Best Magnetic Therapy Bracelets for Men & Women In 2021

Magnet therapy involves the application of magnets to your skin in order to relieve various ailments. This can include general pain relief, nerve pain, or pain specific to arthritic conditions, feet or lower back. They can also have various benefits regarding improving your blood flow, sprained joints, fatigue, and reducing swelling post-injury. They are used often by sports teams and among elderly communities. Magnetic therapy bracelets leverage this power by making it portable, allowing you to passively receive benefits from them throughout the day. However, when you are purchasing one of these bracelets, be sure to use them as supplementary therapy, rather than a replacement for actual therapy.

There are several factors to consider when searching for a magnetic bracelet. Firstly, check out the style they come in. Open wrist designs do not have clasps and fit over your wrist with ease. These designs can be adjusted to fit more snug. Closed clasp designs are more secure, especially if they are constructed from a single piece of metal. Ones with links are more similar to traditional wrist watches. The materials they are made with can range from bronze, silver, steel, or titanium. It will be up to your personal preference over which style you think looks best with your ensemble.

Table of the Best Magnetic Therapy Bracelets:

10. Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelets – For Men & Women To Give Relief

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

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As one of the highest rated magnetic bracelets on the market, this minimalist style bracelet from Earth Therapy is an excellent pickup. It is built out of solid copper and features six powerful therapeutic magnet points. When many other brands are looking for more complex shapes, colors, and textures, Earth Therapy sticks to just a solid color giving it a simple look and feel. It is medium sized at 6.5″ in diameter, fitting most wrists. It comes with velvet pouch and magnetic therapy eBook.

9. Matching Set Couple Titanium Bangle Bracelet Simple Korean Style


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With high-quality performance coming at a reasonable price, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase. It comes in a matching pair, with a key and bracelet coming together. The key necklace is simple in style and works in tandem with the closed heart clasp on the bracelet. The closed heart has a bronze color, contrasting from the rest of the design. The titanium construction is sleek and functional, while the magnetic features help with reducing fatigue. It comes with a gift box and it is comfortable to wear.

8. Men’s Tungsten High Polished Magnetic Therapy Bracelet, 8.5″

Tungsten High Polished Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

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Measuring 8.5″ in diameter, this simple and clean magnetic bracelet is a solid high-end purchase. It is machined from durable tungsten and features a high-polish finish. The links are forged together with a geometric design, and the fold-over clasp closure is simple to understand and use. The color is a simple shiny gray, and the interesting divisions give it a strong textural interest.

7. Powerful Magnetic Copper Cuff Bracelet for Arthritis and Golf Sports Aches and Pains

Powerful Magnetic Copper Cuff Bracelet

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution for general aches and pains, this copper bracelet is a great choice. It is suitable for both men and women, and the beautiful design is complex and nuanced at the same time. The inner chain is surrounded by an interesting contrasting angular pattern. The open clasp design makes it easy to fit on any sized wrists comfortably. The magnetic copper can help with arthritic pain and cleans up superoxide radicals that can be harmful to your body tissues.

6. Perfect Elegant and Stylish Gift – Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet Gift Set


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If you like what Earth Therapy is offering in terms of functionality, but want a design a bit more complex, check out this model. This product delivers phenomenal value since it comes in a 2 pack, one with the rope design and another in the pure copper design. Either share it with a friend, loved one, or wear both on each of your wrists. These pure copper bracelets offer 6 high strength magnet points each, giving it maximum therapeutic action.

5. Willis Judd New Mens 7mm Black Ring

Willis Judd Mens Band Red Carbon Fiber Ring

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If you’re looking for something unique, check out this magnetic therapy ring from Willis Judd. As noted, it fits your fingers rather than your wrist. This gives it slightly different properties, but the more concentrated magnetism can give you greater localized benefits. It comes in sizes between 7 to 14 in half size increments. The full tungsten construction is smooth and the outer shell features a black/red linear tiled carbon fiber pattern. The ring itself is 8mm wide and features a stamp on the inside of it.

4. Magnetic Link Bracelet for Women

Magnetic Link Bracelet

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This cute bracelet features a number of flourishes that are suitable for women. It is embedded with magnetic elements along with germanium along the inner shell. It has been buffed to a brilliant shine. It measures 0.26 inches in width, and 8.1 inches in diameter. Despite its top quality stainless steel and durable materials, it comes at a reasonable price. The fold-over clasp makes it easy to wear comfortably for most sized wrists. The gold and silver outer link design features an attractive geometric design with classy contrasts.

3. Copper Magnetic Bracelet Wide Grand High Power Pain Therapy Magnets

Copper Magnetic Bracelet Wide Grand Style

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If you are finding that the other bracelets on this list are too thin, check out this model. It features a wider build, making it more secure and effective for magnetic coverage around your wrist. This helps improve blood circulation, pain management and relief for joint issues. The six neodymium 3000 gauss magnets are powerful, and they are capped with stainless steel for superior durability. It comes in a simple full copper color scheme and comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

2. Double Strength 4 Element Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet for Arthritis Pain Relief

Willis Judd Mens New Four Element Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

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Measuring 8.5″ in length, this free fitting bracelet from Willis Judd is a great solution for all sorts of minor ailments. It comes packed in a black velvet bracelet box, making it a perfect gift idea for your friends, family, or loved one. It is handcrafted from highly durable, yet lightweight pure titanium. At any point, while wearing this, you won’t feel like you’re being weighed down or bothered. It comes with two rows of several magnets in the inner sleeve.

1. Stainless Steel Mens Magnetic Link Bracelet 8.5 Inches

Stainless Steel Mens Magnetic Link Bracelet

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Carefully crafted from stainless steel, this budget model is a decent pickup if you’re interested in a design that is similar to traditional wrist watches. It is 0.51 inches wide and 8.5 inches in length. The fold-over clasp makes adjusting and placing the bracelet on your wrist very easy. The links have a combination of shiny and matte materials, giving it an interesting contrasting design.

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