The Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starters Reviews In 2018

If you have ever found yourself in a situation that requires you to jump-start a dead car battery, you will agree it is no fun especially if you were in a remote area. Another driver needing to jump-start his or her car is also a common scene and you would do great to provide a solution that is also the easier way out.You should not wait for your car to drain the battery severally in order to look for the best portable car battery jump starters. Investing in a good portable jump starter is not only recommendable but also very important. The good thing is that there is the class of new jump starters that change the game since you last played with a dead battery. These new devices are not only portable but also very efficient.

Table of the Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starters

5. Battery Tender 12-Volt 2-Bank Battery Management System

Portable Car Battery Jump Starters

This solid-state two color LED is great since it indicates the stage of the charger. Again, this device is spark proof with reverse polarity protection. This deal gets better since the jump-start has 2 charging stations that have 12 volts/1.25 amps. Battery Tender works well under all circumstance due to the temperature compensation features that ensure optimum charge voltage according to the temperatures. For those who are worried about overcharging, this portable car battery jump starter has a procedural charging program that has the Initialization, Bulk charge, and float mode steps. Finally, this great device has a 2-year warranty.

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4. PowerAll Portable Power Bank and Vehicle Jump Starter

Battery Jump Starters

This car battery jump starter makes it to the list even though it is a 24V vehicle use only. If you are looking for a monster when it comes to charge, this is what you. This portable jump starter can start 20 cars when it is fully charged. The jump-start has an Ultra-Bright led flashlight. That is not all; this monster has a strobe light and SOS signal light that lasts for more than 3 days. An inbuilt protection ensures current protection in terms of short-circuiting or overload and over-voltage issues. Another great feature is the adapters that you can use to charge tablets and smartphones.

3. Booster PAC ES5000 1500 Peak Amp Jump Starter

Portable Car Battery Jump Starters

Are you looking for a 1500 peak amps/400 amps jump-starter? Then you should know this one is worth the price tag by all means. Featuring hot jaw clamps and adapters for charging other devices other than your car battery. Another reason to consider this portable jump starter is the automatic recharging capability.

2. MAXOAK 12V 11000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger

Portable Car Battery Jump Starters

This is arguably the most diverse of all the jump starters in the best portable car battery jump starters reviews. You can jump-start your car, speed bike, cell phone and even your laptop! In other words, this is a multi-use power bank. The best thing is that the device manufacturers provide many types of adapters to suit a wide range of devices. The charge available is up to several times irrespective of your electronic device. You can charge your car under for more than 40 times on the full charge. This device can stay fully charged for more than 12 months. When you consider safety, this department is well-taken care. Kayo is designed to produce LED and can last for 120 hours. The efficiency here is amazing, especially with the low-temperature effect. The manufacturers did not fail on this one in terms of charge protection. This portable device has protection against discharge, short circuits, overload and overcharging.This device is portable because of a hand-held design, lightweight and a phone that measures 6″ x 2.8″ x 1.3″. Kaya also a warranty.

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1. SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starters with SmartJump Technology

Portable Car Battery Jump Starters

If you are so much into colors, this jump starter will interest you since it is available in five different colors. Like other jump starters of this age and time, you can this one to charge your car, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. This device has a long-lasting battery that requires charging for 6 months. There is also a LED array of functions that come in handy for the dark. This car jump starter box contains one external power battery with 400 Amp peak. The battery also has LED light and mini-jumper clamps.