Top 10 Best Hidden Spy Pen Cameras Reviews In 2020

Spy pens and spy cameras have a multitude of purposes in various ways and as you can understand spy pen cameras are mostly needed to carry out the covert activities without coming under anyone’s attention. Be it for recording any malicious moves or secretly spying on someone else, these pen cameras will record every move without any letting anyone know. So next time you are opting for recording and clicking pictures of someone but you don’t want their eyes on you, getting hold of a spy pen camera can be the most suited choice.

But to make you have the best choice, we have jotted top 10 spy pen camera that comes with extremely reliable and impressive features and also promising you zero compromising on the quality of the recording. These models have been carefully scrutinized and featured on the list so that you never regret opting for one from the list.

Table of the Best Hidden Spy Pen Cameras Reviews

10. FabQuality Gadgets 1080p HD Hidden Camera Pen

Spy Pen Cameras

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If you are opting for a spy camera for reasons, you should always get hold of one that has the least complicated design and super user-friendly technology. The FabQuality Spy Pen understands your need and has thus designed a pen that would be extremely easy to use. All you need to do is a record and plug it on to your PC/Laptop and then review the footage. Besides, it comes with quality at par excellence as this camera records 1280X1080 resolutions at 30 FPS, thus no compromising with the quality. Furthermore, it does not need software to load the contents that are recorded.

Key features

  • 8 megapixels camera for super smooth and crystal clear recording.
  • Impressive recording time owing to the 220mAh in-built battery.
  • Motion Detection video recording mode for recording all you need.
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9. SharpCam Full HD Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera

Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera

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Are you looking for a spy pen that can click and record outstanding quality pictures and videos? The SharpCam certainly does justice to its name as this is capable of recording videos at 1920X1080 FHD and even clicks pictures as high as 2560X1440. Along with the stand out quality, you get the benefit of smart motion detection and loop recording allows you to record all you need, save memory space and stay smart. The spy pen requires no added software or drivers for working as well.

Key features

  • Supports everyday USB2.0 port.
  • Impressive 260mAh battery for 75 minutes of 1080P recording.
  • Can be played in Macbook and PC.

8. Conbrov Spy HD 720P Hidden Camera Pen

Conbrov Spy HD 720P Hidden Camera Pen

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Conbrov has designed this spy camera keeping its use in mind as this has a customized miniature size that is combined with a flexible clip, thus allowing it to smartly place in your front pockets or files without any raised eyebrows. Then you have the amazing battery life of this spy camera, powered by a 720mAh battery that allows you to record non-stop for 5 hours during the daytime and 2 hours during the night. The hassle-free operation makes it even more appealing to the users. One just needs to press the top button and the camera will start functioning.

Key features

  • Impressive video and HD picture quality even in low light.
  • Takes video in 720P.
  • 32 GB of extended memory.

7. GSMade Full HD 1296P Hidden Spy Pen Camera

Hidden Spy Camera- Star Light Night Vision Pen Full HD 1296P Video Recording Pen

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Yet another model of an amazing hidden pen camera, the GSMade hidden camera has all the smart features for an efficient video recording without catching anyone’s attention. It comes with Starlight Night Vision Function and the 2K HD camera can record every detail with precision. Features like motion detection and loop recording allow you to record every single thing without hassles. It can also capture crisp and sharp images even in low illumination.

Key features

  • Smartly works even in illumination over 0.1 lux.
  • America-made motherboard.
  • Trust of Japan made camera lens.
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6. GSmade Spy Camera Pen with Full HD Video Recording Pen

GSmade Spy camera with 32GB Full HD 2K Spy Pen Camera HD Video

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A pen spy camera that has unparallel quality, supreme recording ability and crisp still images as well, this pen is exceptionally good. Capable of recording clips at 2304 X 1296 full HD, this camera is certainly for the ones who are not ready to compromise one bit with the quality. The smart design of the pen has a removable clip and a totally hidden lens for discreet working always. Furthermore, it can record constantly for an hour and the one function button makes it extremely easy to use in any situation.

Key features

  • Can be recorded at 720P at 60 FPS.
  • Click photos with motion detector function.
  • 32GB extended memory capability.

5. LTMade LTMADE 1296P 32G Hidden Spy Camera Pen

32G Hidden Camera Pen

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The supreme accessibility of a spy camera that can camouflage with any outlook produces the best of services when that is combined with top-notch quality for the best results. The LTMade spy camera has an impressive 2K video resolution along with a camera that has 20 megapixels for recording and clicking. Further, you get various designs of pens that can totally blend in with your outlook. The ease of use with one-button operation makes it even more exciting.

Key features

  • Can be switched to 720P @ 60 FPS.
  • Comes with motion detector function.
  • Hidden lens.

4. BSTCAM 32GB HD 1080P Spy Hidden Camera Pen

BSTCAM 32GB HD 1080P Pen Video Spy Hidden Camera

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Record all you want, for long duration along with crystal clear picture as this pen camera comes with the ability to record 1080 P resolution at the rate of 30 fps for tremendous results. So next time when you view your clip at 1920 X 1080 P resolutions, you can be sure to not miss out on any important details whatsoever. Moreover, you get a very discreet and covert design for doing your job without any doubts. Use it for writing even when you are recording.

Key features

  • Comes with a complimentary 32 GB SD card.
  • Pinhole lens, thus no chance of spotting.
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3. ONmet 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Pen

Hidden Spy Camera Pen Wifi Camera Roller Ball Pen

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Extremely smart design dedicated to letting you effortlessly record most clips without coming in the notice of anyone. This pen spy camera features an invisible mini camera in the pen that can start recording for you with just a slide of the clip. Furthermore, you get an unmatched quality of recording and pictures as high as 1980 X 1080 for video and 2560 X 1440 for crystal clear pictures. With 2K video resolution, every detail will be there for you forever.

Key features

  • Supports video loop recording for non-stop recording.
  • The camera will automatically save the files after every 30 minutes.
  • Trust of 8 million pixels
  • 32 GB expandable storage.
  • Have a hassle-free one button operation.

2. WCXCO Spy Pen Full HD 1296P Hidden Camera

Spy Pen Hidden Camera

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Just like every other model in the list, this is also designed to keep things undercover yet record everything for you at your wish. The camera has an astounding 20 MP lens and functions with just one button so that you can start with your adventure without coming in anyone’s radar. Besides, it can also be altered to 720 P from 1269P for recording videos at 60 FPS. Thus you have all just the way you want it.

Key features

  • Impressive 2304 X 1296 P resolution.
  • Motion Detector function for photos.
  • Assures lifetime replacement.

1. FABQuality 1080p HD Hidden Camera Spy Pen

FabQuality 1080p HD Hidden Camera Spy Pen

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FabQuality’s amazing use of technology and advanced design has made this top-notch spy pen camera to be featured at the very top of the list. The updated model has the ability to record videos at 1080 P true HD resolution, unlike most other models. Furthermore, you get the reliability of a non-stop video recording mode or motion detection mode that assures you to record everything that matters. The advanced use of technology eliminates any need for added software for viewing of the recorded clips on your PC/Laptop. Plus, the polymer lithium battery can be recharged at per will.

Key features

  • 220 mAh Lithium-Ion battery for superb recording time.
  • 8 MP camera lenses offer 30 FPS recording for a glitch-free experience.
  • Complete no-brainer design.
  • Very user-friendly.

Thus, capture every little detail and gestures as any of these excellent spy pen cameras will work exceptionally well during your spying sessions.

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