10 Best Wireless Motion Sensor & Detectors Reviews In 2018

The crime rate is constantly on the rise and therefore it is paramount that you safeguard your home against potential intruders. There is a range of modern security equipment on the market that will offer that feeling of permanent safety. However, the best equipment to use is wireless motion sensing and detecting systems. But to get the most out of motion sensor, you need to purchase the right units. Here is a list of the top models that will make you feel safe, both at home and work. Check out Electric Blankets

Table of the Best Wireless Motion Sensor Reviews

10. Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

This is a lightweight sensor that is designed for outdoor application. It incorporates a weatherproof housing that protects it from the elements. It has a sensing range of 30 feet and a coverage angle of 120 degrees. Its sensitivity can easily be customized so as to eliminate false alert. The sensor sends a wireless signal to a range of up to 0.5 miles. It comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.

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9. Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Easy Install, Door/Window Sensor

Motion Sensor

This sensor is designed to keep a close check on your doors and windows. It comes in two parts that include a sensor and a magnet. The sensor mounts on the frame while the magnet mounts on the window or door. Whenever the door or window opens slightly to within 5/8 inches, the sensor sounds an alarm. The sensor has a maximum wireless range of 100 feet. It runs on a powerful 3V battery that has a useful life of 6 years.

8. SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell

Motion Sensor

SadoTech’s PIR sensor is an ideal option for those that need long-range motion detectors. It is designed only for indoor use. It comes in two major components: a sensor and a receiver. The sensor detects motion 40 feet away at a coverage angle of 110 degrees. It has a wireless range of 900 feet. The chime features more than 50 ringtones to choose from. The sound level can be adjusted from 25-110

7. Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm, Motion Sensor Detector

Motion Sensor

This unit comes as a kit that includes a sensor and receiver. The sensor has a detection range of 20 feet and can send a wireless signal to a range of up to 300 feet. When movement is detected, it gives an alert in form of sound and an LED flash. The alarm generates 120 decibels. The sound can be adjusted to 3 different levels. Also, you have the option of choosing from 36 different ringtones.

6. Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Motion Sensor

In case you desire a sensor for a variety of applications, then this would be the ideal unit for use. It features a weatherproof design that enables it to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a multi-sensor that incorporates a 4-in-1 design. It is designed to detect motion, temperature, light, and humidity. The sensor easily mounts on a wall and a has a wireless range of 300 feet.

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5. Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW100 Multisensor

Motion Sensor

This is yet another multi-sensor that features a 6-in-1 design. It functions as a motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light sensor, vibration sensor and UV sensor. The sensor is powered by a pair of batteries that can last for up to 2 years. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor application. When used outdoors, it offers a wireless range of 300 feet. When used indoors, it provides a wireless range of over 80 feet. It has a detection range of 16 feet and 120 degrees field of view.

4. SMART CAREGIVER TL-5102MP Motion Sensor And Pager

Motion Sensor

TL-5102MP finds huge application in the healthcare industry. This is because it offers no disturbance to those around. Unlike most conventional sensors, it does not produce any sound alert. Rather, it sends a wireless signal to a maximum range of 150 feet. The signal is received by the caregiver’s pager which generates a sound alert of 75 decibels. Therefore the caregiver can easily monitor the patient’s movement from virtually

3. Insteon 2842-222 Wireless Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

This is an indoor/outdoor device that offers great flexibility when it comes to motion detection. It is designed to work with lights and appliances that are controlled by Insteon. Whenever motion is detected, the lights and appliances are automatically turned on. The automatic shutoff timer can be adjusted from 30 seconds to 2 hours. The sensor has a detection range of 40 feet and a wireless range of 150 feet.

2. NETGEAR VueZone Add-on Motion Detection Camera

Motion Sensor

Would you like to get a live streaming of what is going on in your home? Well, NETGEAR VueZone detector offers you a chance to do so. Unlike traditional motion detectors, it provides the luxury of getting live videos on a Smart Phone linked device wherever you are. Apart from live videos, you can also get email alerts directly from your phone. The camera can detect motion to a maximum range of 15 feet.

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1. Honeywell RCA902N1004/N Wireless Motion Detector

Motion Sensor

This is a 100-percent wireless detector. It features a rugged construction that enables it to cope with the harsh outdoor elements. The detector operates on a 9V battery that offers years of use. It can detect motion to a maximum range of 40 feet. In case it senses any movement, the detector sends a wireless signal to a chime that produces a sound alert. The detector is compatible with RCWL300A, and RCWL330A series of chimes.

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