5 Best Snow Cone Machines & Shaved Ice Makers In 2018

A sweet, frozen treat is something that you just can’t resist in the hot summer weather. Just imagine that colorful snow cone drizzled with flavored syrups; it makes you feel like taking a bite, doesn’t it? However, there are some hindrances that might deny you the chance to enjoy that sweet snow cone. For instance, the store might be quite a distance from your home or you just don’t have the cash to spend on snow cones each passing day. In such a situation, you need to get yourself a snow cone machine that lets you get a taste of many different flavors in the comfort of your home. The highest quality snow cones start with the right machine and ingredients. And that begs the question – which is the best snow cone machines out there?

Well, that might depend on several things, such as the number of people to be served, available space on your kitchen counter, and the existing kitchen decor. Choose a snow cone machine that has the right capacity to satisfy a specific number of persons. For instance, you’re going to need a machine with a large production capacity to cater for a large group of people. And it’s the no-brainer to know that you need a snow cone machine that’s built to last. Below are some of the best snow cone machines that will help you deal with your snow cone craving.

Table of the Best Snow Cone Machines

5. Nostalgia SCM502 Snow Cone Maker

Snow Cone Machines

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Those that want to turn their snow cone machine into a business might do well with this machine. It’s a portable unit that sports wheels for improved mobility indoors and around the neighborhood. The machine is equipped with durable stainless steel cutting blades. It has a capacity of 20 8-ounce snow cones and comes with 2 8-ounce plastic cones and ice scoop. The plastic cones are reusable and you get a shelf that holds 2 cones at a time. The machine is integrated with a safety switch and makes one cool display when placed on top of your kitchen counter.

4. Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party Package

Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party Package

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This machine comes in an all-inclusive package that has everything you need to start enjoying your favorite cool treat. It comes in a compact size that doesn’t take lots of counter space. A combination of precision-cut blades and cylindrical ice blocks results into a fine and fluffy snow each time. The stainless steel blades are adjustable to provide the texture you want. The machine comes with 3 ice shaved flavors: grape, cherry, and blue raspberry. There are 25 colorful snow cone cups, 25 spoon-straws, and 3 bottle pourers.

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3. Cuisinart SCM-10 Red Snow Cone Maker

Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker

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Enjoy that sweet, delicious treat in just a matter of seconds with this snow cone machine. In under a minute, this machine has the capacity to make 4 to 5 cones. Apart from being fast, this machine is quite effortless to operate. It comes in a tough, compact construction that doesn’t take much of your kitchen counter space. A lightweight construction makes it much easier to move around, especially during parties. The bin is removable for easy cleanup and there’s a pop-up tray that serves and stores 4 cones at a time. 12 reusable paper cones are included for serving purposes.

2. Nostalgia RSM602 Snow Cone Maker

 Nostalgia RSM602 Snow Cone Maker

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Fast, efficient and fun, this snow cone machine won’t keep you waiting. It has the precision of stainless steel blades designed to provide long-lasting performance. The blades transform regular ice cubes into frozen treats enough to cater for the ice cravings of a whole family. There’s a shelf that accommodates 2 ice cones. This machine makes 20 8-ounce snow cones. 2 reusable plastic cones are included to give you an easy time when serving. The machine has a small footprint that fits most kitchen countertops without a hitch.

1. BLIZZY Snow Cone Maker Set – Snow Cone Machine

BLIZZY Snow Cone Maker Set

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This set adds a colorful touch to your kitchen. The ice shaver machine is powered by an 80-watt motor that drives stainless steel blades. The blades shave ice cubes with ease and can be adjusted to match your desired texture. This machine lets you enjoy that frozen treat in seconds. It comes in 3 syrup flavors: red raspberry, grape, and cherry. There are 20 reusable paper cones for serving purposes and 20 plastic straws that let you scoop with ease. It’s a compact snow cone machine that won’t take a lot of kitchen counter space.

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