7 Best Macbook Pro Cases/Covers/Sleeves Reviews In 2018

Think of Macbook Pro cases as a sort of insurance for your investment. Since Macbooks are so light, they are practically made for frequent travellers. Even though the stock aluminum is built tough, you can expect a lot of nicks and scratches over time as you travel with it. Cases and covers help alleviate this by protecting them from scratches, and even some minor falls in the case of some heavier duty models.

There is a wide variety of cases and covers to pick from. Many of these brands have different purposes, so you will have to determine what is your number one priority. If you’re primarily looking to personalize the aesthetics of your Macbook, then vinyl skins are a great choice, since they have a nice variety of patterns to pick from. Leather or rubber cases are better for protection, especially if you take your laptop on the road often. Screen protectors are a solid protective addition since they will be the main thing you will be looking at.

Table of the Best Macbook Pro Cases

7. Speck Case for MacBook Pro, 13-Inch, Clear – Not for Retina Macbook

Macbook Pro Cases

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If you want a simple case that preserves the original elegance of your Macbook Pro, check out this model. It fits for any 13-inch Macbook Pro with its form-fitting hard shell. It comes with Rubberized feet and vent slots to prevent your laptop from overheating. The lightweight two-piece design is intuitive to use, only requiring a simple snap on or off. This case is see through and comes in several candy finish styles including clean, aqua, blue, pink, red and orange.

6. Hard Shell Skin Case Cover for Macbook Pro 13.3 inches Model A1278

Macbook Pro 13.3-inch Case

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Coming with all-around protection capabilities, this frosted matte design from iCrown delivers excellent value. It is made specifically for 13-inch Macbook Pros, protecting it from shock, scratch, and dust. It comes in 6 varieties: black, green, light blue, pink, purple, and deep blue. The full package contains the rubber case, TPU keyboard cover skin, clear skin protector and sleeve bag.

5. Leather Shell Folio Flip Stand Book Sleeve for Apple MacBook Pro Cases 13.3”

Stand Book Sleeve for Apple MacBook Pro

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This high-end case is designed for 13″ Macbook Pros and contains a flip design along with a stand function. It is fairly lightweight, and the case covers the back, bottom and the area surrounding the touchpad. This gives it strong coverage compared to other cases on the market. The vintage PU leather surface gives it great resistance against damage, and the soft interior lining protects your laptop from damage as well. This model includes a stand that can improve typing comfort since it keeps your hands in a more natural resting position.

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4. Macbook Pro 15 inch Vinyl, Removable Skin – City Scene

Macbook Pro (15 inch) Vinyl, Removable Skin

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If you’re just looking for something a bit more casual with a greater focus on aesthetics, this affordable vinyl is a good choice. This 15-inch vinyl is easy to apply with its hard edge vinyl squeegee for bubble-free application. The design features a stylish cityscape of Manhattan that exudes an urban flair. While it only provides some protection for the back of your laptop, it is also much cheaper than other cases. Although, it fits tight so it can be used in conjunction with other laptop sleeves.

3. NSSTAR Colorful Contrast Color Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Skin Cover Protector

MacBook Pro

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For 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros, this is a great product if you’re just seeking to improve the look, feel and durability of your laptop keyboard. With an ultra-thin thickness of only 0.18 millimeters, this minimizes typing interference and doesn’t obstruct the backlight, unlike most other keyboard covers. It is flexible, and washable, protecting your system from any accidental liquid spills. This model comes in a whopping 22 designs that range in color and style.

2. KAVAJ sleeve leather case “Sydney” for Apple MacBook Pro 13″

KAVAJ sleeve leather case "Sydney" for Apple MacBook Pro Retina

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This high-end leather sleeve is designed for Macbook Pro Retina 13″ models. It is constructed from a durable, genuine leather that comes in a stylish black or cognac brown color. It is easy and practical to use, with its high-quality zipper allowing for easy access. The soft flannel interior ensures that your laptop remains safe. There’s even an integrated compartment pocket for other small items.

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1. Macbook Air or Macbook Pro 13 inches Vinyl Skin – Vintage Floral Pattern

Macbook Air or Macbook Pro

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If you’re seeking something with a more vintage or retro design to add to your mobile device, this vinyl is a great look. It features a vintage floral pattern with a vibrant contrast of light oranges and a cool teal. It works for any 13-inch Macbook Pro and is easy to apply with its included squeegee. When you remove it, it also doesn’t leave behind any residue. This skin doesn’t have great protection aside from some minor scratch resistance on the back, but it can work with other sleeves if you’re still worried.

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