Best Portable Kitchen Electric Hand Mixers Reviews In 2021

A hand mixer is not just a thing for baking professionals. It can make your home baking tasks quick and fun. From whipping cream, egg whites, and heavy-duty mixing, this is one tool you don’t want to miss in your kitchen. And when you compare to a stand mixer, it’s far more portable and less expensive. But then, which are the best hand mixers on the market? Clearly, there’s no straight answer to that. After all, not all mixers are created equal. Some might tend to struggle with stiffer dough. On the other hand, some mixers might prove too heavy for extended use. Luckily enough, there are a few models out there that perform flawlessly across the board.

If you’re looking for the perfect hand mixer for your kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we round up the top 10 hand mixers you can buy right now. More importantly, we’ve included a wide selection. So, if you’re after speed, power or a lightweight hand mixer for arthritis, we have you covered.

Table of the Best Kitchen Hand Mixers Reviews

10. KitchenAid Portable 5-Speed Hand Mixers

Hand Mixers

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While this hand mixer doesn’t come in a die-cast construction popular in KitchenAid appliances, it has a glossy plastic finish. Not only does it make the hand mixer stand out, but it also keeps the overall weight to a minimum. The mixer has a comfortable soft-grip handle. Thanks to 5-speed controls, this device can mix ingredients for a variety of recipes.

The lower speeds, for instance, are ideal for stirring chunky ingredients. Higher speeds, on the other hand, are excellent for whipping heavy creams. Furthermore, the hand mixer has a swivel power cord to suit both left and right-hand users.

Special Features

  • Built-in non-clogging vents keep the motor cool
  • Angled heel rest keeps the batter-covered beaters off the counter
  • Stainless steel turbo beaters easily handle heavy ingredients

9. Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

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This is not your average hand mixer, and the price tells it all. It’s on the high end of hand mixers. And as the name suggests, this is a handy mixer with a host of premium features for the tasks of beating and mixing. Unlike most models, the bottom of the beaters has a rubber scraper that keeps the base of your bowl scratch-free. As a result, the beaters can get right to the base to eliminate any dry mix at the bottom.

Apart from the standard beaters, this hand mixer comes with whisk beaters that are excellent for whipping cream or scrambled eggs. The hand mixer has a user-friendly control panel for power and speed. As a matter of fact, you can use one hand to adjust speed and hold the mixer at the same time.

Special Features

  • Beater IQ adjusts speed depending on the type of attachment you’re using
  • A built-in timer allows for precise mixing time
  • Integrated mixing lights keep the ingredients in clear view
  • Comes with a canister for storing all attachments

8. KitchenAid KHM7210CU Digital Hand Mixer 7 Speed with Turbo Beater

KitchenAid KHM7210CU Digital Hand Mixer 7 Speed with Turbo Beater

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Though they are basically the same, this particular model is an upgraded version of the 5-speed handheld mixer. That said, KitchenAid 7-speed mixer comes with some nice extras. Thanks to its innovative technology, it’s among the best digital hand mixers on the market. It comes in durable polycarbonate material and is available in a multitude of beautiful, bright colours.

Additionally, it’s incredibly powerful to accommodate any mixing task, even those that involve heavy ingredients. 150 watts of power combines with a Soft Start feature to gradually bring the beaters up to speed. Above all, all attachments come in dishwasher safe stainless steel.

Special Features

  • Soft Start feature keeps ingredients from splattering
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Multi-position power cord allows you to operate at various angles
  • Quiet operation

7. Oster 2500 Inspire 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Oster 2500 Inspire 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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Oster 2500 is a durable, budget-friendly hand mixer. Its 250-watt motor delivers 5 different speeds. For the most part, this mixer can handle almost any ingredients. Additionally, it has a turbo button that gives a burst of power for the more viscous mixtures. Built-in vents ensure the motor doesn’t get hot, even during longer periods of use. It comes with a set of four chrome attachments, including dough hooks, beaters, and a whisk.

Moreover, it includes a retractable cord to save space when not in use. And like most hand mixers, it comes with a built-in storage compartment for all attachments.

