Top 10 Best Wireless Solar Motion Lights for Indoors/Outdoors In 2019

Nothing can stop an intruder in her or his tracks quicker than the solar motion lights. If there is someone in your compound the motion sensor light will automatically turn on to aware you of an intruder present and scare her/she off. Solar motion sensor lights absorb the sunlight during the day and convert it into electric energy that can be used to power the LED lights.

This solar light also helps you to reduce the electric bill. They are also easy to install and they can be installed in any place you need light. With the many different models available on the market, it can be hard for you to find the best one. To assist you we have reviewed the top 10 solar motion sensor lights. Read more about solar motion light below.

Table of the Best Solar Motion Lights Reviews

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LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Optional Modes Wireless Motion Sensor Light with 270° Wide Angle, IP65 Waterproof, Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck
BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless Waterproof Security Solar Motion Sensor Lights, (400LM,4 Packs)
BAXIA TECHNOLOGY LED Solar Lights Outdoor, 400 Lumens Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Security Lights for Front Door,Outside Wall,Back Yard,Garage,Garden,Fence,Driveway [Upgraded 28LED 2 Packs]
Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 1400-Lumen Bright LED Spotlight 9-Watt(130W Equiv.), Solar Security Lights for Garden Driveway Patio, 2-Year Battery Life, 160-Week 100% Free Replacement Guarantee
Solar Lights, Lampat Bright 90 LED Solar Powered Security Lights Waterproof Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting for Wall, Patio, Garden, Landscape, Deck, Shed, Lawn, 2 Pack
ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor, 28 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Lights, IP65 Waterproof Wall Light Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Outdoor Garden, Patio, Yard, Deck, Garage, Driveway, Fence 4 Pack
LITOM Solar Lights Outdoor, 40 LED Wireless Wide Angle Motion Sensor Light, IP65 Waterproof Security Solar Light, Three Working Modes for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck, Porch, Shed, Walkway (2 Pack)
Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights with Wide Angle Illumination,Outdoor Motion Sensor Waterproof Wall Light Wireless Security Night Light with 3 Modes for Driveway Garden Step Stair Fence Deck 2pack
Lemontec Solar Lights, 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting Nightlight with Motion Sensor Detector for Garden Back Door Step Stair Fence Deck Yard Driveway, 2 Pack
LITOM Premium Solar Lights Outdoor with 270°Wide Angle Illumination(4 Pack), IP67 Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights,Easy-to-Install Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck

10. LITOM 24 LED Solar Wireless Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Solar Motion Lights

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LITOM 24 LED lights are one of the most popular solar motion sensor light on the market, they are used by over five million people. These motion sensor light feature an advanced motion sensor that allows them to detect the move fast and easily. With a wide-angle design and advanced motion sensor, these lights detect 1.5X wider and illuminate 2.5X larger than other motion sensor light. They are easy to install and can be installed in your garage, backyard, patio, driveway or office.

Key features:

  • Have 3 Convenient Modes
  • Wider and Brighter Lighting
  • They are FCC Certified
  • They are highly waterproof
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9. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Outdoor Wireless Solar Lights – 400 LM

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor,Wireless 28 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

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BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Motion Sensor Solar lights are perfect for upgrading security in your home, garage, backyard, driveway, and even on the patio. The lights automatically turn when they detect and motion and stay on for around twenty-second the motion stop. These lights also have a waterproof casing which ensures it works properly no matter snow, ice, rain or head. These solar lights use a powerful battery which lasts more than eight hours when fully charged.

Key features:

  • Durable and waterproof IP65 design
  • They are very easy to install
  • Long lasting battery
  • Wide sensing range

8. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Waterproof Motion Sensor Security Lights

BAXIA Technology LED Solar Lights Outdoor, 400 Lumens Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Security Lights

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These 2 pack wireless motion sensor lights can provide home security with great and instant lighting to ensure safety. They have a motion detecting a range of 9 to 16 feet and 120º. When they sense motion they turn on automatically and last about thirty seconds. Made from top-quality ABS material making them heat resistant and water resistant. They are easy to install and no wire is needed.

