10 Best Swimming Gloves For Swim Training Reviews In 2018

With all the brands and styles in swimming gloves, buying the best gloves might not be as easy as you think. However, the task can be made much easier with some little guidance from the professionals in the field. Our group of experts has done their best to provide you with an effective starting point in your decision making. The top list below offers straight-to-the-point recommendations to help you narrow down your search and get the best swimming gloves that the market has to offer.

Table of the Best Swimming Gloves Reviews

10. Speedo Aqua Fit Training Swimming Gloves

Swimming Gloves

These gloves come in 4 different sizes to select from Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. They are made of a stretchy neoprene material that provides a snug fit. The gloves work well in toning and strengthening the muscles, which make them ideal for water resistance training. The fingers come in a webbed design for added propulsion in water. A wrist closure is incorporated to provide a tight fit. More: Best floating mats

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9. Innogear Water Resistance Training Fingerless Swimming Gloves

Swimming Gloves

These gloves feature a fingers-out design for smooth movement. They are made of neoprene and Lycra and perfectly stitched to provide excellent water resistance. The gloves work well in toning and working out your muscles. The fingers incorporate a web design for faster propulsion in water. The gloves feature a wrist closure that can be adjusted to provide a custom fit.

8. Aqua Sphere Webbed Swim Gloves

Swimming Gloves

This pair of gloves come in 3 different size options: Small, Medium and Large. It provides a tight yet comfortable fit, thanks to the incorporated wrist closure. The gloves are made of expandable neoprene that allows them to slip on easily. The fingers feature a webbed design that functions to increase resistance while building strength. The gloves are backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

7. Flammi Aqua Fit Water Resistance Webbed Swim Gloves

Webbed Swim Gloves

Flammi Aqua gloves are specially designed for muscle toning and strengthening exercises. They are made of a stretchy neoprene material. This renders them lightweight even when soaked with water. They provide warmth and do not grip on the palm. The fingers incorporate a unique web design for added resistance. There is an adjustable wrist closure that provides a snug fit.

6. Head Black / Orange Swim Training Gloves

Swim Training Gloves

These are stylish gloves designed by Head. They feature a tough neoprene construction that offers unsurpassed durability. The fingers are webbed and exposed to provide the feel of water. The wrist has an adjustable Velcro that functions to secure the gloves on your hands. The gloves come in 4 size options and are available in Black and Orange colors.

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5. Water Gear Silicone Swimming Gloves

Water Gear Silicone Force Gloves

These gloves function well in working the upper body. The advanced web design on the fingers increases hand resistance by up to 50-percent. The gloves are made of tough silicone material for maximum durability. They are stretchy enough to provide a snug fit and feature a non-slip surface that makes them much easier to put on and slip out. The gloves are available in Medium (3.25 x 6.5 inches) and Large size (3.5 x 7 inches).

4.Water Resistance Fins Hand Training Fingerless Swim Gloves

Water Resistance Fins Hand Glove Training Fingerless Webbed Flippers Paddle Swim Gloves

These neoprene swim gloves are soft, pliable and made to last. The finger flippers incorporate a web design that creates resistance. The gloves find great application in water aerobics exercises as well as resistance training programs. The Velcro strap on the wrist can be adjusted to provide a secure fit. The gloves come in 3 size options: Small, Large and Medium.

3.  FreeGlide Swim Training Gloves

Swim Training Gloves

These are premium quality gloves that are available on a 20-percent discount upon purchase of two or more pairs. They are made of neoprene and come in 3 size options to choose from. The web design on the fingers creates resistance that provides a complete upper body workout. The gloves come with a waterproof bag that keeps your items dry. There is a wrist strap that offers a customized fit.

2. Speedo Hydro Resistance Charcoal/ Pink Swim Gloves

Resistance Swim Glove

These gloves are designed to provide ultimate workout experience. They are made of neoprene that makes them durable and flexible enough for smooth movement. The fingers are webbed and incorporate a ridge design for added water resistance. The fingers are exposed so as to give you the feel of water. The gloves can be adjusted for a more secure fit. They have a mesh design that allows them to dry much quicker.

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1. Neoprene Force Medium Blue Swim Gloves

Water Gear Neoprene Force Gloves

Water Gear Force Gloves provides you with the convenience of a zippered design that makes them much easier to wear and slip out. The gloves come in color-coded sizes for easy distinction. You can choose from 4 different sizes. The webbed hand increases the hydro resistance level by 50-percent for a more effective upper body workout.

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