10 Best Scissor Lift Tables & Motorcycle Lift Tables Reviews In 2018

Lift tables are slowly becoming the ultimate lifting tools in the industry as people move away from the hand operated screw jacks. They are effective and can be used to serve in several areas apart from the motor industry. They help get heavy boxes into trucks and can also be used in industries that move heavy things around. There are multiple brands, and models of lift tables in the market as various companies flood try to fill the huge demand. This has led to flooding of the market and making it difficult for people to choose the ideal lift table.

This article helps interested buyers make a wise decision by reviewing some of the best models in the market. Check out our selection below and choose one from the list to have good value for your money.

Table of the Best Scissor Lift Tables

10. Hu-Lift Equipment TC22P 500-Pound Capacity Mobile Scissor Lift Table

Lift Tables

The Hu-Lift is a 30-inch long table with capabilities of lifting weights to a height of 10-inches. It is also 19 inches wide making the table surface large enough to hold big boxes. The table is nicely designed and meets most industry requirements. It is a heavy duty lift table with a 500-pound weight capacity. The lowering system is tipless making it lower all weight smoothly regardless of the load. The handle is foldable while the new hydraulic system makes the lift safe for use.

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  • Lowers weights smoothly regardless of the weight load
  • It is a heavy duty lift with a large 5000-pound weight capacity
  • The foldable handle makes it easier to operate and use
  • Meets most industry requirements


  • It is a little heavy than expected.

9. Goplus Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Cart – Jack Hoist Stand

Goplus Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Cart

Th GoPlus is a heavily built table with a 500-pound weight capacity. It is a great pick that can set and raise the weight to heights of 27.5inches. The pedals of the feet are hydraulic operated something that keeps your hands free while at the same time saving your energy. The hydraulic release comes with a hand level for easy operation. The lift table is oil resistant, non-slip on mats and comes with two locking casters to keep it stable and steady.


  • Great construction makes it sturdy and durable
  • The hydraulic feet helps save you energy and keep your hands free
  • It rarely slips on mats and is resistant to oil


  • The handle mount is not the best

8. Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Extreme Max is a durable model with a carrying capacity of 300lbs. It’s designed to operate easily and feature a heavy duty model. The base is padded, and this makes your luggage to stand perfectly. All the required hardware is available hence easy to use.it has strong wheels for easy movement. You will enjoy the durability of this machine which is made from quality materials.


  • It’s durable as it’s made from quality materials
  • The base is stable hence holds perfectly
  • It’s convenient as it works for what it’s designed for
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  • Cannot withstand weights more than 300lbs

7. Roughneck Rapid Lift XT 500lb. Capacity Lift Table

Roughneck Rapid Lift XT Lift Table - 500lb. Capacity

Roughneck has a capacity of 500lbs. It’s a stable lifter made from quality materials. It will serve you for a very long time. The lifting base is wide to carry anything with the weight capacity stipulated. You will find it easy to operate and fix. The lift is easy to clean, and you will love how it works for your money. Finally, the model features wheels for easy transportation.


  • The lift is durable due to the materials used
  • The lift carrying capacity is excellent
  • The lift is easy to operate


  • The handle is slippery

6. Motorcycle Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs

1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

This is a heavy duty lifting equipment made to withstand 1100lbs. It’s durable and easy to use. The lift occupies less space hence a good deal for your money. The lifting top is wide to accommodate the motorbike. You will also like the way it works fast to give you great services. You can use this lift anywhere and you will lift most of the motorcycles models.


  • It’s a heavy duty machine
  • It carries heavy weights
  • The model is a durable one


  • Poor quality plastic tread

5. Giant Move MP-EA22 Orange Heavy Duty Lift Table

Giant Move MP-EA22 Heavy Duty Lift Table

If you want to prevent back injuries that come from low lifters, you need this model. The Giant Move is heavy duty design made to last. It features a foot paddle that is easy to operate. The lifter rises through 24 inches making it easy for you to lift hence equipment. The model has a carrying capacity of 500lbs hence a perfect deal for all your luggage.


  • The surface for this lift is wide hence safe for lifting
  • It’s durable due to the quality of materials used in its assembling
  • The lift table is long hence no back pains


  • The assembling instructions are vague

4. Roughneck Gray Hydraulic Lift Table Cart

Roughneck Hydraulic Lift Table Cart

The Roughneck lift table is among the best models. It’s lowered hence easy to lift goods. This is a heavy-duty design made for heavy goods.It features a carrying capacity of 2200lbs. The model has a handle and wheel to make movements and control easy. The carrying base is wide and hence improved the stability of the luggage.

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  • The table is durable as it’s made from quality materials
  • The table is easy to move right from the usage to storage
  • The table works well for heavy loads


  • It’s too low hence tiresome when operating

3. Pro 300 Lbs Capacity Jack Lift  for Tractors and Lawn Mowers

Pro Lift Lawn Mower Jack Lift with 300 Lbs Capacity

Pro Lift Lawn Mower Jack Lift is a 300lb capacity lifter. It’s made to withstand heavy weights. The design features a durable construction hence serves you for a longer time. It features a safety lock to make sure the load is safe. The handles are well designed, and you will enjoy the work with no back pains being experienced. The pedal is easy to press hence working for you perfectly.


  • The lift table is perfect for heavy loads
  • Is well constructed to last
  • The lift features safety locks for luggage safety


  • No wheels hence hard to move

2. ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs

ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs

Zeny is a simple machine to operate. It’s a heavy duty model that will work for you for a longer time. The machine is perfect for heavy lifting as it features a carrying capacity of 1100lb. The lift is easy to use and will get your work done fast. It has an easy crank operation hence making your work light.


  • The lift is a heavy duty made from durable materials
  • The lift is easy to use
  • The lift features a great weight carrying capacity


  • The plastic rollers are of poor quality

1. Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Table with Cruiser V-Twin Center Jack

Black Widow ProLift Motorcycle Lift Table with Cruiser V-Twin Center Jack

This is a perfect model made to endure heavy weight. It’s designed with a simple operation hence easy to use. The lift is made to help you carry heavy weights as it features a carrying capacity of 1500lbs. It’s easy to clean and store as its small and has wheels for movement. The hydraulic operation makes the pedal easy to press hence lifting the loads very fast.


  • The system of operation is easy and enjoyable
  • The lift features a heavy duty construction hence easy to carry.
  • It’s a durable lift made with great skills


  • The foot pedal is poorly made hence not comfortable

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