Key features:

  • Very brighter with 800 lumens
  • Designed to be weather resistant and sturdy
  • Large coverage of motion detection
  • Very easy to install and don’t require wire

7. Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensor by DrawGreen

Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Aluminum,1400-Lumens Bright LED Spotlight

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DrawGreen light is one of the top rated solar motion sensor lights on our list.  This light can be installed on your deck, garage, path, garden, or lawn. It features a powerful 18650 lithium rechargeable battery that can last up to 3 days when fully charged. This motion sensor light has a wide detecting range of up to 20 -26-inches.  It can also illuminate up to 55 feet away making it more sensitive and effective compared to other lights.

Key features:

  • Wide illumination range
  • Ideal for all Weather
  • Long-life battery- lasts up to 3 days
  • 360-degrees rotatable
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6. LAMPAT LED Solar Powered Security Motion Sensor Lights

 Solar Lights, Lampat Bright 90 LED Solar Powered Security Lights Waterproof Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

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This is one of the best sellers when it comes to solar motion sensor security Lights. It detects any movement up to across 120 degrees and up to 16.4 feet. It is easy to install and can be installed along fences, walls, pole, and roof. Overall, this outdoor motion sensor light is waterproof, durable, and powerful and will function well in cloudy and sunny conditions.

Key features:

  • Fast charging battery
  • Does not require any maintenance
  • Innovative durable and waterproof design
  • Perfect in both cloudy and sunny conditions

5. ZOOKKI Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights for Outdoor Garden

Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor, ZOOKKI 28 LEDs Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights

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Do you want to light up your patio, driveway, garden bath, or garage? Look no further than the ZOOKKI 4 Pack Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights. These motion sensor lights have a wide sensing range of up to 8- 26, and 120-degrees; these lights will ensure a great improvement in your outdoor security. They are made from high-impact resistant ABS material which can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and other weather conditions.

Key features:

  • Long Working Hour & Fast Charging
  • Wide sensing range of up to 26 feet
  • Very bright with the 28-pieces LED
  • Easy installation and no wire or cable required

4. LITOM Outdoor 40 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light

LITOM Solar Lights Outdoor, 40 LED Wireless Wide Angle Motion Sensor Light

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The LITOM (2 Pack) Motion Sensor Solar Lights come with an affordable price and yet delivers great performance that will leave everyone amazed. It comes with two packs which allow you to install them in different places.  They are powerful to illuminate a wide area of up to 200 square feet. Additionally, they can detect movement up to 9.8 feet and at an angle of 100 degrees.

Key features:

  • 120 ° Wide Sensing Range
  • Durable & Waterproof design
  • Has three different sensing modes
  • Large illumination range up to 200 square feet.
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3. Aootek New Upgraded 36 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

,Outdoor Motion Sensor Waterproof Wall Light Wireless Security Night Light

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Featuring 36 LED, this solar wireless light is powerful enough to make to make your property much safer. This 2-pack unit has a simple design for easy installation and also provides very bright light despite its small size. These motion sensor lights can detect movement within an angle of 120 and up to 26 feet. On top of that, recharges very fast and keeps the charge for a long time.

Key features:

  • Offers super bright light
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant design
  • Easy installation- no wire required

2. Lemontec 62 LED Wall Solar Light Security Lighting

Lemontec Solar Lights, 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting

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Scaring off the intruders is easier if you install this solar outdoor motion sensor light. You can fit it on the yard, deck, patio, garage, and other places.  It uses a powerful Li-ion Battery that can provide 12 hours of illumination when fully charged. Moreover, it is Ip65 waterproof and won’t be easily affected by moisture or rain. Adjusting and installing this light is very easy thanks to its simple design.

Key features:

  • Wide Angle Motion Sensor
  • Heatproof &Weather-resistant construction
  • Long-lasting battery-provide 12 hours of illumination
  • Eco-Friendly &High Efficiency

1. LITOM 30 LED Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights- -4 Pack

Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights

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Are you looking for a motion sensor light? Then this outdoor motion sensor lights from LITOM is a great choice for you. These sensor lights feature a waterproof casing which makes them perfect for all weather conditions. They feature a wide sensing range and angle for best security. Lights are also very easy to install and don’t require any wiring. Read more about the underwater swimming pool lights.

Key features:

  • 30000 hours lifespan
  • All weather construction
  • Have wide sensing range
  • They have an easy installation process

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