Special Features

  • Shiny, rust-free chrome attachments
  • Burst-of-power button gives extra mixing power for heavy ingredients
  • Retractable cord and built-in compartment allow for easy storage

6. VonShef Electric Hand Held Mixer Whisk With Stainless Steel Attachments

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This is one of the best hand mixers for the budget. Also, if you’re looking for a burst of extra power, this hand mixer will make an ideal choice. Apart from the 250-watt motor, it has a turbo function to make light work of heavy ingredients. The hand mixer allows you to choose from 5 speeds depending on the type of ingredients you want to mix. Furthermore, it’s pretty light for one-hand operation.

It comes with several attachments, including dough hooks, balloon whisk, and beaters. Not to mention, all attachments are made of stainless steel. Hence, they’re dishwasher safe for ultimate convenience.

Special Features

  • Attractive colour options (gorgeous sky blue and red)
  • Extra-long 5-foot power cord
  • Turbo boost feature increases mixing power

5. BLACK and DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer

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Few brands can measure up to the quality of Black and Decker kitchen appliances. Surprising enough, this particular hand mixer offers one of the best quality at a pocket-friendly price. As a matter of fact, this hand mixer is the most affordable on our list. Not only is it the most affordable, but it’s also among the lightest models on the market. It weighs a mere 1.1 pounds to reduce stress on the wrists.

That said, it makes an excellent choice for the elderly or those who can’t handle heavier appliances. The mixer has 5 variable speeds to accommodate a variety of tasks.

Special Features

  • Ergonomic design and compact size give better control
  • 175-watt motor can handle mixing, beating, aerating, and whipping tasks
  • Integrated bowl and heel rest keep the mixture from dripping all over when resting the mixer

4. DmofwHi 5 Speed Electric Kitchen Hand Mixer with Attachments

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Despite the small size, this little hand mixer delivers 300 watts of power. Well, that’s powerful enough to handle tough mixtures, including the stiff dough. Also, the mixer has a slow-start option, which results in less splatter. Nonetheless, you can crank up the speed from one up to five settings. From dough hooks, beaters, to whisks, this hand mixer comes with a complete set of attachments. The best part, all are made of durable stainless steel.

Special Features

  • Base doubles as storage for attachments
  • Durable 304 stainless steel attachments
  • Ergonomically curved handle
  • Built-in vents for efficient heat dissipation

3. Cusinaid Hand Mixer with Turbo Handheld Kitchen Mixer

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Cusinaid hand mixer uses a 250-watt motor to provide excellent mixing power. Together with the turbo boost feature, this hand mixer can mix, knead, and whip. A one-touch eject button makes it easy to switch between different beaters. Additionally, this hand mixer has decent construction. It uses hardened plastic that makes it exceptionally resistant to fractures.

Not to mention, it includes a stainless steel surface for added durability. Instead of a straight handle, this hand mixer uses a curved handle to provide a comfortable grip. By the way, this hand mixer is available in black and white colours.

Special Features

  • Snap-on acrylic storage case
  • Wider beaters keep noise to a minimum when mixing
  • Comes complete with five attachments

2. BLACK and DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer with Attachments & Storage Case

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This particular hand mixer is quite unlike most models in its price range. It comes at a fraction of the cost of most hand mixers out there. Nonetheless, it cuts through cookie dough and other heavy ingredients with ease. Except for the turbo boost button, this hand mixer has only one control button for selecting speed. As a result, it’s quite straightforward to use.

Instead of the old-fashioned dough hooks, this hand mixer comes with stainless steel wire beaters. For the most part, it does an excellent job of creating clouds of whipped cream or egg white in seconds. Also, this mixer is pretty lightweight for extended use.

Special Features

  • 5 professional-style attachments
  • 20% Slower Start prevents messy splatters
  • Full-sized storage case accommodates both the mixer and attachments

1. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

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Hamilton Beach 62620 uses a 290-watt motor that delivers up to 6 different speeds. Together with a wide variety of attachments, this hand mixer is ideal for all sorts of ingredients. All accessories store easily inside the compact snap-on storage case. Apart from the 6 speeds, this hand mixer has a pulse setting that offers perfect consistency, especially for whipped cream and meringue. Overall, this is one versatile hand mixer that packs a host of excellent features.

Special Features

  • Built-in bowl rest prevents dripping to keep your counter clean
  • Pulse function gives better control and results in less mess
  • Twisted wire beaters clog less than helix beaters
  • 4 colour options

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