Best Battery-Powered & Electric Grease Guns for Sale Reviews

The greasing and lubrication of machinery is something that needs to be taken care of every once in a while. If your industry or business front uses some kind of machinery, then you will definitely need to keep a lot of grease handy. Applying grease, however, can be a little tricky and difficult. The best alternative is getting yourself something that can do the greasing for you. Electric grease guns are a perfect solution for doing all the tasks.

Check out the comprehensive list, find the grease guns’ price, and never worry about lubricating the machinery. Coming from the best names, these guns are extremely useful and save you a lot of time and effort.

10. Lincoln AC2440 120V Electric Grease Gun

Grease Guns

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This is an electric grease gun that will solve a lot of your daily tasks and needs in a smart and effective way. Powerful and fast, when it comes to filling grease reservoirs, a grease gun like this is extremely useful. It is ideal to deliver up to 7500 pounds per square and high torque values. The gun is so powerful that it can be ideally used in different industries, starting from automotive to wind turbines.

Moreover, 2-speed transmission lets you select the kind of flow you want from the gun. As a result, it will deliver whatever you need. Lastly, the dual spring guards and the case for the coupler guarantee the longevity and durability of the gun.

Key features:

  • 7000 PSI of operating power ensures even the toughest needs can be solved properly.
  • A 6 ft cord allows for convenient usage, even from a distance.
  • You get a storage case for keeping your essentials sorted.

9. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

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Dewalt store is a very popular and reliable name known for making high-quality industrial appliances. Likewise their most products and options, this cordless grease gun has the construction of high-quality materials and technology. The powerful motor used is capable of delivering up to 10,000 PSI, much higher than most options. In addition to that, the high-volume pump can push up to 5oz/min. Therefore, making it a great choice for high-flow applications as well.

Quite thoughtfully designed as well, the gun offers an extended runtime. Plus, when fully charged, can run up to 16 cartridges.

Key features:

  • The 42-inches extra-long and flexible hose makes sure that it can reach even the most difficult and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Has a pump filter screen to keep away the dirt which leads to clogging and damage to the pump.
  • Comes with LED light assists for nighttime and low light work.

8. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Cordless Grease Gun with Battery

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The biggest advantage of a battery-powered grease gun is that it is convenient and portable, use it anywhere and anytime. On this efficient and powerful gun, with a full charge, you will be able to deliver up to 5 cartridges. Because of the high flow rate of 3.5 oz/min, this comes in useful for various types of needs and works. The design promotes convenience and the gun can easily reach even the tightest and most difficult angles.

With the built-in pressure relief valve, you will rest assured about the overall surety as well. Along with the gun, you will get a compact and slim carrying case that aids in the portability and safe storage of the gun.

Key features:

  • The hose is flexible and measures 30-inches and has spring guards plus a non-drip cap for better usage.
  • With ergonomic design, there is a comfortable and non-slip grip on the gun for easy applications.
  • Uses a chrome-plated barrel for unmatched protection from rusting and corrosion.

7. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun

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One of the most powerful and efficient options in the market, this one from the house of Milwaukee is something you can depend on. Offering you as much as 10,000 PSI of operating pressure, this is a top-rated product. Plus, it has already won the trust of many customers around the world. Known to deliver the best of convenience and reliability, the gun features a 48-inches flexible hose. As a matter of fact, it helps you reach the most difficult places as well.

There is even an onboard LED light on the gun for assistance in low light conditions. The plunger rod with markings lets you easily figure out how much grease is left in the barrel.

Key features:

  • Quick and reliable priming is assured by the built-in air bleeder valve.
  • Superior level of precision with the help of the pre-set grease counter dial help in precision.
  • For added convenience, the gun has a lock-on /lock-off trigger along with shoulder straps as well.

6. Lincoln 1884 20V Li-Ion PowerLuber Dual Battery Powered Grease Gun

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If you are looking for a power user and willing to get the best quality option only, this is something that you will love to buy. An extremely powerful and efficient gun, this has all the latest features. Besides, the new design and innovations make it as effective as you can think of. It’s rugged and durable; the gun uses a smart three-point base. Therefore, you can keep the tool in an upright position and handle it comfortably. The overall shape is also not very bulky which ensures easy reaching to the right places.

When working in low light conditions, you can turn on the built-in LED lights. This illuminates the entire working area and sees the fittings. In both high and low output, the gun is capable of delivering 10,000 PSI. On the other hand, the new battery runs longer periods of time.

