Top 10 Best Laser Radar Detectors Reviews In 2019

Radar detectors have become very important for every driver these days. These simple devices help you to detect speed sensors thus protects you from the police harassment and hefty fines. However, it is not easy to buy a radar detector these days since there are so many available in the market. You need to be completely sure about the detection capabilities and features that the radar detectors provide. To make the task easy for you, we have built this list of 10 best radar detectors; so that you do not face any trouble in choosing the best one for yourself.

Table of the Best Radar Detectors Reviews

10. Uniden R3 DSP Extreme Long Range Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors

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One of the best laser detectors available in the market, the Uniden R3 laser detector offers you with long range and 360-degree detection capabilities. It helps you to detect the red light cameras and speed sensors easily. Thus, it goes to saving you from paying hefty speeding fines. It comes with K and KA false filters, which cancel all the noises and detect the speed sensors more efficiently. Plus, it comes with voice control which eliminates the need for taking your hands off the wheel to control it.


  • Has extreme radar sensitivity.
  • Comes with K and KA false filters.
  • The quiet operation feature does not let anyone know that you are using a radar detector.
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9. Radenso Pro M Extreme Range Radar Laser Detector

Radenso Pro M Extreme Range Radar & Laser Detector

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The Radenso Pro M is one of those radar detectors that provide the drivers with the highest level of performance. It has been designed using most advanced technology. Thus, it is highly efficient in detecting frequency modulated low power threats with utmost efficiency. Furthermore, this radar detector can also detect the threats of multaradar detection which is a new technology that is being widely used by the police in the US as well as Canada. Plus, it comes with an OLED display and 260 different voice alerts for the ease of usage.


  • Comes with incredible sensitivity ranging up to miles.
  • Has excellent false alert filtering feature.
  • The radar detector is loaded with 6000-speed camera and red-light locations.

8. Escort Passport S55 Radar & Laser Detector with DSP

Escort Passport S55 High Performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector with DSP

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The Passport S55 from Escort is definitely an extraordinary radar detector that you can choose to buy. This radar detector is known for providing a warning on all radar as well as laser band. The radar comes as V- tuned. Hence, it is highly efficient in detecting all kinds of signal bands. The patented auto sensitivity that this detector from Escort comes with further enhances its detection capabilities. Furthermore, it comes with Traffic Signal Rejection or TSR software. It protects you from the traffic sensors without getting detected. Thus, you are looking for quiet yet efficient performance then this one is definitely the right choice for you.


  • The patented auto sensitivity feature detects all types of radar as well as a laser in a long range.
  • It is efficient at filtering away the false signals.
  • Quiet operations.

7. Escort Max 360 Black Radar Detectors

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

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Here is another great product from Escort. This one right here steps up the radar as well as detection capabilities to a new level by using Max 360 technology. Plus, it comes with a directional display that helps you to detect the sensors with pinpoint accuracy instantly. This radar detector from Escort offers a quiet ride by using five levels of the filtering process. Furthermore, the patented AutoLearn technology uses the GPS to find your daily route in order to eliminate the false signals efficiently.


  • Offers pinpoint accuracy using GPS.
  • Provides protection in all directions.
  • Intelligent filtering easily eliminates the false threats thus helping you to get a quiet ride.
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6. Cobra ESD7570 Performance Radar Laser Detector

Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree

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If you are looking for reliable and assured performance then the Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector is a worthy choice you can make. It comes with a 360-degree detection feature. Thus, this detector is able to detect all kinds of radar as well as laser frequencies with utmost ease. Plus, it is proficient enough to mask you from the Spectre I sensors which the police in most of the countries use. The patented 9-band technology alerts you about the emergency vehicles in your route apart from any road hazard.


  • Masks your presence from spectre I sensors.
  • Detects the road hazards or emergency vehicles on the road to offer a hassle-free journey.
  • Filters out the false signals effectively.

5. Uniden R1 Extreme Radar Laser Detector with Voice Alert

Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector 360 Degree

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Uniden is one of the most recognized names when it comes to the radar detector. The Uniden R1 comes with long-range radar as well as laser detection capabilities along with a 360-degree field of detection. It comes with an OLED display which makes it easy to use. And the extreme sensitivity of the Uniden R1 uses GPS to remove the false threats from your route.


  • The OLED display offers ease of usage.
  • K and KA false filter negates false threats.
  • Provides 360-degree field of detection.

4. Escort 9500IX Radar Detector – Red Display

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector - Red Display

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It seems like Escort Inc has some of the best radar detectors in the market. This one right here provides you with warnings on every radar band from even the extreme ranges. Plus, it has multiple fronts as well as rear laser sensors which protects your car from laser detection in a completely wide 360-degree field of view. Furthermore, it uses a GPS assisted intelligence system which detects the false threats and helps you to enjoy a happy ride.


  • The auto-learn feature eliminates false threats. And detects the road hazards or emergency vehicles using GPS to provide you with a hassle-free ride.
  • Comes with the ultra bright alphanumeric display.
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3. Cobra SPX-6600 15-Band Radar & Laser Detector

Cobra SPX-6600 15-Band Radar / Laser Detector

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One of the highest performing radar detectors in the market, this radar detector from Cobra provides you with the maximum range for detection along with a 360-degree field of view. It comes with 15-band technology which helps you to detect the sensors, emergency vehicles or hazards on the road with utmost accuracy.


  • Hides you from all kinds of sensors.
  • Helps you to detect signals from long range.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to detect the sensors with pinpoint accuracy with its 15-band technology.

2. Valentine One Radar Laser Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector

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It is one of the few radar detectors to have two antennas for offering better detection. But the unique thing about this radar detector is that one of its antennas is on the rear while the other is on the front. Thus, it offers long-range detection with utmost precision. The directional display feature of the detector is smart enough to tell you the direction of the signals that are being detected as well. Plus, it also efficiently detects the laser signals as well.


  • Detects all kinds of bands in a wide 360-degree field.
  • Comes with the directional display.
  • The rear antenna assures of leaving no blind spots.

1. Whistler CR90 High-Performance Radar Detectors

Whistler CR90 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

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The Whistler CR90 sits at the top of our list for a reason. This is undoubtedly the best radar detector that you can choose from the market these days. It comes with a guarantee of the best quality service as it is capable of detecting any kind of sensors as well as signals used in North America recently. It is also capable of POP mode detection which helps you to thwart the chances of getting speeding tickets. Apart from 360-degree maximum coverage, it also uses the patented TFSR technology which eliminates the alerts from all kinds of radar based traffic flow sensors.


  • The high gain lens offers a wide field of view.
  • Uses Traffic Flow Signal Rejection or TFSR technology to eliminate the alerts from traffic flow sensors.
  • Keeps you informed about the safety features in the highway where the transmitters are located.

Well, that’s all for the list. Choose any of the 10 best radar detectors that suit all your needs and drives freely without any hassle.

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