10 Best Portable Folding Camping Tables for Picnic In 2018

Outdoor events are some of the most adventurous and enjoyable activities. When holidays or weekends comes knocking, we often plan our picnics, hikes, sports and other activities. Well, how much one enjoys any outdoor activity depends on the tools you carry. One of the perfect tools to carry when going out is a camping/folding table. It is a lightweight and portable tool that can make a whole huge difference to your adventure. With so many models available in the market today, getting the best pick can be pretty challenging. To save you the hassle, we have compiled a list of the best folding camping tables. Check them out.

Table Comparison of Folding Camping Tables for Picnic

10. Aluminum Portable & Folding Camping Tables

Folding Camping Tables

A nicely made table that will add serving convenience to your camping site, party or any other picnic. It is reasonably sturdy with a maximum load of 25Kg. Setting it up is easy as the table opens up and folds to almost half the original size. No more placing your cooking materials in unhygienic places while camping. Buy this nicely designed table and save yourself the hassle. Caution has to be exercised on what you place on the table. It is sturdy, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you can place tons of weight here. Avoid placing elbows on the table when dining together. The frames are made of high-end aluminum giving the table a solid feel. Additionally, it is ergonomically designed with carrying handles for convenient transport. Depending on your usage, you can adjust the height settings (16.5-Inch, 18.6-Inch, and 21-Inch).

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9. Extra Strong Steel-Coated Folding Table

Folding Table

Start and end your picnic, camping or beach trip in style with the VonHaus 4ft folding table. It is ideal for any outdoor occasion. When it is time to get going, you simply adjust the height of the legs, fold it flat and grab it with the carry handle as if it were a laptop bag. Construction quality is exclusively pleasant. The 1.4” thick surface is made of high-density durable plastic while the tubes are crafted with power-coated anti-corrosive steel. Rubber caps fitted on the legs enhances stability. If you are looking for cheap brands that easily slip on surfaces, you better look somewhere else. One amazing feature of this picnic/dining/camping/buffer/tailgate table is the spread load capability which ranges between 330-440lbs. Planning to rock your camping trip? I wouldn’t recommend anything better than the VonHaus table. Give it a try!

8. Wenzel Aluminum Camping Table

aluminum camp table

Picnics and camping trips can be boring when you muscle with heavy and hard to set-up table. To eliminate the hassle, you need a functional and lightweight camping table like the Wenzel model. It is sturdy yet lightweight, an incredible feature in regard to travel convenience. This unit also features built-in carry handles that ease storage and transport. I also can’t forget to mention that this unit folds in half and the height surprising adjust from 21-inches to 27. One of the amazing features of this model is the wipe-off table that gives room for thorough cleaning. Whether it is a tailgating weekend, camping trip or a dining event, this table will meet all your requirements. Additionally, wobbling or collapsing has no room here, everything feels strong. Setting up and breaking down the table is a snap. Exquisite stability is also well expressed by the Wenzel.

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7. Finether Multipurpose Aluminium Camping Table

Camping Portable Folding Table

Adding perfection and convenience to your dinner, tailgating weekend, or camping with the Finether camping table. This lightweight aluminum table saves you the transport and storage hassle by folding into a half. You can turn your outdoor event into a dining function anywhere anytime. Maximum weight capacity is 55lbs. Any camping enthusiast will for sure appreciate the construction of this multipurpose table. It features durable aluminum alloy frames that are waterproof and stain-resistant. Cleaning this unit is a breeze, anyone can do it. Surprise your loved ones with this table and place special gifts on top. If you feel the kids are struggling to reach the top surface, adjust the height to 21.7″ from 24.4″ or 27.6″. This is a great table that will add style to any indoor or outdoor recreation.

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6. Adjustable Folding Aluminium Camping Table

Folding Table

Kick-start your outdoor picnic in style by carrying the Edoking folding table with you. It is the ultimate companion when you want to take your party dining experience a notch higher. Show off with this lightweight and portable camping table as you serve your friends their favorite scotch. Whether you are planning to hold a BBQ, picnic, car boot sales, playgroups or a buffet, this functional table deserves a place in your event. I heart the fact that this unit has telescoping legs that allow for vertical height adjustments. Additionally, there is a handle for easy carrying. Aluminum is used in the frames giving the table a waterproof and stain-resistant characteristic. The maximum load capacity is 100Kg for the chair while the table maximum weight is 55lbs. The 1 table and 4 stool combination make this purchase worth the price. Try it and you be glad you made the move.

