Best Aluminum Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks for Trucks/Pickups In 2021

Go ahead and save yourself from the horror of catastrophic events that are associated with exposure to fuel products. It is very important that you deal and handle fuel products with great care and attention. Fuel transfer tanks ensure you this safety and save you from any unforeseen risks related to fuel products.

As of now, the current market is overflowing with fuel transfer tanks that serve this purpose well but it is still very important that you choose the right product for your personal use. If you are looking for a tank that will deliver you exceptional performance, let you have a large capacity and also remarkable safety, then you have to choose the best models that are available in this huge market. To help you select the right product, we have carefully narrowed down the best transfer tanks that have won the trust of user base over the years. Have a look at the top fuel transfer tanks and choose the one that matches your demands the right way.

Table of the Best Fuel Transfer Tanks Reviews

10. Dee Zee DZ91750 Aluminum Square Transfer Box

Fuel Transfer Tanks

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Transfer tanks promise to be the safe and easy transportation of highly flammable as well as non-flammable liquids across different mediums. The square transfer tank from Dee Zee has lockable caps along with three amazing stability baffles and a drainage plug. It is constructed out of 0.125 Brite-Tread Aluminum that prevents storage of rust. The intelligent design has a radius curve to eradicate the pressure points in welded designs and even includes a coupler for good venting. Moreover, the large 55-gallons capacity widens the different fields of application of the transfer tank.

9. Emiliana Serbatoi Carry tank 58 Gallon Fuel Container

Carrytank 58 Gallon Fuel Container with Electric Pump

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For the convenience of users, it is very important that fuel transfer boxes are easy to use and also flexible while transferring. The Carrytank fuel container is made out of roto-moulded linear polyethylene that makes it light in weight, long-lasting and also very compact. There are also different types of fittings on the tank like integrated forklift fitting plug, fuel transfer unit etc which aids in better functionality and workability. Furthermore, the DC fuel transfer pump works both on 12V and 24V with a flow rate of 10 gpm which makes it quite efficient. The long 13 ft anti-static rubber hose is reliable in all terms. Being certified by ATEX, you can rely on this product.

8. RDS 71212 Rectangular Auxiliary Transfer Fuel Tanks

RDS 71212 Rectangular Auxiliary/Transfer Fuel Tanks

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It is always better to be prepared and when you keep the convenience of a gas station by your side always, everything works in a finer way. The RDS transfer tank is top-notch in the construction part as it is made out DOT approved aluminium that will not allow rusting. Hence, you can expect no contamination in the quality of the fuel. It features a very compact space-saving design making it more user-friendly and even this can be used as diesel auxiliary tank as well. Besides, the large capacity of 60 gallons works fine in every need and it also has built-in baffles that readily reduce baffling issues. Being constructed of 0.125″ heavy-duty aluminium, security is guaranteed.

7. Dee Zee Aluminum Long Rectangle Transfer Tank

Dee Zee Aluminum Long Rectangle Transfer Tank

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From the house of Dee Zee, this transfer tank comes with a sturdy aluminium construction which is totally rust proof and corrosion free thus enhancing the quality of the fuel and delivers maximum results. Measuring at a size of 59.5″X 9″ X 19″, this long rectangular shape transfer tank has an impressive 38 gallon capacity for daily usage. The internal venting system on this model combined with a tight and safe fitting cap ensures top-notch performance without any escape as fumes. Also, it has a 3/8 inch plug which makes drainage easier and the light weight makes it easier to move.

6. Better Built Trail Vertical Fuel Transfer Tanks

Better Built Trail Vertical Fuel Transfer Tanks

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The heavy-duty aluminium tread-plate construction is one of the most appealing features of the Better Built transfer tank. Along with the high-grade durability, the transfer tank also enhances and facilitates more convenient fuel transferring every single time. One thing you can be sure of with this tank is that you will have better longevity and the product is made to last a long time. Moreover, the presence of the lockable cup and coupler enables better venting with a sunken drain plug. The 35-gallon capacity is enough to tackle your problems with fuel transfer.

5. Dee Zee DZ91753 Short Rectangle Aluminum Transfer Tank

Dee Zee DZ91753 Short Rectangle Transfer Tank

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When you deal with the fuel it is of utmost importance for you to have access to the right product that will be at its best in terms of functionality, trustworthiness and even durability. Dee Zee is a respectable name in the field of transfer tanks and this short rectangular transfer tank is yet another reliable addition to their line. Made out of 0.125 Brite-Tread aluminium, it preserves the quality of the fuel and delivers quality results as it is both corrosion and rust proof. Besides, this is one has one of the largest capacity standing at 110 gallons and comes with mounting tabs for guaranteed protection. Other beneficial features include cap and coupler for right venting and radius curves inside for eliminating welded pressure points.

4. RDS Vertical 90-Gallon Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks with Pump

Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks

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This is a large rectangular fuel transfer tank specifically designed to work with non-flammable liquids. On the construction part, this tank is made out of heavy-duty 0.125 gauge aluminium that adds very well to the durability factor. The large frame has a dimension of 60” X 14” X 26” with a huge capacity of 90 gallons that makes it one of the most efficient products on the market. Being extremely slim, it proves to be space saving as it takes up only 14 inches of any bed. It also features a trustworthy pressure tested design which is 100 % leak-proof to assure safer operation always. This large design makes it easier to be mounted on truck beds and it also has aluminium made mounted-brackets.

3. Better Built 29221497 Transfer Fuel Tanks for Pickup Trucks

Better Built 29221497 Transfer Tank

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The large capacity of 100 gallons on this excellent fuel transfer tank is a stand-out feature for transporting non-flammable liquids. It features a T style design that makes it very unique and is manufactured out of heavy-duty stainless steel materials for facilitating long-term usage. An interesting feature like overfill restriction allows the pump to automatically shut-off at the right time. Furthermore, it features built-in baffles for better strength and less run-off of contents. The model also has an impressive powder coat finish and comes with fully welded brackets for easy mounting and installation.

2. UWS TT-50 COMBO Combo L shaped Transfer Tank

UWS TT-50 COMBO Combo L shaped Transfer Tank

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The L-shape of the UWS transfer tank is quite impressive as it benefits the functionality of transporting fuels at large. It has a 50 gallons capacity with all the important features that make it a really good choice for fuel transfer tanks. First and foremost, the heavy-duty aluminium construction is extremely durable, then it has internal tank baffles and an extremely important insulated gas strut controlled lid. This transfer tank is suited only for non-flammable liquids operation and comes with integrated exterior mounting flanges that help in easy set-up and installation on the truck beds.

1. RDS L-Shaped Auxiliary Pickup Transfer Tank

RDS L-Shaped Auxiliary Transfer Fuel Tank

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It sits at the top spot and undoubtedly it is one of the finest choices to make when it comes to tanks for fuel transferring. The L-shaped design of this RDS model aids in better accessibility and flexibility while making it easier to use and reliable. Ideal for the transfer of non-flammable liquids, the tank is made out of heavy-duty aluminium and finished with diamond plates for long-term running. The sturdy design is durable, corrosion free, rust free and also save it from any dents whatsoever. Standing at a capacity of 48 gallons, this tank comes with 2” female pipe thread that works both on manual pumps and 12V pumps. Make the right choice with this L-shaped fuel transfer tank from RDS.

Reliable fuel transfer tanks are necessary. They do not only help you to carry fuel with you while going for long drives, these tanks also protect the fuel with their sturdy design. So, go through the list, choose your transfer tanks and save yourself from embarrassment while travelling.

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