Best U-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillows Reviews In 2021

Being pregnant is a blessing in life but it is equally hard. A child growing inside your body means you need to be extra cautious about whatever you are doing. The things you eat, the way you move, every little thing has an impact on your child. However, the hardest thing during pregnancy is to sleep, eat or move. So, to help you out during the most magical days of your lives, pregnancy body pillows are required. These will support any sized belly and reduce any sort of pain.

Here, you will find the pregnancy body pillows on Amazon that are trusted by to-be moms and new parents. Know what their features are and then come to a final decision.

Best Pregnancy Body Pillows Reviews

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10. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow for Back, Hips, Legs & Belly

Pregnancy Body Pillows

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This is a U-shaped pregnancy body pillow that you can use to snuggle during the hard pregnancy months. Featuring a detachable extension, you can even use it as a full-body pillow. Plus, simply link it to the main body for getting immense back as well as belly support. It has a construction of jersey-knit cotton that is not going to have negative reactions on the skin.

Weighing just below 3kgs, it will feel good to snuggle it. However, this is not only ideal for pregnant ladies out there but also for someone who has gone through surgery. The contoured support is ideal for resting your legs, hips, head as well as back.

Key features:

  • The length of the pillow is 53-inches whereas the width is 31-inches that will give sufficient space to rest on it.
  • This has a polyfill blend for giving a massaging-like experience.
  • The zippered pillow cover is going to remain absolutely soft even after going through 300 washes.

9. Chilling Home Full Body Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women

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Coming in the shape of a semi-circle, this pregnancy full-body pillow has a C-shape. This is certainly a multi-purpose pillow that is equally beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. It will be a pain reliever for individuals dealing with hip pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia as they can lay on it. Having bionic polyethylene filling, this is fully hypoallergenic in nature to make it safe for the user.

Furthermore, it is pretty long that rather allows the person to stretch their full body on it. The presence of inner curves helps to conform to the shape of one’s body.

Key features:

  • This is not going to generate any smell or odor so, a boon for people who are sensitive to smell.
  • It is dense yet extremely soft for letting anyone enjoy its properties.
  • Also, you can remove the cover and wash it for keeping it clean and germ-free.

8. QUEEN ROSE U-Shaped Full Body Pillow for Pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, you need this pillow for your support. The smart pregnancy body pillow design is made keeping in mind the shape of a pregnant individual. As it is extremely soft, one can have uninterrupted sleep when using this. Being versatile in nature, you can use it to read, watch TV, and even while nursing after the birth of the baby. From carpal tunnel syndrome and back to fibromyalgia and gastric reflux, people struggling with these can consider this pillow.

Having a polyester filling and, your body will feel great when laying on it. Finally, it features double zippers for easy removal without hampering the quality of the product.

Key features:

  • The unique satin cover will feel luxurious and cozy.
  • Its lifetime refund policy lets you return it anytime if any mishaps.
  • It will help in reducing pain and increasing the comfort level.

7. Mandzixin Maternity Body Pillow

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Another maternity body pillow is here to provide you relief from long agonizing pain. Its U-shape certainly eradicates the need of having any extra support of the pillow. This is one long pillow that will help you to move your body, stretch and even support both sides. It is ideal for anyone who has back issues, someone recovering from any serious injury, and even post-pregnancy. Besides, it helps in enhancing the blood circulation that in turn gifts you with painless and comfortable nights.

Nonetheless, the outer, as well as the inner pillow cover, features sturdy zippers. So, you can keep adjusting, adding, or reducing the filling to meet your comfort level. The cover is of pure satin and you will love to take a nap on it.

Key features:

  • The silk cotton is of premium quality and it mimics your body shape whenever lying on it.
  • Its covers are removable for proper cleaning at the time of need.
  • People having sensitive skin or prone to allergies will feel safe when using this.

6. Awesling U Shape Pillow for Pregnancy

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Soft support and proper cushioning are needed to help you overcome the difficulties. Be it the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester, this C-shaped pregnancy body pillow will let you sleep in different positions and that also without harming the child inside. You can watch TV by sitting on it or use it as a knee rest for your swollen legs. This set includes a 45-degrees angle pillow that will be an added support to the bump. As a matter of fact, it eradicates the back strain and helps you to be at comfort.

