5 Best Mosquito Magnets & Patriot Plus Mosquito Traps In 2018

Millions of people die from malaria each year, and the culprit is none other than mosquitoes. The deadly nature of mosquitoes has witnessed many inventions designed to eliminate or keep their numbers low. From mosquito nets, mosquito coils to mosquito lotions, the number of techniques you can use to stay safe from mosquitoes are just endless. Unfortunately, most of these methods only work on a smaller scale; most often within the confines of your house. Mosquito magnets take this an extra mile to provide effective mosquito control in outdoor environments. Getting the best mosquito magnets should be your first consideration.

In order to achieve that, you need to match the coverage area with the size of your home. Most often, these insect traps have a coverage area that ranges from a few square meters up to 1 acre. Some come in corded design while others in a portable, cordless design. To save you the time and trouble of having to make hours of search on the internet, we provide a list of the best mosquito magnets that may be of interest to you.

Table of the Mosquito Magnets

5. Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Magnets

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Want to break mosquito breeding cycle? This trap is among the perfect options to consider. With it, you get to increase your catch of mosquitoes by up to 10 times. The trap uses CounterFlow technology to emit CO2, moisture, and heat. These attract insects and dehydrate them to death. The bug bag comes 3 times larger to trap mosquitoes and you get a rigid net that eliminates interaction with insects for easy and safe disposal. Setup is quite easy and you get to see results after 7 to 10 days of use. This mosquito trap has a coverage area of up to 1 acre and comes with 50-foot power cord.

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4. Mosquito Magnet MM3300 Executive Mosquito Trap

 Mosquito Magnet MM3300 Executive Mosquito Trap

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The “smart” fuel-saving technology is among the features that make this mosquito magnet stand out. This technology lets the trap become active in outdoor temperatures of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Such automatic adjustments ensure optimal mosquito control. There are 4 fuel-saving modes set from an easy-to-read LCD panel. The trap uses propane to attract insects, a feature that makes it a portable option. It eliminates interaction with insects and boosts your catch by up to 10 times. This mosquito trap is effective in areas measuring up to 1 acre.

3. Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap, 1 Acre

Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap

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Get to control mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors with this mosquito trap. The trap comes in a bigger design meant for a bigger catch. It provides advanced, 3-way protection against mosquitoes. There’s a UV fluorescent light to attract insects, CO2-generating titanium oxide to lure them, and whisper-quiet vacuum to suck them in. The trap has a large retaining cage where the mosquitoes are dehydrated to death. Once the trap is turned off, a damper closes it to ensure no insect escapes. This trap saves you from having to use propane or other expensive attractants. It has a coverage area of 1 acre and comes with a 7-foot power cord.

2. Mosquito Magnet MM4000 Defender Mosquito Trap

 Mosquito Magnet MM4000 Defender Mosquito Trap

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Have a small to medium-sized home? This mosquito trap might just be the perfect option for eliminating mosquitoes. The trap has a coverage area of up to 1/2 acres. It makes use of a CounterFlow technology where propane is converted to CO2 to attract insects. Mosquitoes are vacuumed into a net where they are dehydrated to death. The net provides protection by eliminating interaction with the trapped insects. This trap is designed to stand up to any weather and can be used round the clock to optimize your catch. The good thing with this trap is that it doesn’t attract beneficial, non-biting insects.

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1. Mosquito Magnet MM3000 Liberty Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Magnet MM3000 Liberty Mosquito Trap

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This mosquito trap has an element of mobility to benefit from. It sports a wheeled cart that makes it easier to relocate the trap where you need it most. The cart is fabricated from stainless steel to create sturdy support resistant to rust and scratches. The trap is made of furniture-grade plastic; a construction designed for all-weather performance. It has a silent, odourless operation and can be used round the clock. The trap uses Octenol and CO2 to lure and attract insects. It has a maximum coverage area of 1 acre and comes with a 50-foot power cord.

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