Best Glass Whiteboards | Magnetic Dry Erase White Boards Reviews

Whether you are a student, researcher, or working at a company, glass whiteboards can really come in handy. It allows you to write down your ideas and brainstorm them. These glass whiteboards are completely non-absorbing. As a result, you can easily erase everything you write and rewrite again. Furthermore, the design of these whiteboards makes them extremely appealing as well. Also, most of the boards have magnetic properties which allow you to stick notes and other important things onto the board with magnets.

Down below, you will find the top-notch glass whiteboards brands that make truly amazing products for one to work on it. Jot down everything with clarity as these boards are best in quality.

Best Glass Whiteboards Reviews

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10. Quartet Glass Whiteboard – Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

Glass Whiteboards

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When you are searching for the best-quality magnetic glass whiteboard, then this one proves to be an obvious choice. Measuring 72-inches by 48-inches, this board is large enough to help you note down your ideas without issue. More importantly, it is completely opaque as well. Thus, you will have no trouble in writing over it. Furthermore, the product also comes with an accessory tray.

The tray allows you to store your important accessories, markers, and board erasers in it. Besides, the glass is completely non-absorbing. As a result, you can write, erase and rewrite without worrying.

Key features:

  • It certainly has a frameless classy design. Thus, it appears to be floating over the wall.
  • Moreover, it has a back frame of steel which makes the glass board completely magnetic.
  • You will also get 15 years of warranty on this product. So, if you ever face any trouble, it will get solved immediately.

9. U Brands Frameless Glass Dry Erase Board

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If you are stoked to see the beautiful classrooms and the seminar halls and want to replicate the setup for your home or workplace, you need to get yourself this amazing frosted glass whiteboard. Premium and elegant looking, the tempered glass board gets a beautiful dry-erase surface that is free from stains or ghosts. In addition to that, because you will get a white frosted glass background, you will get a beautiful high-contrast finish. No matter how much you are used to writing, this glass whiteboard will take it all.

Your daily office or homework needs can be easily fulfilled with this board. The beautiful and modern frameless design looks incredible with all kinds and types of interiors.

Key features:

  • Has a dedicated spot to hold your duster or markers that you will need handy while working.
  • Innovative design lets you combine multiple whiteboards together for more workspace.
  • Comes with instructions and hassle-free mounting hardware for easy setup.

8. QUEENLINK 36 x 24 Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

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Yet another beautiful and modern-looking whiteboard that you will love for your daily work! Well, this is a slightly larger option. The board measures 24-inches X 36-inches, making it extremely useful for recording day-to-day data and calculations. Also, it provides you with complete freedom of installation and comes with all instructions. So, you can easily install it in any way you please.

Get a frosted glass background, the kind of contrast this creates is extremely useful for working. Use bright dry erase or liquid glass markers for writing on the board.

Key features:

  • Gets a beautiful and modern frameless design that suits and complements a different kind of interior décor.
  • You will get a sturdy tray at the bottom for keeping markers.
  • Stainless tempered glass dry erase surface, this board is very suitable for heavy writing needs.

7. U Brands Frameless Glass Dry Erase Board

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If you are in a profession where you need to write on frameless boards every now and then, there is no better choice than this one. Extremely modern and stylish looking, this free-hanging board is going to replace all the paper and notepads. Black frosted glass background creates the most vibrancy for easy reading of the information. It is ideal even if you constantly write and erase on your whiteboard.

This frameless glass whiteboard will keep on serving you without ever causing any issues of any kind. Measuring at 35-inches X 23-inches, this is the smallest of options and you have bigger sizes of the same kind.

Key features:

  • When you place this advanced and elegant-looking frameless board on the wall, it will readily enhance the beauty.
  • If needed, you can combine the board with multiple other boards to create the biggest working area.
  • No hassles of assembly, mounting hardware is included in the package.

6. Audio-Visual Direct Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

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If you are into using dry-erase glass whiteboards in daily working and you are thinking of an upgrade, this is the option for you. Featuring a beautiful smooth glass surface, for dry erase markers there is nothing better. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this is a one-time investment and is going to stay the way you like, for the longest time.

If something goes wrong, just ring the US-based customer service for support. Lastly, it promises the most convenient usage, the surface of the board promotes effortless erasing always.

