10 Best Ski Boot Bags and Backpacks Reviews In 2018

Skiing is one sport that’s done in the most unforgiving weather conditions, not unless you’ve got your own makeshift skiing spot. That’s why you need to keep yourself and your gear safe and well protected at all times. Ski boots are among the must-have items for any skier. And in case you’re a serious one, you ought to own at least an extra pair; something that calls for a storage bag. Ski boot bags are just designed for the purpose by giving you the comfort and durability you need in such extreme environment.

Settling for a good ski boot bag is no easy task. You’ve got some factors to consider ranging from boot size, storage space to construction quality. Using these three focal points, we did some test and came up with a list of the best ski boot bags that will help you stay organized and well equipped.

Table of the Best Snowboard and Ski Boot Bags Reviews

10. Athalon Everything Boot Pack

Ski Boot Bags

This ski boot bag comes in a night vision color designed to stand out in the whiteness of snow and ice. The bag is fabricated from a water resistant fabric that sports a waterproof trap to keep your boots and other gear dry. Bottom grommets comes in handy to drain off the water that collects at the bottom. The bag has two zippered side pockets, a zippered top pocket and zippered main compartment. You get a bungee cord that holds your jacket. A padding is added on the lumbar region to cushion you from the bulk of the bag.

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9. High Sierra Trapezoid Boot Bag

High Sierra Trapezoid Boot Bag

This bag has a unique trapezoid look that creates a stable freestanding design. It’s made of 600D Duralite fabric; a material optimized for durability and water resistance. There’s a U-shaped opening that opens up to the large main compartment that’s ideal for your gear. Each side sports a zippered compartment well ventilated to hold boots up to size 13. Apart from providing good ventilation, the grommets equipped on side compartments allow water to drain off with ease. The bag is padded for comfortable and has adjustable straps for easy carrying.

8. Transpack Edge Isosceles Ski Boot Bag

Transpack Edge Isosceles Ski Boot Bag

Synonymous to its name, this ski boot bag sports a back that’s shaped to mimic an isosceles triangle. The bag creates a perfect storage system that holds everything from boots, helmet and other gear. The construction is of a tough 600D polyester designed for maximum durability. It has a water resistant coating that keeps everything dry. The bag has two side pockets fitted with grommets for good ventilation and drainage. A large central compartment comes in handy to accommodate other gear. The shoulder strap is padded and can be adjusted to match your fit.

7. Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack

Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack

This bag has plenty of storage and smart features in its small size. The bag is built to withstand whatever the weather has in store. It has four storage compartments: two side compartments, back compartments and large main compartment. The compartments have a rugged heat-molded construction that makes them virtually crush proof. This provides a safe storage fragile gear and electronic devices. The bottom is made of heavy duty tarpaulin for maximum protection. The bag is integrated with loops that make it easier to connect to rolling ski bags.

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6. High Sierra Junior Trapezoid Boot Bag

High Sierra Junior Trapezoid Boot Bag

This ski boot bag is a great option for those looking for a vibrant yet functional bag for their gear. The bag comes in bright orange, green and blue colors that combine to give it a striking look. This bag isn’t all about beauty. It’s designed to hold up against the odds, be it unfavorable weather conditions or any forms of tear. The bag is made of durable polyester and has a U-shape zippered opening that paves way to the large main compartment. You get two side compartments sporting grommets for reliable ventilation and drainage. The bag transports via a webbed handle and adjustable padded straps.

5. 5th Element Stealth Ski Boot Bag 2018

5th Element Stealth Ski Boot Bag 2018

Sitting extra wide at the base, this bag is a stable storage solution you can rely on. It’s a tough bag sporting 600D polyester construction optimized for durability and weather protection. Storage space is quite plenty since you get a large main compartment and two side compartments specially ventilated to hold your boots. A bungee cord provides a perfect fit for your jacket and you get the comfort of cushioned back panels.

4. Transpack Edge Jr Boot Bag Kids

Transpack Edge Jr Boot Bag Kids

The beautiful purple palm prints is just but one of the many selling points of this ski boot bag. This is a bag that can take a beating, thanks to a rugged 600D polyester fabric resistant to weather and daily wear. The bag is sized down to create a compact storage unit that still manages to hold your boots with ease. There are three separate compartments with the boot section ventilated to facilitate quick drying, especially when your boots get wet. In total, this ski boot bag has a storage volume of 2,000 cubic inches.

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3. WSD Single Ski or Snowboard Boot Bag

WSD Single Ski or Snowboard Boot Bag

This is a ski boot bag that’s much easier on your pockets. That doesn’t mean that it has some quality and storage space to sacrifice. It’s a durable 600D polyester fabric bag that opens up to one large and roomy compartment. You can fit in your boots, helmet and other ski essentials. The bag comfortably holds ski boots up to 13 size and has a waterproof liner to ensure everything remains dry.

2. Kulkea Boot Trekker – Ski Boot Backpack

Kulkea Boot Trekker - Ski Boot Backpack

This is a quality bag that provides a multi storage solution for your ski essentials. It’s a premium high-end ski boot bag optimized for durability and organized storage. The bag is fabricated from three different fabrics: nylon, polyester and tarpaulin. This creates a more rugged construction that can withstand the elements and any forms of wear and tear. This bag has an expandable volume of 4,200 cubic inches and is specially designed to fit Alpine line of boots, helmet and gear.

1. Element Boot Bag Snowboard Ski Boot Bag Pack

Element Boot Bag Snowboard Ski Boot Bag Pack

This trapezoid bag sports a perfect balance of elegance and quality. The bag is super tough, thanks to a 600D polyester fabric coated in PVC to make it waterproof. The fabric is further reinforced with a double stitching to keep it rip free. It has plenty of space to hold a pair of ski boots (up to size 13) and other ski essentials. There are three holes that come in handy to keep the storage compartments well ventilated.

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