Best Professional Portable Massage Chairs for Spa Shop Reviews In 2021

If you are a masseuse or a tattoo artist, you need a proper set-up to deliver unmatched comfort. A proper seating area is required to enhance the entire experience. Not only the right set of equipment is needed but also a luxurious treatment. When it comes to arranging the seating area, the portable massage chairs will be a top-notch choice. It is generously padded and you can make all sorts of adjustments to it. Also, all types of individuals can sit on it relaxingly.

Today, we discuss the best portable folding massage chair brands that are trusted by masseuse and professionals from all over the world. Know what the qualities are and settle your mind for one.

Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviews

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10. Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Lightweight Massage Chair

Portable Massage Chairs

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Indeed, a portable foldable massage chair that will deal with all your stiff muscles. With a leather finish that looks premium, it is made water-resistant as well as oil-proof. The frame of the chair has a construction of aircraft-grade aluminum that is known for high-strength. In fact, the frame has a high-gloss powder-coated finish that will look gorgeous and brand new. Its space-saving format will let you store it on any corner. Not only do you get a headrest and chest pad but you also get a face cradle.

As a matter of fact, you can make adjustments to the height of the chair and even to the armrests. So, your comfort is always the priority.

Key features:

  • Whatever the shape of the individual may be, the press can bear the weight of any individual under 660lbs.
  • To make it cushiony and soft, high-density is foam is used.
  • You can install it in your home or commercial gym area and even in office spaces.

9. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chairs

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Yet another professional portable massage chair that is going to redefine comfort. The USP of this product is that it has a No-Mark finished frame having electrostatic powder coating. This coating is done on a strong but lightweight aluminum frame that performs incredibly well. As a result, it will not get damaged due to rusting or scratches.

In order to mimic a denim-like finish, this features royal blue upholstery. In fact, it is of PVC and will repel water and oil to keep the surface dry. Lastly, the chair has a weight of 15.2 lbs that certainly makes it easy to handle under all circumstances.

Key features:

  • The face cradle support can be altered in six different ways to give you the relaxation you deserve.
  • Its small cell foam cushioning is designed to deliver a comfortable experience that will satisfy the therapeutic requirements.
  • There is even a pouch on this chair in order to store your items safely inside it.

8. Giantex Portable Travel Massage Tattoo Spa Chair

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Be it in your spa parlor or tattoo studio, this portable heavy-duty massage chair is fit for many occasions. This is a modern chair that may appear simple but will fully deliver professionalism. It has a compact form that makes it easy for quick storage. You just need to fold it in a flat manner to space extra space. Next, the PU leather will not soak in the massage oils, sweat, or water. Hence, making it fully hygienic for next use.

Moreover, the aluminum is further powder-coated to give the product longevity. From the armrest to the height of the seat, you can adjust it all to make it comfortable for your client.

Key features:

  • A weight limit of 350-pounds is impressive enough to accommodate any client.
  • The small cell foam padding offers 2-inches thick cushioning for relaxing your whole body.
  • You can easily change the positions according to your comfort level.

7. STRONGLITE Portable Folding Massage Chair with Wheels 

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This one is unique because it has a construction of T6 aluminum alloy that is heat-treated for giving unmatched strength. However, it’s still lightweight and the life-span of the product is not compromised. It even features a double tube design that got its own patent and the chair will stay steadily in one place. Besides, clients having a height range from 4-ft 6-inches to 6-ft 6-inches can sit in it and enjoy the massage.

Given that, you can easily position the client cause it is an adjustable portable massage chair. The chest is adjustable and so are the armrests, face cradle, seat as it can lower and tilt accordingly.

Key features:

  • This comes with a ballistic nylon carry case that has wheels attached to it so that you can roll it simply.
  • It has a working weight capacity of 600lbs that is quite a number when compared to other products.
  • Well, you can keep questioning, replacing, and complaining about the issues as it promises a lifetime warranty.

6. ZENY Portable Adjustable Compact Tattoo Spa Therapy Chair

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The thickest cushions are used for making this waterproof portable massage chair this comfortable. It is certainly oil as well as water-resistant but you need to clean these for safe use. So, wipe it by using a wet cloth to keep it in perfect condition. The upholstery is done with PU leather and so, it looks this gorgeous. Plus, you can alter the head support anywhere between 37-inches to 46-inches. Even the seat, armrest, as well as thick chest pad, is adjustable.