Key features:

  • For easy setup, you will get solid metal mounts, wall anchors, and aluminum markers.
  • Lasts longer and performs better than traditional whiteboards.
  • Even if it is a non-magnetic option, it becomes clear in a wipe.

5. Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

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Elevate the way your office or home looks and feel more motivated to work by installing this elegant-looking wall-mounted glass whiteboard. Adopting a very sophisticated frameless design, no matter which wall you put this on, it looks incredible. With the help of the non-absorbent glass, from writing to cleaning, everything is super easy and convenient on this whiteboard.

Totally resistant from the issues of ghosting and staining, there will be no distracting streaks in the whiteboard ever. For the easiest of set up, this board comes with the convenience of pass-through mounting. Install it however you like, vertically or horizontally.

Key features:

  • Steel-backed magnetic glass is not only modern but comes in useful because you can hang documents using magnets.
  • Totally resistant to scratches and dents, the glass used is very strong and durable
  • You will get 15 years of warranty for the safest usage and longevity.

4. Walglass Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard with Pen Tray

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Motivate your colleagues and give them clarity like never before by presenting your speech on a whiteboard like this. Comes in extremely useful for writing day-to-day goals and targets, the smooth glass surface creates a lasting impression. The smooth glass surface used is very comfortable to write on. As a matter of fact, it stays away from the risks of staining and ghosting after everyday usage.

Because this has a magnetic surface, you will be able to hang or post the documents or charts. With the whiteboard, you will be getting a pen tray where that adds to the overall convenience.

Key features:

  • You will get a quality lifetime warranty and service support, if you do not like it, you can ask for a refund.
  • Totally safe from scratches and dents, the design promotes lifelong durability.
  • You will get a template along with the whiteboard for easy mounting and installation.

3. Zhidian Store Magnetic Glass Whiteboard on Stand

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Considerably smaller than the other options out there, this board measures 10-inches X14-inches. As a result, making it ideal for small-size homes and space. Always keep yourself updated with the information and keep your notes handy because this board gets a magnetic finish. Moreover, unlike other options, this has a tabletop design, making it suitable for people who are looking to set it up on a desk.

Although the size is small, the premium and beautiful glass surface never fails to make a statement that will last. Best-in-class tempered glass is used for making the surface.

Key features:

  • With the board, you will get 4 dry erase markers, magnets, and an eraser for your usage.
  • The glass surface is strong and durable, ensuring the finest quality and finish always.
  • When you buy this, you get yourself 15 years of warranty, something you can rely on.

2. MAXtek Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

MAXtek Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

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When you buy this amazing whiteboard, you buy a product that functions the best and stays amazing for a long time. The beautiful frameless design looks more incredible than ever so that you can have fun writing on it. The board measures 36-inches X 24-inches, making it useful for your day-to-day tasks and records.

Furthermore, because the board gets a no ghosting surface, you will be able to read and write with more clarity. The glass used is non-absorbent in nature, making sure when you are erasing, you are getting rid of it totally.

Key features:

  • Comes shipped in a reinforced box, if you are not satisfied you can ask for a return or refund.
  • All mounting hardware like anchors, screws, anchor covers is included in the package.
  • It gets a premium and sophisticated frameless design for ultimate beauty.

1. Lockways Magnetic Whiteboard White Board

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You can always expect a product that looks the best, functions even better, and lasts longer than ever. When you are looking for glass whiteboards, this one from the house of Lockways is an extraordinary option. With a size of 36-inches X 24-inches, the board has quite a big writing surface. The magnetic surface is an amazing innovation that allows you to hang or post notes and documents comfortably.

Totally-resistant to ghosting and staining, this board is compatible with dry-erase markers. Upgrade your workstation or commercial environment once and for all with this top-notch glass whiteboard. You will get quick and welcoming customer service support as well.

Key features:

  • Beautiful round edges, keep your dry erase marker and eraser easily in the tray.
  • You will get lifetime replacement service support, ensuring your purchase forever.
  • Wall mounting design, you will get stainless hardware with the option of nylon expansion pipe and powerful magnets if needed.

Transform the way you have been working all this while and upgrade the smallest things for better presentation and functionality. So, get a glass whiteboard for the office or for the classroom and note down everything with ease.

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