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5. Moon Lence Ultralight Folding Camping Tables

Ultralight Folding Camping Picnic Table

It is time to make your hiking, BBQ, camping and fishing adventurous with the Moon Lence folding table. Stability is top notch because of the well-structured holders and sturdy joints. The table is made of durable 600D ripstop Oxford cloth in combination with high-strength aluminum alloy frames. Featuring a strong construction, the maximum capacity of the model is 33lbs/15kg. Do not put here your 180lbs unless you plan to hurt yourself. You can take Moon Lence wherever you go because of the intelligent portable design. The holders and the cloth are foldable makings carrying this table to any outdoor event a breeze. Additionally, a webbing strap and durable nylon bag are part of the purchase. Setting and breaking down the entire unit is a snap because of the extensible metals poles and the foldable mesh. Grab the Moon Lence and enjoy a lightweight trip!

4. Hard-Topped Portable Folding Camping Tables

Portable Camping Table with Aluminum Table Top

Perhaps you have been struggling to look for a general all-purpose table that is lightweight yet sturdy. Well, why can’t you give the hard-topped Trekology camping table a try? This is where top-notch construction, lightweight design, and easy storage blends meeting the needs of campers, backpackers or those that are out for a picnic. You can serve drinks, cut fish, and hold your tailgating stuff using the Trekology table. This large-sized table is compact and lightweight (Weights 4lbs). It is unbelievable how small this table can get when folded. You can fit it in a carrying bag of 28’x6’’x4’’ size and store it in a car. The table is built with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that is coated with metallic colors. No tools are needed is the setup. The base frames are designed to pop up and fold with ease. Maximum capacity is 50lbs.

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3. Multi-sized ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

When you are busy hiking, camping or holding those memorable holiday get-togethers, carrying a gigantic table along can be a huge turnoff. That is why the ALPS folding table comes to your rescue. It features a sleek design that allows campers to pull chairs right up the table. Construction is clean due to the sturdy aluminum X-frames. Another incredible feature of the ALPS is the collapsible frames and the tabletop. Storage and transport are therefore a quick snap. The 32″ wide x 32″ long x 28” tall size is quite impressive for any outdoor function. Additionally, a convenient shoulder carry bag is included to enhance transport and storage convenience. Try out the ALPS dining table and you will be glad you did. It is a lightweight, sturdy, and durable table that will make your outdoor event enjoyable and adventurous. Overall, it is a great hit!

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2. Portable and Folding Outdoor Camp Picnic Table

Portable Folding Outdoor Camp Suitcase Picnic Table

Wherever you go, the Outsunny portable table gives you adorable company. That is not the end of the story. It comes with 4 additional seats that you can use while enjoying the light morning sun. If baking is your thing, you definitely need a strong yet lightweight table plus a few seats. You don’t have to waste your energy trying out every single model you come across. The Outsunny portable folding tables perfectly meet your outdoor needs. You will love the blue ABS plastic and the aluminum alloy construction. It is elegant and durable as well. It is also lightweight and easy to set up. Having additional bench seats means you can bask from anywhere while enjoying a glass of fine whiskey. The table size is 33 1/2″L x 25 1/2″W taking less of your indoor space. When it is time to go for that holiday vacation, simply fold the entire unit and put it is a suitcase for easy transport.

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1. Collapsible Kamp-Rite Kwik Table

Folding Camping Tables

What an awesome table for that overnight camping trip! As you are busy enjoying the night atmosphere, your kids can use it while playing with their toys. You wouldn’t ask for anything more when you plan to hold a rocking picnic in the park, sporting event, or backyard barbecues. It is a compact roll-top-side table that is designed to collapse and be set up quickly. Any camping table fanatic would sure appreciate the heavy-gauge aluminum construction and the water-resistant roll-top. A carry bag with shoulder straps is included for easy transport and storage. Want to give your outdoor and indoor activities a leg up, try the Kamp-Rite Kwik table. It is awesome.

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