Nevertheless, as it is a compatible choice for any body type, you can keep changing its positions. The lightweight characteristic helps in ease of transportation. Also, the compact structure will even fold down for fitting anywhere.

Key features:

  • The frame is of metal and so it will not break whatever the weight of an individual may be.
  • It has been sprayed with powder paint to avoid occurrences of rusting or chipping.
  • The self-weight of the product is 23lbs which is pretty considerable for daily use and maneuvering.

5. BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

BestMassage Portable Massage Chairs

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The selling point of this chair is its incredible static limit of 700lbs whereas the seat will carry up to 300lbs. This has a construction of heavy-grade metal that makes it sturdy and lightweight on the other hand. It has got a PU leather covering that will not feel sticky or wet as it repels both. This event doesn’t occupy space unnecessarily as it will fold-up if required.

Also, small-cell padding properly distributes the body weight and so, you feel relaxed plus comfortable whenever you sit on it. The quick-release lock system will keep the chair in position eliminating any risks of getting hurt.

Key features:

  • The footing is even stable and your feet will not slip off it as it is slip-proof.
  • Irrespective of your body, you can get a massage on it as it changes positions.
  • Everything including the face cradle, seat, chest pad as well as armrests is extremely soft.

4. JupiterForce Portable Salon Massage Chair

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It has properties that no other chair has. The combination of the aluminum frame has a faux leather cover that gives it a premium look. Neither will it wear nor will get any rust, the functionality of the chair will remain intact. This has the rugged body of the product can endure a lot of rough usages. It even features a small bubble special polyurethane leather that will be gentle to your skin. Also, the thick padded areas are of foam and pretty soft to touch.

Nonetheless, the ergonomic design allows making quick adjustments to help the posture. Lastly, it will reduce to a compact form to fit the nylon handbag provided with the product.

Key features:

  • This requires no assembly and you will not require extra hands to set it up.
  • Even if you clean it with water, it will not lose its shine or glamour.
  • The seat can withstand weights of up to 115kgs at most.

3. Mefeir Portable Massage Tattoo Chair

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Be smart about space management as this chair will not consume any extra space. With a fully adjustable design, from face cradle and armrests to chest pad and seat cushion, you have to liberty to adjust it all. Interestingly, this can easily work with a weight of 496lbs without breaking down. On the other hand, it weighs 18.7 lbs that is pretty nominal for making it function properly.

As a matter of fact, the 3-inches chest pad will prevent touching the frame when the pressure is on. Also, iron, foam cushion, and PVC leather upholstery have been used for giving the chair a proper shape.

Key features:

  • The headrest is of aluminum alloy, as a result, feels light and still supports your head.
  • Comes with a bag that has a construction of Oxford fabric that will not tear when you put the chair inside.
  • This fold not only for storing but also for transporting from one location to another.

2. HomGarden Leather Pad Travel Massage Chair

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To start with, this is a lightweight chair that will feel relaxing whenever anyone sits and take massages on it. It will save space by coming down to a small form whenever you need to keep it out of the side. With aluminum construction, this has oil-proofing. The PU leather upholstery has the properties of repelling water that will not ruin the quality.

Moreover, it has an ergonomic design that lets you make adjustments to any part of the chair. Whatever your body type may be, this will let everyone have a wonderful experience.

Key features:

  • It looks very modern and perfect for any set-up.
  • Use it for commercial purposes such as tattoo parlor, spa, beauty parlor, etc.

1. Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Folding Massage Chair

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The most premium amongst the other range of options has all the qualities that are missing on other products. Keeping the portability factor in mind, the brand has designed it to be lightweight. Besides, you can fold it so that you can carry it to your client’s home for a personal appointment. To cover the chair, synthetic leather is used that is waterproof and oil will not make the surface sticky.

Moreover, the Quick Release Lock system will help to bring it down after you are done with your clients. It even has a footing that will let your clients stay stable and not slip.

Key features:

  • The steel frame will not make any annoying noise when pressure is been put.
  • Its carrying case comes with a strap so that you can hang it and carry it.
  • This is soft and will not hurt you in any way.

Make your clients comfortable when you are the masseuse with the use of a commercial portable massage chair. Give them a one-of-a-kind experience to your clients.

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