Top 4 Best Office Chair Covers & Office Chair Slipcovers Reviews In 2018

Does your office chair look totally spent? Well, it’s time to take some action. Most people would choose to get a new one or give the chair a complete re-upholster. But why go through all the trouble when there’s a simple way out from such a mess? What you need is a simple purchase of an office chair cover. It fits your office chair transforming it from a trashy look to one that’s got an element of elegance and sophistication to it. There are some considerations when shopping for the best office chair covers.

It’s good to know the size of the cover and match it to the size and style of your chair. In short, not all covers will fit your chair. So it is high time that you begin to take some measurements to know what suits you. Consider a fabric material that’s easy to wash and has a level of durability you can really trust. Before you make your order, please consider some of the best office chair seat covers below.

Table of the Best Office Chair Covers

4. CZY Slipcovers Cloth Chair Pads Removable Cover

Office Chair Covers

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Looking for a cover for a large office chair? This cover might just be what you’re looking for. It comes in a spandex material; one that provides enough stretch to ensure that the coverslips with ease onto the chair. The fabric recovers quickly to eliminate any sagging for that snug fit. It has a soft feel optimized for user comfort and is resistant to wrinkles even after many washes.

Zippers beneath the arms and on the back allow for easy removal and fitting of the cover. This office chair cover is a perfect match for high-back office chairs, preferably 70 to 80cm high. You should look forward to using this cover for many years to come, thanks to its anti-wear, anti-aging, alkaline resistant, and fade resistant properties. The cover has a good dyeability in case you’ll be doing a color change in future.

3. A.B Crew Computer Office Chair Covers

A.B Crew Computer Office Chair Cover Pure Color Universal Chair Cover

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Most office chair covers are often designed to fit specific chairs. But this cover gives you lots of chair sizes to experiment with. It comes in a universal size designed to fit most office chairs having a backrest height that ranges from 35 to 40cm. This cover is made of a poly blend material. It’s a mix of polyester and spandex with the polyester fabric making up a larger percentage. That means you get the durability and washable properties of the polyester combine with the stretch and resilience of spandex.

The cover fits well with both banquet and foldable chairs. It’s designed to fit up to the armrests to ensure that almost every inch of the chair has an element of sophistication. The cover has a good level of ventilation and gives your office chair a flawless look that’s as good as new.

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2. Shihualine TM Office Slipcovers Cloth Chair

Office Slipcovers Cloth Chair pads Removable Cover

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This is among the covers to consider when looking for something with a resilience you can depend on. In short, it’s a cover that’s designed to take a beating. It holds up well to many washes and has excellent resistance to wear and fading. This is a cover that will give your pet a hard time trying to scratch it open. It’s designed to wash easily and has some stretch to it to provide a snug and easy fit.

The cover is zippered making it less of a struggle trying to fit and remove. It comes with chair pads to add a cushioned feel to the chair. The cover comes in a one-piece design for a flawless and seamless fit. It fits most office chairs with a backrest that’s up to 45cm high.

1. Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Armrest Cover

Aloudy Ergonomic Momery Foam Chair Armrest Pad

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Improve your comfort level in a dramatic way with this office chair cover. Unlike the other covers on the list, this cover is specially designed to cover specific critical areas; the armrests and elbows. The fabric used is premium quality polyester; one that’s got a level of durability you can rely on. It has a velvety feel to create a super soft finish.

This cover is padded with 100% memory foam to create an ergonomic comfort that helps relieve pressure. It comes in a 2-piece package and has some stretch to fit armrests measuring 6 to 11 inches long. The stretchy material combines with a concealed zipper to give you an easy time when fitting and removing the covers. The covers fit snug and won’t induce sweating.

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