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Snowfall might look beautiful at first. However, it’s only a few hours before it buries your driveway. Though you can choose to shovel it, it won’t be long before back pains start to kick in. Now, you’ll agree with us that you can’t beat the speed, effectiveness, and ease-of-use of a snowblower. Above all, intuitive controls make the process almost enjoyable. Also, unlike shovels, snow blowers can last almost a lifetime. For the record, most high-end models last at least 40 years. But with a multitude of options, how do you choose the best snow blower for the money?

The selection process can be a considerable challenge. Thus, to save you the time and effort, we’ve put together a list of the best snow blowers for heavy snow. Read more to find what suits you best.

Table of the Best Snow Blowers Reviews

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10. Greenworks 2600502 20″ Corded Gas Snow Thrower

Snow Blowers

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Greenworks 2600502 uses a heavy-duty 13-amp motor. It’s powerful enough to tackle big snow dumps. For the record, it clears snow to a depth of 10 inches. And at full throttle, it can clear up to 12 inches. Overall, it blows 850 pounds of snow per minute. Not to mention, throwing it up to 20 feet away.

The chute not only throws snow farther away, but it also rotates 180 degrees. Hence, it’s able to dump snow out of your way. Again, this snow thrower has a clearing width of 12 inches. Thus, it clears your driveway much quicker than you would with a snow shovel. Moreover, the handle folds after use, enabling you to store the snow thrower with ease.

Special Features

  • Powerful 13 amp electric motor blows 850 pounds of snow each minute
  • 180-degree chute directs snow where you want
  • Folding handle saves space during storage
  • Extra-large head clears 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep to save time
  • Built-in LED light illuminates the work area

9. Earthwise 40 Volt Cordless Electric Snow Thrower

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This snow blower gives you super-charged power. Hence, it can tackle any snow removal job. Instead of standard lithium battery, this cordless snow blower uses a 40-volt power-efficient battery. As such, it offers a longer run time. Also, it uses an upgraded brushless motor that delivers the power of gas models. It clears snow up to 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Also, it removes 600 pounds of snow per minute to save time.

Moreover, it has one of the longest throwing distance of 30 feet. Not to mention, you can adjust the discharge angle to 180 degrees. That means you can shoot snow in the desired direction. Like the Greenworks 2600502, it has integrated LED lights that enable you to blow snow in the dark.

Special Features

  • A power-efficient battery provides a longer run time
  • Powerful brushless motor clears snow 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide
  • Impressive blow rate of 600 pounds per minute
  • Adjustable discharge angle of 180 degrees
  • Integrated LED lights illuminate the work area
  • Tool-free assembly makes it DIY-friendly

8. Snow Joe 40V Cordless Brushless Single-Stage Battery Snow Blower

Snow Joe 40V Cordless Brushless Single-Stage Battery Snow Blower

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Snow Joe has a wide range of snow blowers. The iON18SB stands out among its most versatile models. First, it offers a cordless operation, enabling you to use it anywhere. Again, the lithium battery provides an impressive run time of 50 minutes. The best part, it comes with a quick charger to save time. Moreover, this snowblower uses a durable brushless motor. Not only is the motor energy-efficient, but it also runs quietly.

Equipped with a heavy-duty steel auger, it can move 500 pounds of snow in a minute. Not to mention, it cuts 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep with each pass. It has a throwing distance of 20 feet, adjustable to 180 degrees. Like the above models, it has LED bulbs that light your way.

Special Features

  • Adjustable handle provides comfort and enables easy storage
  • A powerful battery provides 50 minutes run time
  • Durable and whisper-quiet brushless motor improves efficiency
  • Extra-large clearing path of 18 inches clears more in less time
  • LED bulbs to improve visibility

7. WEN 5662 13A 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

WEN 5662 13A 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

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WEN 5662 is the least expensive snowblower on our list. But that doesn’t make it any less capable. It clears snow up to 7.8 inches deep. Though a bit less than what you get in most models, it has an extra-wide path of 18 inches. Also, it moves 490 pounds of snow per minute at full throttle.

The chute shoots snow 20 feet away. Moreover, you can rotate it 180 degrees to direct the snow where you want. Not only can you adjust the direction of the throw, but also the height. Take the height adjustment lever, for instance. It enables you to adjust the arc of thrown up to 10 feet high. Hence, you can easily shoot snow over obstacles.

Special Features

  • A versatile multi-directional chute lets you adjust both the angle and height of the throw
  • Lightweight design (32 pounds) and onboard carry handle enable easy transportation
  • High-speed auger blows 490 pounds of snow per minute
  • Extra-wide clearing path (18 inches) covers a large area with each pass

6. TACKLIFE Electric Snow Blowers – 15 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

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Most corded electric snow throwers are rated 12 to 13 amps. However, Tacklife snowblower takes things the extra mile. It uses an ultra-powerful 15 amp motor. It clears 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep in a single pass. That’s equivalent to 800 pounds of snow per minute. Such an impressive snow removal rate makes it ideal for clearing snow off medium to large-sized driveways.

The chute is fully adjustable. It allows for a 180-degree adjustment. Not only that, you can tilts the chute cover from 60 to 90 degrees for greater flexibility. Moreover, the chute shoots out the snow up to 30 feet. The steel auger has high-quality rubber blades. Therefore, it’s less likely to rust, even when blowing wet snow.

Special Features

  • Ultra-powerful 15 amp motor moves 800 pounds of snow in a minute
  • Fully-adjustable chute allows for greater flexibility
  • An extra-wide 20-inch path clears snow quickly
  • Adjustable handle folds for easy storage

5. Snow Joe SJ623E 15 Amp Single Stage Snow Thrower

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Snow Joe SJ623E is a reliable all-around performer. It handles light, fluffy, and wet snowfalls up to 10 inches deep. Also, it has a snow removal rate of 720 pounds per minute. The width of the clearing path is quite crucial in a snow thrower. Snow Joe takes this into consideration by incorporating a wider 18-inch clearing path. Apart from the generous clearing path, it can discharge snow up to 25 feet away.

Moreover, it comes with halogen lamps to aid in dim light conditions. The speciality clearing tool is another feature you don’t always find in most models. As