Endurance Circuit and Metabolist Blast which would increase your stamina and agility. It has a bearing weight up to 400kg and if you have sweaty palms, Core-X has taken care of that as well with their sweat absorbing handles.

6. RX Training – Essential RIP Trainer Basic Kits

TRX Training - RIP Trainer Basic Kit

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The RIP Trainer manufactured by TRX mainly helps in building up your core strength but can also be adjusted for full body workouts as well. With a single piece of equipment, i.e., the rip trainer coupled with resistance bungee and door anchor which comes with it, you can achieve explosive rotational movements. This innovative solution mimics movements in real life and sports to burn up those extra calories and keep you in perfect shape. Further, this easy to set up TRX suspension trainer also increases and improves cardiovascular endurance.

5. TRX Training – Rugged Tactical Gym Suspension Trainer

TRX Training - Tactical Gym, Rugged Suspension Trainer

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TRX Tactical Kit is not for the faint of heart and was made for every individual with a definite aim. When you buy this you get the chance to experience a rugged workout that will tire out a professional athlete. You are also given access to a 12-week conditioning program that will bring the best out of you. With the guaranteed quality and durability, this comes with this product is definitely a steal as it is designed by using cutting-edge science technology.

4. GoFit Gravity Straps for Body Weight

GoFit Gravity Straps for Body Weight

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This product from GoFit is one of the best alternatives you would find on the market. It can support a user up to 300 pounds and is effective with workouts that focus on your arms, abs, chest, core and a lot more. The durable construction includes polypropylene straps and metal D-rings which can be easily adjusted according to your preference. If you are a looking for something effective, then this is definitely the kit for you as it also allows you to increase or decrease the workload according to your will just by changing the angles.

3. ComCor Suspension Gym Fitness Trainer

 ComCor Suspension Gym Fitness Trainer

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ComCor believes in offering quality products by following all the safety measures. It has been manufactured in the USA and ComCor is confident enough on their product to offer a lifetime warranty against defects on this product. This inexpensive marvel is capable of enabling you to do most workouts and also comes with a link that gives you access to 20 exercises. So execute those moves perfectly.

2. TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Home Gym

TRX Training - Suspension Trainer Home Gym

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Gym takes a lot of time and a lot of weights and equipment takes up a lot of space in your apartment. You can solve all that with the TRX Suspension Trainer Home Gym. It can be stored in an extremely small space, weighs a lot less than your laptop and has incomparable flexibility. With this purchase, you get six exclusive digital workout solutions for free. These straps can further be adjusted to increase or decrease the difficulty level accordingly. You can get an extensive workout with this and tone or shape your physique with just half an hour of workout daily with the kit.

1. Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

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Lifeline’s solution brings you a kit that wouldn’t cheat you at all and thus, is considered to be the best. The Jungle Gym XT can be used for a varied assortment of exercises and can support a lot of different weight types with its adjustable strap width. Moreover, cleaning this kit is easy as well. The straps and handles are made up of Thermoplastic Elastomer which is resistant to dust and sweat and can be wiped off easily. What more do you need?

Well, that’s all folks! Suspension training is important if you want to become fit and strong. Go through our list; choose the right one trx suspension trainer for yourself and start training since it is never too late to train.

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