Top 10 Best Stability Exercise Ball Chairs for Office Reviews In 2018

Sitting in your office chair for more than eight hours a day can be dangerous to your health. This is something that you definitely don’t want for yourself; which is why the idea of using exercise ball chairs might be better than your traditional work chair.

While inactivity is a common problem for people working in an office due to a prolonged sitting position, that is not the case with a stability ball chair. Because you have to maintain your balance, you are forced to sit up straight since correct posture is the easiest way to balance yourself on such a chair. Also, a ball chair causes you to always do small movements so you get to strengthen your muscles, especially your core. Compared to the typical office chair, exercise ball chairs are cheaper too. With these many advantages, here are the Best Exercise Ball Chairs Reviews that you might find worthy of buying.

Table of the Best Stability Exercise Ball Chairs

10. Gaiam Balance Exercise Stability Ball Chairs with Air Pump

Exercise Ball Chairs

With the same balance mechanism that a routine exercise provides, Gaiam ball chairs allow you to improve your posture by promoting proper spine alignment as you sit. Developed by a chiropractor pioneer, this exercise ball chair is also useful in relieving back, legs, and arms pains which are common pain problems when you sit on a chair for hours.

Special features:

  • It helps relieve the back health
  • It is easy to move
  • Leg extender is comfortable
  • Building the healthier back, and relieve pain
  • Improving overall-well being
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9. Balance Exercise Ball Chair or “Tall Boy”  Frame Height

Exercise Ball Chairs

From another leading brand manufacturer of exercise ball chairs, the Brand Balance from Isokinetics Inc. is one of your best choices for an exercise chair if you’re aiming for comfort and balance. Ideal for strengthening your core muscles, flexibility, muscle coordination, and motor skills, the Brand Balance ball would be a good choice in place of an ordinary office chair.

8. Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair

Exercise Ball Chairs

Even seated, this adjustable and custom fit balance ball chair from Gaiam easily promotes your body’s overall health by boosting your strength and energy levels and improving your posture and balance. Adjustable to fit a wide range of users, this chair also has a cushioned back for more comfort and a metal base for a more secure and stronger support.

7. Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball & pump

Exercise Ball Chairs

Whether it’s your home or office, this balance chair eases your body to sit in an ergonomic position to correct your posture, promote proper blood circulation and reduce muscle stiffness. With the Sivan Fit Chair, you can prevent premature back pains and spine disorders.

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6. Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit with Pump & DVD

Exercise Ball Chairs

Work out your core muscles like your abs as well as your backs, hips, arms, and glutes using Gaiam’s Total Body Balance exercise ball chair. With an included copy of DVD workouts for you to maximize the use of your ball chair, you can also work on toning your body and improving your core strength and balance as you sit.

5. Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Office Chair

Exercise Ball Chairs

With an adjustable back support, bigger wheels for a smoother glide and quiet rolling experience, wide weight-bearing range, and an office look, the Brand Exercise ball chair is a perfect substitute for your regular office chair with the advantage of promoting balance and proper posture. Exercise and relax both at the same time using the chair’s seat back and the instability of the ball to prompt you to do little movements that work big wonders in the form of constant chair exercise.

4. Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball with Pump

Exercise Ball Chairs

Black Mountain’s static strength stability ball is your ultimate choice for a durable exercise ball that is fit for people of all sizes with its rated weight capacity of up to 2000lbs. With a professional rating, this exercise ball definitely delivers when it comes to improving your posture and balance, building your body’s natural agility and core strength. What’s more, you get to choose from different sizes available so you get the exercise ball chair that is just right to give you comfort at work all day long.

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3. Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball

Exercise Ball Chairs

With a sturdy rolling base construction and shock absorber feature, this Fitness Balance Ball from Sivan Health gets you to do the all essential body exercises you need without too much trouble. Be stressed no more with this fitness exercise ball chair that allows you to stretch and do little bits of exercises to prevent premature spine problems, correct posture alignment, reduce muscle pain and stiffness, and improve your blood circulation.

2. CalCore Professional Strength Swiss Stability Exercise Balls

Exercise Ball Chairs

With anti-burst balls, CalCore’s Swiss ball provides the ultimate exercise ball chair with professional grade strength to keep you fit by reducing back pain and improving your posture. Backed by clinical studies, the CalCore exercise ball chairs are found to be ideal for reducing back pain for as high as 53 percent and shows visible improvement on core strength and posture especially for those who don’t usually work out. In a breeze, you can easily burn calories while sitting and improve your energy levels, in turn, to get you working better.

1. Abilitations 26-Inch Green Six-Leg Ball Chair

Exercise Ball Chairs

Abilitations takes the top spot for the best exercise ball chair with its active seating feature which helps in strengthening your core muscles and is also a great aid in rehabilitation therapy. With six stability legs built-in, this exercise chair from Abilitations is also equipped with durable vinyl for long use, has low moisture absorption so it’s okay to sweat out on it, and easily resists oil. If you have a dire need for correcting your posture or you badly want to improve your body’s overall fitness and balance, the Abilitations ball chair would be the best exercise chair for you.

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