Best Stability Exercise Ball Chairs for Office and Home Reviews In 2021

Sitting for hours on your desk job can be really harmful to your health. It creates back problems and slows down your metabolism rate. Thus, it is better to opt for exercise ball chairs. Equipped with an exercise ball, these special chairs help in correcting your posture. Also, you can stretch if you want to in between work to further draw the benefits. It is a revolutionary product that will benefit every sphere of your life.

While there are several options available in the market, choosing one can be fairly difficult. Hence, check our exercise ball chairs’ buying guide as we have done every sort of research for you.

Best Exercise Ball Chairs Reviews

10. Gaiam Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Chair for Home or Office Desk

Exercise Ball Chairs

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Improve your focus by sitting on this balance ball chair and keep yourself focused on developing your mind and body. This is certainly ideal for individuals having a height of 5-ft to 5-ft and 11-inches. It even has a positive impact on your productivity level as well. To support this ball and keep it steady, this is put on a chair base.

Interestingly, this itself weighs only 13-pounds whereas when it comes to the weight limit, it will endure 300-pounds. Lastly, the material is stretchable and when you inflate it, this will extend to its original size without leaking.

Key features:

  • This has 4 caster wheels that will help to roll the chair from one location to another.
  • Two of the four wheels are lockable for ensuring that it stays in place no matter what.
  • You can replace the traditional office chairs with this and see a massive difference in your health.

9. PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair with Back Support for Home and Office

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Quality cannot be ignored and so, this rolling exercise ball chair is a testament to excellence. Firstly, this helps in improving the overall posture of your body and you can keep your spine straight. Next, it will minimize the agonizing back pain that is irritating you. Being a multifunctional option, you can simply remove the back support if you want to increase the toughness level.

Moreover, the exercise ball itself is of a size of 52 cm, and to make it bouncy as per your requirement, just pump it. In case, you want to keep it stable in a position, lock the wheels, and you are done.

Key features:

  • It will reduce to a compact size in case you want to store it.
  • These genius brains in California have created this and so, they even promise a lifetime warranty on it.
  • Having a construction of rubber will stretch to deliver maximum results.

8. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair with Air Pump

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair with Air Pump

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Certainly, an exercise guide that will give a boom to your energy levels, this backless exercise ball chair help in building your core. Any individual falling under the height range 5-ft to 5-ft 11-inches can use it. Besides, it will come up to the height of almost any standard desk. Next, this is going to roll due to the easy glide caster that will help to go from one position to another.

Interestingly, this has a size of 52cm that is just standard like all other chairs. As the material is a bit stretchable you need to deflate it to 50% and then fill it back to 52cm height. It will be an amazing product for fixing your posture as well.

Key features:

  • Worried if it is going to burst due to excessive weight? This has a weight capacity of 300 pounds that is genuinely more than any other product.
  • It includes a desktop exercise guide in order to promote healthy living.
  • For every fashion-savvy individual, this comes in a wide range of colors.

7. Timberbrother Exercise Ball Chair for Gym and Home Exercise

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Perfect for working your whole body out, this one has a construction of thick PVC material. This is harmless as it is free of toxic elements and will not slip cause of its advantageous properties. It is indeed a testament of a professional product as this went under Anti-Burst testing and proudly passed. How intense the workout may be, this will surely endure everything.

Furthermore, this is a large exercise ball chair that is capable of having weights of 1000lbs on it. This is like no other product in the market. Having a stable base avoids the occurrences of rolling away from its original place.

Key features:

  • It comes with a 3-layer waterproof posture that will guide and suggest you do whatever exercise you want. There are 40 workouts in it.
  • To ensure full workout sessions, this offers 20lbs resistant bands and handles as well.
  • It can be used as a birthing ball if you are pregnant.

6. Gaiam Premium Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Ergonomic Chair 

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From yoga to regular exercises, you can use this lockable exercise ball chair to regain your fitness. It is a great replacement for your desk chair as it matches the height of maximum office desks. Next, thinking about modern design and requirements, this has a reinforced base and back support. This will not only help in keeping the ball in the exact position but also improve posture and eradicate pain as well as stress.

However, you get 5 caster wheels so that you can roll it and change locations without getting up from the seat. This has a size of 52-cm just like any other standard exercise ball and will help in building core strength.

