5 Best Tempered & Floating Glass Shelves for Bathroom In 2018

Shelves are a perfect answer to your storage problems, whether at home or office. Shelves come in different materials ranging from wood, metal, to glass. Among the three, glass has proven to be a cheaper, stylish, and subtle storage solution. Glass shelves for bathroom increase the sense of space in any living space and provides an elegant display that’s hard to go unnoticed. The good thing about glass shelves is their resistance to wet environments and easy cleanup. With the right glass, you’re sure of getting a storage solution that won’t scratch, break, or rust. So what are the things that count when choosing the best floating glass shelves?

Well, ensure that you choose a glass material that’s designed to last. There are float glass shelves for medium loads, laminated glass shelves for resistance against shattering, and toughened glass for heavy loads. You might also want to consider the fitting materials and brackets to ensure they match the style and durability of your glass shelf. That said, let’s look at some of the best glass shelves you need to consider.

Table of the Best Wall Mounted Glass Shelves

5. KES 14-Inch Wall Mounted Tempered Glass Shelves for Bathroom

Glass Shelves

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Want a glass shelf for your bathroom, bedroom, or closet? This tempered glass shelf might just suit your need. It’s a one-piece, 14-inch shelf designed to accommodate your small items. The glass measures 8mm thick to provide a tough and sturdy built resistant to shatter and scratches. It’s transparent and mounts on the wall using a zinc alloy bracket. The bracket is finished in polished chrome for extra shine and protection. The screws are perfectly concealed to create an elegant, seamless look.

4. C.R. LAURENCE CSB5 CRL Aluminum Cable Shelf Bracket System

C.R. LAURENCE CSB5 CRL Aluminum Cable Shelf Bracket System

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This is an inexpensive, well thought out bracket system for glass shelves. The bracket sports a cable support fabricated from lightweight yet strong aluminum material. The cables come in high-tension steel material. This bracket system is designed to support glass shelves that are 3/8 to 1/2 inches thick and measuring 16 inches deep. This shelf can take on some heavyweight without a hitch. To be exact, this glass shelf system accommodates up to 100 pounds. And it does so without developing any cracks. The shelf is designed to mount on the wall so as not to compromise floor space.

3. KES BGS3200-2 Lavatory Corner Tempered Glass Shelf

KES BGS3200-2 Lavatory Bathroom Corner Tempered Glass Shelf

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The minimalistic design of this glass shelf will surely add a contemporary touch to your living space. The shelf can be used in bathrooms, closets, or bedrooms. The shelf material is fabricated from a tempered glass; a construction that won’t disappoint for years to come. It’s quite resistant to shatter and comes 8mm thick to provide a sturdy support. The shelf is supported by zinc alloy brackets finished in polished chrome for optimized durability and dependability. It sports a rectangular design and mounts on the wall to save space. All mounting screws are perfectly concealed for improved elegance and style.

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2. HOMEIDEAS Bathroom Tempered Glass Shelves

HOMEIDEAS Bathroom Glass Shelf 19.7-Inch Stainless Steel Lavatory Tempered Glass

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This is a 2-tier glass shelf sporting rails; a design that focuses on maximizing storage space without sacrificing style and durability. The shelf measures 14 inches and is 7mm thick, a thickness that makes it virtually resistant to breakage. The rail material is fabricated from premium quality stainless steel to create a rust-free surface. The rails and shelves combine to provide plenty of storage for your toiletries and cosmetics. The brackets are finished in brushed nickel and sport concealed screws to eliminate any visible joints. This glass shelf is ideal for use in the bathroom, toilets, and lavatory.

1. Organize It All Satin Nickel Glass Shelf with Towel Bar

Organize It All Satin Nickel Glass Shelf with Towel Bar

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This glass shelf makes an attractive addition to any bathroom. It’s a narrow shelf that puts more focus on decor and function. The shelf material is made of tempered glass and sports a transparent design to add a clean and sophisticated look to your bathroom. It’s supported by a metallic frame sporting a satin nickel finish. Attached to the frame is a single bar for hanging your towel, washcloths, and hand towels. This shelf system feels solid and won’t budge underweight. It mounts on the wall to save floor space and eliminate clutter.

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