Top 10 Best Portable Rolling Makeup Train Cases & Suitcases Reviews In 2019

We have the best makeup train cases which are the great choice for therapists, professional makeup artists and hairdressers and so if you are there in need of the professional makeup cases which will meet your personal needs, don’t even waste your time reading reviews because we have the best one for you. Our trains cases are travel-friendly and the majority of them have 360-degree wheels’ design and carry handle to ease transportation.

Forget about those flimsy makeup bags which doesn’t last and focus on ours which have been made from durable material that proves to last for decades and they can also be the great gift idea for your girlfriend, daughter, wife, and anyone who needs the best makeup train case on the wheel. Your makeup will be organized and you will access them easily. Grab your best rolling makeup train suitcases with the wheel and you’ll enjoy using it.

Table Comparison of Rolling Makeup Train Cases

picture title
ROWNYEON Travel Makeup Bag Cosmetic Makeup Train Case Artist Makeup Organizer Professional Portable Storage Bag for Women Girl Waterproof Toiletry Organizer EVA Adjustable Dividers 16.14
SONGMICS 2-in-1 Rolling Train Case with 4 Wheels Aluminum Professional Cosmetic Trolley Box with 4 Trays 2 Locks 1 Organizer UJHZ04B
CERROQREEN Professional Beauty Artist Storage Waterproof Double Layer Makeup Cosmetic Tools Brushes Bag Organizer+fFree Mini Makeup Bag
Makeup Train Case - Professional 14
SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case with Mirror in Black and Silver Frame
SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case with Shoulder Strap and Locks - Silver
go2buy 3 in 1 Makeup Beauty Nail Case Cosmetics Trolley Bag Box Makeup Organizer (Pink)
Makeup Bags Travel Large Makeup Case 16.5
Ollieroo Makeup Train Case Professional 14
SONGMICS 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case with wheels Lockable Professional Artist Trolley Cosmetic Organizer Box with Lift Handle 4 Trays 1 Organizer Black UJHZ01B

10. ROWNYEON Portable EVA Makeup Train Cases

Makeup Train Cases

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This makeup storage case stylishly cases and features a compact design that will ensure safety as well as an organization of your tools and cosmetics. It comes with ten EVA which can fit your perfect canvas convention, LL creams, and eyeshadow singles. This case is very versatile and you can be to store nail art products, fashion accessories and UV dryers, it uses are endless. It comes in a wide range of sizes just to ensure that you get the best one that will meet your needs.

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9. SONGMICS Aluminum Rolling Makeup Train Cosmetic Trolley Case

Rolling Makeup Train Cases

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This makeup roller case is professionally designed makes it a great choice for all professional makeup artists, therapists, learners and even hairdresser and many others. It features a large capacity to let you keep any size of cosmetics like foundations, eyeshadow singles, nail polishes and other accessories. This is two in one case and it can be used as complete trolley and also used as a portable cosmetic suitcase. It is convenient and also portable using its 360-degree four wheels and also telescoping handle.

8. Professional Beauty Artist Storage Waterproof Double Layer Cosmetic Tools Brushes Bag

Makeup Cosmetic Tools Brushes Bag

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If you travel often and want something which will keep your makeup organized, then this is the right case for you. It is sturdy and well constructed and roomy enough to store your cosmetics at home and its zipper will keep your items intact. If you are makeup hoarder, then you need to use this case and it will be your great companion and you will take it wherever you go and it is super easy to clean. The inside clear smaller bag features a Velcro bottom and it is great for smaller items. This is the bag which has been built to last, not for the season.

7.  Professional Makeup Rolling Case

Makeup Train Case

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This what you are looking for and its great compartments are roomy enough to accommodate your makeup and keep them neatly organized in one place and so you need to forget about that standard makeup bag that makes your cosmetic disorganized. It closes securely and it has the shoulder strap which is great for convenient carrying. It is balanced and also sturdy and it will never tip over when you open it. It features an aluminium frame and reinforced steel corners to enhance durability. It comes with a carry handle to ease transportation and its dividers are adjustable and even removable and so you ca custom fit your cosmetics for several sizes based on your needs.

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6. SHANY Mini Makeup Train Cases with Mirror in Black and Silver Frame

Makeup Train Case

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This thing is stylishly cute and features compact design but roomy enough to store your essentials in an organized manner. It is versatile and it can also store your UV dryers, nail art product, and fashion accessories. Its exterior feature aluminium corners and also lockable latches and you can find it in a variety of colours to meet your personality. It is a great item for tween as well as makeup novices.

5. SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case with Shoulder Strap and Locks

Pro Makeup Train Case

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This suitcase is a great storage solution for your makeup accessories, cosmetic brushes, nail polish, nail art and much more. You can use it as the cosmetic travel bag, makeup holder, and even displays. Its spacious compartment will make this item the best in its class and can fit hair dryers, flat irons and much more. It is made with high-quality aluminium as well as non-toxic ABS plastics and the fabric is dust-proof which means that this case will last for decades. It features two added easily to close latches with key locks and also the comfortable shoulder strap that is ideal for convenient.

4. Gotobuy Makeup Beauty Nail Case Cosmetics Trolley Bag Box

Makeup Beauty Nail Case Cosmetics Trolley Bag

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The smart two in one design of this cosmetic trolley is the great choice for storing your makeups. It has a lot of space to let you keep your nail tools and it is well made to last for years. It is also great for nail tech class and you will continue doing nail afterwards. If your girlfriend is a makeup artist and you want the best gift idea which she will fall in love with, look no further because this case is the right item everyone one will love. Its sturdy design is great bonus about this case.

3. Professional Makeup Train Case for Organizing Cosmetics and Makeup

Professional Makeup Train Case

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It will be a great buy if you give this case a shot. It has two zipper compartments to let you store your makeup in a stylish manner. You will also love the adjustable compartments which are perfect for your lashes, beauty blenders, travel airbrush machine and much more and you will also see a brush holder. It even travels friendly and it comes with the handle and also adjustable shoulder band. This is a sturdy and durable case.

2. Ollieroo Makeup Train Case Professional 14″ Large Make-Up Artist Organizer Kit

Makeup Train Case

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Forget about those flimsy makeup train case which is not durable and focuses on this one. It will keep your makeup items on hand and its four auto-open trays will hold your important pieces in place and it even comes with locking latch. It is constructed from aluminium, EVA inner frame cover which is tear resistant and also ideal for travelling. It is beautifully compact and stylishly designed and doesn’t forget about its lockable beauty box which is ideal for home use as well as weekends away.

1. SONGMICS Aluminum Rolling Makeup Train Case for Cosmetic Trolley Box

Rolling Makeup Train Case

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The fine aluminium frame coupled with reinforced steel corners and ABS surface makes this case the best in its class. It features a large capacity which is great to store any size of your cosmetics such as foundations, nail polishes, eyeshadow singles and other accessories. It has a simple structure and design which is ideal for learners, professional makeup artists, hairdressers, therapists and many others. It has four optional styles that will meet your personal needs.

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