Key features:

  • If a before is or below 300 pounds, they can use this.
  • You will get an inflation pump along with it and so you do not have to spend any extra money.
  • As the material is stretchable, it might take some time to get the desired size.

5. INTENT SPORTS Exercise Yoga Ball Chair for Home and Office

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As the name suggests, this product is even ideal for your yoga sessions. This ball is pretty strong and so will not be affected by rigorous use. It is immune to wear as well as sudden tears. However, that’s not it. The Stability Base Ring is actually inflatable in nature that will enable to establish a firm grip with the ball. When you think about the material, PVC is always genuine. The layered structure is designed to resist sudden punctures and is extremely safe.

Nonetheless, it is lightweight, and carrying it around the gym, office or any other location will not be a struggle. Lastly, it wins the user’s trust with an ISO certification that guarantees top-notch quality.

Key features:

  • As this is a professional product, the weight limit is 2000lbs.
  • Use it as a birthing ball, stability ball, yoga ball, a desk, or in any other format.
  • The resistant bands that come with this are fully adjustable to the user’s requirements.

4. Trideer Exercise Stability Yoga Ball with Base

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Being a trustworthy brand, you can even trust its performance. Firstly, the construction of this ball is from extra-dense material and so, you can use it during your pregnancy. Next, the high anti-bursting rate assures that you are going to feel safe sitting on this ball. The material is hypoallergenic that will keep you free from allergic reactions and is even eco-friendly.

In case, you are dealing with chronic back pain, this is going to soothe it. Plus, it relieves your stress and leads to developing a great posture. Finally, this weighs 5.51 pounds and ideal for any adult to use in home, office or gym.

Key features:

  • Not only it has great quality but also an impeccable weight capacity of 2000lbs.
  • Either use it as a ball chair or simply detach it from the base to use it as an exercise ball.
  • The 65-cm ball is for any individual having a height of 5ft 3-inches to 5-ft 10-inches. Whereas, the 75-cm ball supports individuals ranging from 5-ft 11-inches to 6-ft 4-inches.

3. Gaiam Stability Balance Ball Chair for Kids

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Allow your kids to grow with better strength and flexibility. Perfect as an alternative seating area for your child, they can use it at home or school. This even helps in dealing with any sort of restlessness and fidgeting habits. When sitting on this chair, your kid will start developing a proper posture. Helping to balance the body as well as the mind, your kid will also become more focused.

Moreover, children having a height between 42-inches to 51-inches can sit on it and focus on their studies. The maximum carrying capacity is 175 pounds and so it will not burst suddenly. Lastly, the ball is placed on a metal base holder that features caster wheels for ease of movement.

Key features:

  • Kids of 5 to 7 ages will really find this interesting to use.
  • Two of the wheels are lockable so that your kids stay in the exact place.
  • This is 38cm that is pretty good for accommodating a kid.

2. Safco Products Zenergy Low Profile Ball Chair

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Unlike other products on the list, this has a unique shape. Being an active seating place, your core muscle strength will always be needed for maintaining the posture. This will help in working on your concentration and also make your posture better. One can also use it as a yoga ball and acquire its benefits. Now, you can pick between two heights. With the installation of the feet, the chair will increase by 20-inches. But when you install both feet as well as legs, you will witness an increase of 23-inches.

Lastly, this is certified to be safe for indoor use. The Greenguard Certification assures that it will not result in pollution or the generation of toxic elements.

Key features:

  • A manual pump comes in the package for pumping the ball chair.
  • 250 lbs are the ultimate limit of this chair.
  • The anti-burst property makes it much safe under any circumstances.

1. Cando-30-1791 Metal Ball Chair with Arm

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This literally looks like an improved chair developed to improve your overall health. Burn calories just by sitting on it as your core will always be involved. This in turn makes you healthy. In case, you are tired, rest your fatigue arms in the armrest. If you want to make it a bit harder, just remove the arms and even the backrest and learn to balance.

As a matter of fact, it comes with wheels and can roll on hard as well as carpeted surfaces. Finally, the exercise ball installed in this chair is 22-inches. So, you are working on your fitness just by sitting on it.

Key features:

  • You need to make some assembly to make it fully functional.
  • For best results, first, inflate to 70% and then allow it to settle down. Then again, inflate it and it will be ready for use.
  • Treat your back problems well and get the posture right with this.

Now, you may know all about the exercise ball chair benefits. So, make a change to your daily routine and include this for your own development.

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