Knee surgery, post-pregnancy, hip replacement, spinal or shoulder surgery, you can use it to feel comfortable post-surgery. You can sleep on the side, back, or on your stomach and this pillow will be your safe place.

Key features:

  • Individuals of any age or size can use it without any risk of bursting.
  • You can put it more filling or take out some in order to make it meet your comfort level.
  • With a simple machine wash, it will come out clean.

5. AngQi U-Shaped Maternity Pillow for Back Pain Relief and Pregnant Women

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This pillow is so designed that it will adapt to the natural shape of any individual’s body. Thus, provide them with customized comfort. Even if you are dealing with any other body pain or surgery-related issues, you can trust this pillow. You can use it in many different positions to match your sense of comfort. Read your favorite book or work on your laptop, it will provide support to your entire body.

When it’s about materials, this uses top-quality materials. The outer cover has a construction of soft as well as stretchy jersey material that isn’t harsh to the skin. On the other hand, the inner cover is a polyester material that proves its durability and toughness.

Key features:

  • The double zippers are going to provide extra security.
  • Its fillings are of 100 percent hollow polyester fiber that will evenly distribute the comfort.
  • This helps in improving the sleep quality and there isn’t any interruption while one is asleep.

4. INSEN Maternity Body Pillow with Pillow Cover

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A full-sized pillow for your pregnancy days will be a great replacement for your small pillows. It has been given a C-shape so that your back, head, hips, belly, and even knees get immense support. As a result, it minimizes lower back pain, hip as well as shoulder pains. Interestingly, it has a construction of silk cotton that is not only smooth but even fluffy for unmatched comfort.

However, this is one such pillow that is foldable in different positions. This in turn makes the blood circulation better than ever and so, there will be no chance of swelling.

Key features:

  • The outer cover, as well as the lining case, have zippers for smoothly opening and tackling it individually.
  • Its high-density soft cotton will leave no marks behind on your skin as it is soft.
  • The velvet cover makes it breathable and maintains the temperature.

3. Aidiu Full Body Maternity Pillow for Sleeping

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This is a 57-inches long pillow that will make your hard-to-bear pregnancy moments easy. Instead of taking aid of multiple pillows, replace it with one single body pillow like this. The cover is velvet that is not going to make you feel uncomfortable. This is skin-friendly, soft and you can clean it whenever it becomes dirty. As it has a U-shape, it will not move from the position and stay stable even when you are changing positions.

Next, the 7D PP cotton filling is harmless and safe for the environment as well. Exceptionally resilient and soft, one can sleep peacefully when using this.

Key features:

  • Its shape will keep adjusting as you change your positions.
  • Use it on the sofa, carpet, and even bed, the comfort level will remain constant.
  • As it is free of chemicals, there isn’t any chance of having skin damages.

2. MOON PINE U-Shaped Full Body Pillow for Maternity Support

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If your pillow lacks proper air circulation, then it will be a struggling night of sleep. To make this product breathable, Moon Pine has made this pillowcase out of velour fabric. It features mesh holes that help the proper circulation of air. Plus, it is cooler and softer compared to any other fabric. As it uses 7D PP filling, the pillow will remain firm and comfortable. It will reduce any cause of pain and provide all-over support.

Moreover, you can sleep on any side, in any comfortable position and this will not restrict your movements. Put it on your bed, sofa, or floor, the comfort is unquestionable.

Key features:

  • It has a unisex design that makes it a perfect sleeping spot for men and women.
  • As it has a U-shape, it will keep the baby bump safe and prevent the cause of tossing or turning.

1. AngQi Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women and Sleeping

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The best one on the list promises safety and peaceful nights of sleep. To make it fluffy and cushiony, it has been stuffed to 3kgs of PP cotton filling. You can make adjustments to the fillings in order to give you the deserving comfort. It takes multiple forms without ruining the quality of the product. You can sleep, read, watch TV or do anything while on it. The premium PP cotton construction is known for its softness.

Furthermore, it is durable and will not change its form at all even after constant use. Due to the contoured shape, you not only get support but also elevation. Its inner curve gives the back proper rest and even gives room to your belly.

Key features:

  • It can be used post-pregnancy for nursing purposes.
  • The wide head section is a great addition to prevent jerks.
  • Your spine will be in the right alignment and the airflow will be great.

Make wonderful memories when pregnant and keep aside the painful days. The pregnancy body pillows’ benefits are many and you need to use one to find out why.

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