Key features:

  • This has a multifunction LCD screen where you will get information on grease output, battery charge, alerts, etc.
  • Two-speed grease output, you can change the rate of flow according to the needs you have.
  • You get a storage case to arrange the items inside it.

5. Milwaukee 12-Volt Cordless Grease Gun

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Yet another super-efficient and well-designed heavy-duty grease gun option, this one is pretty advanced as well with the latest features. Manufactured in China, this gun is quite durable and promises ease of usage always. When fully charged, the gun can dispense as many as 7 cartridges, which is higher than most options out there.

Measuring only 14-inches long, the device is on the compact side and weighs just 7.2 pounds. Handling it on a daily basis is never going to be challenging. Integrated hose storage takes out the hassles of having to manage a long hose every now and then.

Key features:

  • Uses a priming mechanism that readily improves and speeds up the overall flow.
  • Safety assured with overload protection, bulk filler valve, and air bleeder valve.
  • 36-inches flexible hose for easy accessibility, there is even a LED fuel gauge on the gun.

4. Workforce MEGA POWER Grease Gun

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One of the most well-made and durable options of grease guns out there! There is a heavy-duty die-cast head that improves the overall service life and longevity of the gun. Keep it safe even when you are not using it with the rugged carrying case that comes along. Lastly, there is even a plated steel barrel on the gun which adds to the overall durability and strength. With 12V of motor power, the gun has a planetary gear drive for added user convenience.

The gun is compatible with standard 14oz grease cartridges for hassle-free usage. Also, there are shoulder straps so that you can comfortably mount them on your shoulders and lubricate all that you need.

Key features:

  • Offers a maximum working pressure of 6000 pounds per square inch.
  • 30-inches flexible hose adds to the overall convenience of using the gun anywhere, even in the tightest spaces.
  • Comes along with a 1-hour quick charger so that you never run out of charge when needed.

3. Alemite Battery-Powered Grease Gun

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Having this technologically advanced product means half of your greasing worries are taken care of without any extra effort. Featuring an LCD display with real-time information on grease level, cartridge level, and charger capacity. As a result, all the useful information is ready to be viewed at a glance always. There are options to choose from high and low settings. Therefore, you can work with the flow you like and want.

This is a battery-powered gun that allows portable applications. There is a LED flashlight that you can turn on/off to help you in low-light working conditions.

Key features:

  • Optimized motor and transmission guaranteed by the patented airflow management.
  • At low speed, it can dispense 23 cartridges, and on high speed 24 cartridges on a full charge.
  • The patented airflow management system improves the motor’s life and efficiency.

2. YOTOO Grease Gun with Reinforced Flexible Hose and Rigid Extension Metal Tube

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Get yourself this modern pistol grease gun so that when you are focused on working, there are no unwanted issues to deal with. A professional-grade device featuring a rugged one-piece construction, the kind of strength and durability this has is unmatched. Having a construction of die-cast aluminum, the gun is quite easy and effortless to handle because of its lightweight make.

In addition to that, this uses a heavy-duty pistol grip so that people can enjoy easy one-handed operation. The heavy-duty reinforced flex-hose is comfortable to work with and gets the added safety of the spring guard.

Key Features:

  • The plunger is safe from unwanted bending or grinding because it gets a jam-proof toggle mechanism.
  • Gets an extra heavy follower spring for positive priming and pumping.
  • No lubricant bypass is allowed by the precision fit and hardened plunger.

1. Ryobi P3410-P163 Grease Gun Kit with Battery and Dual Chemistry Charger

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Topping the list, this is a powerful option that is well-capable for handling day-to-day greasing tasks in a very comfortable manner. With 10,000 PSI of power and 7.5oz/min of fast flow rate, the gun delivers maximum efficiency at all times. The gun uses a powerful 2Ah battery and in the package, you will get a dual chemistry charger.

Furthermore, it charges the fun faster so that you do not encounter unnecessary hold-ups in the process. Finally, the onboard LED work light takes care of the illumination even when there is no external light or daylight.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable, the design promotes minimal user fatigue. So, you can withstand even long hours of usage.
  • Besides, Quick release and easy access latch for fast and hassle-free snapping and usage.

So, grab a grease gun kit and minimize the laborious tasks. Make the tough tasks simple and improve the productivity of your work.

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