Top 10 Best Heated Car Seat Covers & Cushions Reviews In 2020

Heated car seat covers are an inexpensive and efficient way to improve your comfort when driving in the cold season. Although there are heated car seats, installing them is tough and is extremely expensive when you compare them with the auto seat cushions. Both the heated seat of a car and the heated seat cushion will perform the same job of keeping your butt and back warm, although the latter is more economical. The heated cushions are great for massaging your back especially after driving for long hours.

Today, there are many heated car seat cushions on the market so choosing the best model may be a challenge. To assist you in picking the best model we have prepared a list of the best models available on the market. Each of the models listed here is easy to install and offers you with the best performance. However, you need to go through each product to compare the features and select the model that is perfect for you.

Table of the Best Heated Car Seat Covers

10. Wagan Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

Heated Car Seat Covers

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This pillow features a super soft polyester and velour that feels super comfortable and luxurious. The cushions come with a universal fit that allows you to fit them in most cars including RVs, trucks, cars and even boats. They are great for individuals with back issues as they offer a 0.5 thickness that acts as great lumbar support.

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9. KINGLETING 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller

heated car seat cushion

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These 12V DC cushions will fit any car. They come with a stylish design that makes them look attractive in your car. Some of the features that make them stand out are the intelligent temperature control as well as the real-time temperature numerical display that allows you to choose temperature from 30-60 degrees C. The cushions heats fast, and you can feel the seat heating less than two minutes. The cushions also feature intelligent features that allow you for timing the duration to heat the cushions from 1-12 hours. This is great, as you will avoid battery loss when you forget to turn off the power.

8. Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

Heated Seat Cushion

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The Wagan IN9438-2 plugs in 12 volts direct current outlet and comes with a controller that you can use to adjust the temperate. It is constructed of super soft velour and polyester that feels very comfortable. You will love the easy use to fit straps and hooks that will secure the cushion on your seat easily. Additionally, this cushion offers you lumbar support thus great especially if you are driving for long distances.

7. SOJOY Universal 12V Heated Car Seat/ Cushion Warmer High/Low

Heated Car Seat/ Cushion Warmer

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This cushion is constructed with breathable polyester fabric to come up with a soft and comfortable cushion that can fit most of the car seats. The product comes with easy and non-slip attachments with elastic belts to allow them to hook perfectly on any seat size. Users who have already purchased these seats are also happy with the quick warm up and even heat distribution that allows the seat to heat in less than two minutes.

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6. SOJOY Heated Car Seat Heater Heated-Cushion Warmer High/Low/Temp

Car Seat Heater

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This is the ergonomically designed cushion that fits any car with the standard seat. The cushion is contoured well to allow or a massaging effect while driving the car. It is easy to attach as it comes with easy to attach elastic belts that will help you to secure the cushion easily. The breathable polyester fabric allows air to flow freely allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable. You can adjust the heat up to 50 degrees Celsius and you are provided with a 30-minute timer.

5. ABN Heated Chair Cover for Vehicle

Heated Chair Cover for Vehicle

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Although this cushion is primarily designed for your car, you can also fit it on your office chair. It features a combination of black and blue colour making it very attractive. This model comes with impressive features such as adjustable temperature, low energy consumption and very easy to fit on any standard sized seat. The construction materials are of high quality making it durable.

4. AUDEW Universal Heated Car Seat Cushion Cover

Heated Car Seat Cushion Cover

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This is an ideal cushion to use in winters when you are freezing in the cold weather and still need to travel to work. The product comes with a set of features that makes it stand out. It features easy to fix straps that will secure the cushion perfectly on most car seats. It also comes with a temperature controller as well as carbon fibre wiring for consistent heating.

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3. Hot Headz 12V Heated Seat Cushion

Heated Seat Cushion

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If you are on a tight budget but still would want to get a high-quality cushion for your car, then this is a perfect choice. This product comes with all the features that you need to heat your car successfully during cold weather. It will fit in most of the car seats allowing you to drive in luxurious warmth each time you get in your car. The cushion is also very versatile and can be used on all seats made from various materials including leather and cloth.

2. Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer

Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer

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This cushion combines smoothness and warmth allowing you to have a comfortable experience, especially when driving in cold weather. The product is designed to fit all the seats of different cars including RV, saloon, trucks, buses and any other model. The secure straps will help you to secure the cushion in place easily. You just need to connect the cushion to a 12V DC output, and your car heat will start heating automatically. The product comes with temperature control that allows you to set your preferred temperature.

1. Heated Seat Cushion with 3-Way Temperature Controller

Heated Seat Cushion

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This cushion comes with an impressive design and will fit any car size perfectly since it comes with straps and hooks that will secure it on the seat easily. You can unplug them from the socket when they are not in use to avoid draining your battery. The cushion comes with impressive features such as the temperature control that let you set the temperature either low or high or shut it off. They also come with carbon fibre wiring for fast, consistent and even heating.

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