Best Portable Electric Massage Tables for Sale Reviews In 2021

Who doesn’t love a great massage? Not only does it feels nice but also offer you with very many health benefits. The best electric massage tables are not only comfortable but also very comfortable. Besides helping you to have a relaxing feeling, a table also allows the one doing the massage to work on the body with pressure, movements, pressure and other techniques easily. These tables are designed to be compact and portable. Additionally, if you do not need it for everyday use, you can fold it so that you can store it easily. Since there are very many models on the market, it is important to take into consideration your needs before choosing the best massage tables. Go through these best portable massage tables reviews to find out the best table for your needs.

Table of the Best Light Weight Massage Tables

10. Economical Electric Massage Tables

Electric Massage Tables

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This high-quality massage table that is not only affordable but also eco-friendly. It is constructed using high-quality materials for enhanced performance and durability. The table has an adjustable height of up to 33 inches and the capacity of holding up to 450lbs. To offer the user with ultimate comfort while receiving the massage, the table is covered by a 2.5-inch high-density foam deck. Additionally, the table is constructed by high-quality beach timber and comes with a free premium carry case. You can find more about the tables for therapy to help relieve back pain.

9. Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

Portable Massage Table

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This versatile massage table comes with everything that you need especially if you like travelling. This is a foldable table making it easy to carry and store. The table is constructed using high-grade beach wood and a high-quality cushion that offers the user great comfort. For added comfort, the model comes with a cradle for the face, which is easily removable. There also great support for your arms and armrest. The cushions are water-resistant and durable.

8. Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case

Portable Folding Massage Table

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If you are looking for a professionally designed massage table that comes with everything you need for a refreshing massage, then this is an ideal choice. This model is constructed using hardwood frames that feature steel support cables. This makes it not only durable but also very stable. It is well padded with a 2-inch high-density foam and comes with convenient features such as the armrest, detachable headrest as well as arm sling. You are also providing with a high-quality carry case.

7. Sierra Comfort Aluminum Portable Massage Table with Adjustable Back

 Aluminum Portable Massage Table with Adjustable Back

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This portable massage table can be used for expert use as it comes with exciting features that are only available on the high-end models. This model is constructed using sturdy yet lightweight materials that make it sturdy and easy to carry around. You are also provided with a carry bag with a shoulder strap. Another excellent feature that comes with this model is the waterproof and oil resistant deck, which is great, as it needs minimal maintenance.

6. Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table

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This is another great folding massage table from Sierra comfort, which is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality massage tables. Similar to other products from the company, this massage table is fitted with high-density foam to offer the user with ultimate comfort. It is also constructed using beach hardwood to ensure maximum stability and durability. The model comes with an ergonomic carry bag with well-padded handles making it easy to transport. Additionally, the deck is oil and water-resistant.

5. Reiki Portable Massage Table with Carrying Case by BestMassage

Portable Massage Table With Carry Case

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The strong construction ensures that you have a high-quality and sturdy massage table that withstands repeated use. You can fold the table conveniently to fit in a carry bag provided for enhancing portability. This is also great as you can store in your closet when not in use. When you purchase a model, you are, provide with a free half round bolster and face pillow. Another excellent feature that comes with this model includes an adjustable headrest and oil resistant deck. Additionally, this model is constructed using durable PU leather, which is also water resistant.

4. Best Massage Two Fold Burgundy Massage Table

Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

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This massage table has a well-built birch construction that ensures that you have a durable, sturdy and easy to fold table that will withstand being folded transportation frequently. Besides being offered at a reasonable price, this model will offer you with all the features that are available on the other expensive models. Most users love the comfortable bed that features a 2-inch high-density cushion that has a cell texture that ensures that it does not flatten or disfigure even after repeated use. The cushioning is further covered with durable PU leather.

3. Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table with 3″ Thick Cushion of Foam

Portable Massage Table

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This is a convenient massage table features a comfy design that is suitable for both home and professional use. Unlike other massage tables on the market, this table is covered by a three-inch high-density cushion, which makes it super comfortable. Other great features that come with this table is the hi-gloss warm walnut protected finish and aircraft grade steel support that allows the table to hold up to 750 lbs.

2. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table with Light-Weight Aluminum Frame

Portable Massage Table

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One of the features that make this massage table a favorite model amongst many massage lovers is the price. Considering the sturdy construction and all inclusive massage kit with sheets and accessories, this is one of the most affordable products available on the market. This table is constructed using sturdy yet high-quality aluminum making it extremely lightweight. Some of the other great features include a removable facial cradle, semi-circle bolster, forward arm supports, waterproof semi-circle bolster, and oil-resistant and 100-percent cotton fitted

1. Black Reiki Portable Massage Table, have the same table in Burgundy

Portable Massage Table

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This table comes with an adjustable height with a range of 10 inches making it easy to customize to meet the needs of the user easily. The model also comes with a 2-inch dense foam padding as well as a solid wood design that makes it durable. This table is ideal for someone who is looking for a table that is simple to set up without the hassle of all the additional accessories.


Selecting any of the ten products listed above ensures that you have easy to use, durable and foldable massage table that you can carry and store easily. Provided you take proper care of any of the product; it should last for many years. Go through the products and select the model that fits all needs perfectly for added peace of mind.

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