Best Maternity Support Belts | Pregnancy Belts Reviews In 2021

During the period of pregnancy, your belly grows greatly. Therefore, it causes a lot of discomforts as well. So, during this period, it becomes too painful to even perform simple tasks. That is where maternity support belts come in handy. It provides support to your belly and makes movements much easier. Furthermore, it also allows you to easily into your clothing while giving the desired shape to your body.

However, choosing the right support belt can be very tough. You need to be sure about the material of the belt and its size. To help you out, we are listing down the best pregnancy support belts on Amazon. Now, before buying, you have the convenience of reading all the beneficial aspects of each brand.

Best Maternity Support Belts Reviews

10. AZMED Maternity Support Belt – Breathable Pregnancy Back Support & Premium Belly Bands

Maternity Support Belts

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A good and breathable maternity support belt will help you in your daily movements. More importantly, it will greatly reduce pregnancy pains. Featuring hook and loop closure, the belt provides gentle yet useful compression. Your baby bump will get a cushion and support, easing out the pain.

Furthermore, its design makes it perfect for all-day wearing, even when you are outside. Wearing this will give you a lift for your day-to-day activities.

Key features:

  • With convenient sizing along with a fully adjustable design, you will feel comfortable even when wearing all day.
  • Next, it helps in keeping a correct posture while bringing down the pain and discomfort.
  • Besides, soft and lightweight material is extremely good for your skin. Therefore, you will not face any irritation in using it.

9. CFR Store Maternity Abdominal Back Belly Band – Pregnancy Support Brace

CFR Store Maternity Abdominal Back Belly Band

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At the time of pregnancy, every second is vital. Thus, you should always make sure to provide the best comfort to your baby and your body as well. A good maternity support waistbelt like this can really help you with your daily lifestyle in numerous ways. The kind of support you get from this belt will bring down a major part of the lower back pains and strains.

Moreover, it ensures you always sit in the best posture and prevent over-extension of the lower back to the maximum. From the 3rd month to the 10th month, the fully adjustable belt makes sure you can use it throughout motherhood.

Key features:

  • Gives the convenience of easy removing and wearing, a lot of effort during pregnancy is never comfortable.
  • Multi-layered laminate combined with elastic lining allows for all-day wearing and activities like walking.
  • Not only a support belt during pregnancy, postpartum one can use it for getting back to shape.

8. AIWITHPM Adjustable Belly Band for Pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, you deserve the best care and support and this adjustable maternity support belt is unlike any other. It’s for the sole purpose of supporting your pregnant belly. Delivering gentle compression so that there is no pain and strain, gives you pelvic joint support. Also, it gives your belly a better weight distribution. Something like this is much needed when you are having the toughest days.

As a matter of fact, it will not only prove to be a great support during your pregnancy times but also after pregnancy. Finally, it is ideal to make sure belly sizes between 29-inches and 42.5-inches can use this.

Key features:

  • Breathable and elastic material for unmatched comfort always.
  • Can be cleaned with ease so that you can maintain hygiene.
  • Stretchable in nature, the Velcro closure will help in a secured placement.

7. Siywna Belly Support Bend for Pregnancy

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A pregnant belly can always do a lot of benefits if given proper support and cushioning. It makes sure that you get all the benefits of a curved maternity support belt. Wearing this in the pregnancy period will reduce stress, unwanted pain in the body, and back pains. It helps the weight to distribute evenly around the hip and pelvis. Interestingly, it provides the right kind of support for a pregnant belly.

Offering you 2 days of using, this belt is a must-have during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy also it comes in really useful. You can wear this belt to reduce the size of an enlarged pelvis.

Key features:

  • The curved design on the front is thoughtfully designed for comfortable fitting on the abdomen.
  • This has a construction using a soft and breathable elastic material. The belt feels super cool and sweat-free all day long.
  • The warranty that comes with this belt is 24 months for hassle-free usage.

6. Comfy Maternity Belt for Back Pain – Back Support for Pregnant Women

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Primarily made for providing support during pregnancy and easing out the pain, you can use it after your baby is born as well. Pregnancy leads to a widened pelvis which can easily be taken care of with this belt. Help distribute the weight evenly for pain relief and support, it is going to completely transform and eliminate the painful times. Next, it is adjustable and extremely flexible for ultimate comfort when you are wearing it. If you just want to lay down or do all the activities, this belt will give you constant support and pain relief.

