9 Best Adjustable Wooden/Marble Rolling Pins Reviews In 2018

Baking is an art, and having the right equipment can help you perfect your creations. Rolling pins are one of the essential baking tools. These tools have been used in kitchens for more than 100 years. Generally, rolling pins are used to roll out dough for baking cookies, pies, pizzas, and other pastries. They’re also very useful for crushing seeds, cookies, or nuts required for many recipes.

On the surface, purchasing a rolling pin may seem like a quite simple task. However, when faced with the large variety of the rolling pins on the market, it’s very difficult to know where to start. These pins come in numerous sizes and shapes and are made of different materials. It’s difficult to know whether to go for tapered or straight, marble or steel, handles or no handles, maple or beech, silicone or polyethylene. Besides, there are other things to consider like hollow pins and width guides. Lucky for you, this review of the best rolling pins provides you with the shopping guide you need.

Table of the Marble Rolling Pins

9. J.K. Adams FRP-1 Maple French Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins

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Featuring a dowel shape, this solid maple French rolling pin measures 20.5 inches long and has a diameter of 1-3/4. It’s made from American maple trees and is perfect for rolling out the wide dough. The added thickness can help roll out dough very thin.

8. Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin and Base

Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin

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This product is designed to help you roll out your dough evenly without tearing it. Made of white marble, the rolling pin comes with a smooth and cooling surface that’s ideal for rolling out the dough. It comes with a base and features an elegant design. The wooden handles provide a firm grip while rolling. It also comes with a holder for the rolling pin to help it stay firmly in place when not being used.

7. Joseph Joseph 16.5-Inch Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin

Adjustable Rolling Pin

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This fully adjustable rolling pin is made from solid beech wood and comes with an etched width guide to make sure you get the right size each time. It also comes with four sets of removable discs that slightly raise the rolling surface. The discs come in 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, and

6. Ekco Wood Rolling Pin

Ekco Wood Rolling Pin

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This rolling pin is made of premium quality wood, making it a sturdy and reliable kitchen utensil. It features ergonomically designed handles to ensure the firm grip. The pin allows you to roll out your dough swiftly and evenly. Its natural wood finish can complement most types of kitchen decors.

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5. Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin

Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin

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This wood rolling pin has a genuine hardwood construction with an attractive design that can complement any kitchen décor. It features a comfortable feel that makes it unique. Remember to always wipe the rolling pin clean so as to keep dust and dirt at bay.

4. Norpro Deluxe Pastry and Pizza Roller

Deluxe Pastry and Pizza Roller

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This is the perfect 2-in-1 tool for rolling out cookie, pie, and pizza dough. The large roller measures 4.25 inches long and smoothly rolls out the dough to achieve the exact thickness, consistency, length and width with ease. The smaller roller measures 2.5 inches and makes it easy to fill in your dough to the edges. The non-slip wooden hands provide an easy grip, even with wet hands.

3. Wilton Fondant Rolling Pin, 20-Inch

Wilton Fondant Rolling Pin

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This appropriately wide, heavy, and smooth rolling pin is perfect for fondant and gum paste work. Since the pin doesn’t have handles, you can use the whole width. It’s also heavy, hence you won’t have to work so hard to get the job done. When buying this rolling pin, remember to also buy the depth guide rings.

2. Wilton Fondant 9 Inch Rolling Pin

Wilton Fondant 9 Inch Rolling Pin

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This 9-inch non-stick roller comes with three different depth guide rings to allow you to roll out your fondant evenly and at the perfect thickness for easy cutting. The pin is easy to handle and is just the correct size for preparing small quantities of fondant to put on your cake.

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1. Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

 Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin Roll over image to zoom in Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

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This rolling pin features a quality-crafted hardwood construction that will stand up to the rigors of daily use for several years to come. The classic wooden rolling pin is not only attractive but also makes it easy to roll out the dough. Always clean the pin with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.

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