Top 10 Best Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screens for Home Theater In 2020

Be it a conference, a business meeting or a classroom, projectors have become a necessity to display high-quality images and clips. Not only for official purposes can one need projectors for spending some quality personal time with your date. However, projecting on a blank wall or a piece of cloth mostly reduce the quality of the image. Thus, the projector screens are required. The screens keep the aspect ratios of the image or clips unchanged. One can easily fold it which adds to the convenience of carrying it anywhere. Hence, you get the best experience.

But there are a plethora of companies producing projector screens. So, it becomes problematic for everyone to choose the best one. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Hence, we have compiled a list of best quality projector screens for you.

Table of the Best Projector Screens Reviews

10. VIVO 100-Inch Projector Screen for Home Theater

Projector Screens

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Smart use of technology with excellent innovation and design, the 100” screen from Vivo is a reliable choice for the office or home entertainment. It comes with a durable metal casing for wall and ceiling installation and the matte white surface ensures proper diffusion of light, thus impressive picture quality every time. Furthermore, you get the benefit of crisp 120-degree viewing angles and 1.1 gain standard black backing with black borders on all sides, ensuring great viewing quality and depth.

Key features

  • Comes with built-in mounting for easy set-up and installation.
  • Universal compatible design.
  • Restricts light penetration.
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9. VIVO 100-Inc Portable Projector Screen with Foldable Stand Tripod

VIVO 100" Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

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Another projector set from the house of Vivo, this has a diagonal size of 100”, making it a suitable projector option for varied purposes at your home or workplace as well. Along with that, you get the reliability of a heavy duty tripod frame meant to make things easier. Moreover, the 120 degrees of crisp viewing angles combined with a matte white surface assures you get the best of quality without any glitches. Also, the universal compatible design allows a wide range of combination options without any issues.

Key features

  • Comes with 1.1 gain and standard black backing for zero light penetration.
  • Auto-lock mechanism rewards greater accessibility.
  • Four-sided black borders for better viewing.

8. Manual 119″ L Projector Screen Pull Down Screen

Manual Projector Projection Screen Pull Down Screen

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Projector screens come in handy for a lot of occasions and this bright and beautiful model from Best Choice Products certainly deserves appreciation for its great output. The smart design has a high 1.1 gain combined with pure black borders along with the lovely matte white screen; it is designed to deliver supreme viewing experience. Also, the lightweight case of the screen along with an anti-fabric and anti-static construction ensures greater durability as well. Having this at your home or business will help you in numerous ways.

Key features

  • Easy to mount and maintain design.
  • Built-in mechanism with self-lock for ease of usage.

7. Owlenz 100″ Foldable Portable Projector Screen for Home Theater

Portable Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater

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Do you want a screen that can travel with you without any problem? Then this model from Owlenz is ideally one of the finest in that terms along with being great in other features as well. It has a compact one-piece construction and is light in weight, making it easier to carry around to your desired location. The natural polyester construction of the screen projects sharper and brighter images effortlessly and also saves the screen from wrinkles even when folded. Thus it is anti-crease and also uses the high-absorbance material.

Key features

  • 100” diagonal, offers great viewing area.
  • Easy to install and set up design.
  • High absorbance material for a better quality of images.
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6. Excelvan Portable 120″ Movie Projector Screen for Home Cinema

Excelvan Indoor Outdoor Portable Movie Screen

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Fix the screen anywhere you want with ease as it comes with a total of 20 pairs of velcros allowing it to be fastened easily and firmly for great viewing anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, you get the very best of 16:9 ratios along with 160 degrees of the viewing area and a screen that is wrinkle free and as good as new always. The PVC screen material fabric combined with 1.1 gain ensures higher colour reproduction as you get a pure white screen for viewing.

Key features

  • Can be used for multitude purposes in any place.
  • Matte white screen offers greater diffusion and distribution.
  • Warranty of 36 months.

5. FDW 100-Inch Portable Indoor/Outdoor Projector Screens

100" Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

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This is a 4:3 format screen that comes with a matte white surface for the best of light distribution and a huge 100” of diagonal length for the enlarged viewing area. Also, it offers an impressive gain between 1.1 and 2.0. Allow your home or office to have the best of a projector with the screen from FDW which has a very lightweight built along with Tripod mounting application for enhanced results.

Key features

  • Manual pull down operation, extremely easy to use.
  • An impressive screen size of 79.9” X 60.2”.

4. GBTIGER 120″ Indoor Outdoor Movie Projector Screens

Outdoor Movie Projector Screen with Bag

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This is one of the largest projector screens in the market that has a diagonal length of 120” and offers a great 16:9 aspect ratio with a large viewing area for the best of movie and work sessions. The compact one-piece design is both lightweight and allows great portability as well for making it easy to carry it around. Furthermore, you get a screen made of synthetic fibre, thus it can be used with soap and water without any issues. The easy to set-up design ensures you have everything ready at the reach of your hand. It resists mildew and thus keeps it new forever.

Key features

  • Upgraded Hole version, comes with hanging holes for easy set-up.
  • Synthetic fibre offers fewer wrinkles compared to others.
  • Foldable design for easy transport.
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3. Joyhero 120″ Projector Screen for HDTV/Sports/Movies

Projector Screen for HDTV/Sports/Movies

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With an impressive diagonal length of 120”, a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees without any loss of resolution and a smart screen surface, every image you see on the screen will be marvellous always. Furthermore, it delivers a high brightness as the screen surface restricts any kind of light penetration. The compact one-piece design is extremely light in weight, enabling you to carry around to your desired location and have its advantages whenever you want it to.

Key features

  • Synthetic fibre white screen assures greater quality.
  • Can be used as hand-held projectors as well.
  • Easy and versatile DIY set up.
  • Warranty of a year.

2. Silver STR-169120 Projector ScreenUltra HD & HDTV

Silver STR-169120 Projector Screen - Ultra HD & HDTV

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It is undoubtedly one of the very best models of projector screens, offering an exceptionally wide viewing angle of 160 degrees without any loss of resolution at any point. The screen surface also offers an impressive 1.1 gain for enhanced results every single time. Besides offering top-notch viewing experience, the screen also comes with a heavy-duty aluminium frame which is wrapped in a black velvet material, which absorbs light efficiently, thus a sharp and crisp image every single time. Enjoy gaming or watching TV on HD and also in 3D.

Key features

  • Tensioning rod system set up, easy installation.
  • Top and bottom brackets for secure horizontal adjustment.
  • Offers to watch in HD as well as 3D.

1. EZAPOR 120″ Outdoor Portable Theater Projector Screens

Ultra HD Ready Portable Foldable Movie Theater Projector Screens

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At the number one spot you get a screen from EZAPOR that has features and quality at par excellence, thus top-notch results are guaranteed. It offers an impressive 16:9 viewing format with a long diagonal of 120” and a huge viewing area as well. The portable and lightweight construction ensures easy set up without any worries whatsoever. This is practically one of the finest choices of outdoor screens and can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Key features

  • Made of spandex and polyester, extremely easy to clean.
  • Optimal colour reproduction as it diffuses light uniformly.
  • Easy to store and carry.

Have a gala time with your friends or loved ones by installing an excellent projector screen at any place you want. It’s time to have some fun.

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