The band on the belt is adjustable so that you can customize it to meet your needs. Now, enjoy less back pain and more support all day long. Also, the belt assures that your belly bump gets all the support.

Key features:

  • Safe and comfortable material, blend of neoprene, nylon, and polyester delivers comfort like none other.
  • Has an optional upper belly band which helps in relieving the pain totally.
  • The concave back brace perfectly aligns with the spine and effectively enhances mobility.

5. Jill & Joey Breathable Belly Band for Pregnancy Back Support 

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Coming from the house of Jill and Joey, this is a top-rated product with a lot of positive reviews and assurance. This extraordinary one-size maternity support belt gets a very simple design but high-end functionality. The excess belly weight during pregnancy is supported perfectly with a good support belt like this. What it does is reduces the spinal pressure so that the entire pain around the hip and pelvis can be taken care of.

Very easy to wear, use, and remove, the belt has a Velcro securing. Lastly, it is adjustable for proper support or opened conveniently whenever needed.

Key features:

  • Extremely comfortable and breathable material is used, softest cotton promises all-day wearing even under clothes.
  • The belt is one size but can be used up to 45-inches so that you can wear it even when your baby is growing.
  • Very lightweight guarantees you can do your chores like before while easing out the pain.

4. FITTOO Maternity Belt Back Support Belly Band 

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Activities and movements like walking during pregnancy lead to stress and lower back pain, which keeps on increasing as the days pass. It is time that you stop living the painful days and get yourself a good maternity support belt. These belts work like magic to relieve all the pain in your lower back. When you are wearing this, you will automatically sit in the right posture which is healthier for the baby.

In order to make it more comfortable and user-friendly, the makers have included mesh inserts. As a result, you get comfort and breathability.

Key features:

  • Have lightweight 2-way stretch panels that deliver optimal kind of relief.
  • Adopts micro thread technology in the design which helps in delivering targeted support.
  • The fabric used is high quality that never restricts your motion in any way.

3. Babygo Pregnancy Support Belt for Pelvic Girdle & Back Pain

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Pregnant women’s favorite, Babygo’s support belt is one of a kind and never fails to deliver the kind of support that you truly desire. Made using the best quality of micro thread technology, your baby bump will get impeccable support at all times. The use of innovative and super soft two-way stretch material makes all the difference. This belt can directly target the painful areas and work on them to remove the pain completely.

For easy, safe, and hassle-free wearing, the belt gets a fully adjustable Velcro belt. With the belt, you will get a 40-page pregnancy book that has over 25 best yoga stretches.

Key features:

  • Promotes muscle memory, this belt supports core muscles and pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Has mesh inserts that enhance the overall durability and comfort.
  • It assures easy and unrestricted motion due to the high-quality materials.

2. Nu Momz Pregnancy Belt for Back, Hip & Pelvic Relief

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Interestingly, this is Amazon’s choice product. If you choose to get this support belt for your everyday use, you will make the right decision. Promising you a full range 360 support, the majority of your body and lower back pain will be eliminated. Because you will be wearing the belt directly over your skin and under the clothes, the quality of make is a big factor.

This belt gets a super comfortable cotton liner which is soft and breathable. Smooth contact with your belly skin, the material also aids in making the skin tight and reduces the risks of stretch marks.

Key features:

  • Aids in proper body weight distribution so that you have the least back pain and pelvic pressure to deal with.
  • Stretchable design for universal usage, this can fit a belly of up to 50-inches.
  • Gets solid stitching for maximum durability and reinforced plastic for strength.

1. GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Support Belt

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If you are looking for the best option to consider buying, you have it right here. This is indeed one of the finest maternity support belts to wear during pregnancy. When you are struggling with lower back pain and pain in the legs, you will appreciate using this. Made for the sole purpose of preventing pregnancy pain and also stretch marks, you will be able to continue doing your daily activities when wearing this.

You can walk with less stress on the back. Besides, eliminating the hassles of overextension of the lower back, the belt promotes correct posture all day long. Lastly, the fabric is extremely comfortable and flexible, making it a superior choice for everyday wearing.

Key features:

  • Has a 6-inches deep pocket so that you can use it for both hot and cold therapy.
  • Support is provided from underneath the belly. Thereby assuring no effect on the baby’s growth.

Motherhood is one of the most crucial times of a woman’s life. Thus, every woman you know cherishes this moment more than anything. Supporting your needs in the journey is important and a comfortable maternity support belt is just what you need.

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