Best Portable Electric Massage Tables for Sale Reviews In 2021

Massages are therapeutic, relaxing, and a stress reliever! If there are knots in your joints or your back is hurting, a massage can eradicate it all. So, the demand for professional masseuses is always high on the market. Be it for medical purposes or for relaxation, the rising popularity of massages is increasing the demand for massage equipment. One of the most important products is portable electric massage tables that will minimize manual labor and increase productivity. Many different settings are present and you will get to know more about them once you read.

So, find the electric massage table recommendations down below and know how it is going to benefit your business. Expand and grow by using the best products in the market.

Best Electric Massage Tables Reviews

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10. EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table – Spa Lift Hydraulic Massage Table

Electric Massage Tables

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This hydraulic electric massage table is popular amongst the best masseuses in the world. To let your client have uninterrupted massage sessions, it offers hands-free lift adjustments. Just press the foot pedal and adjust accordingly. The motor of this table is powerful and so has gained a UL listing. You can even adjust the heights within 17-inches to 36-inches as it is ADA compliant for safety purposes.

Comfort will not be compromised as the EARTHLITE’S PRO-PLUSH DELUXE cushioning is 3-inches thick. It has triple-density compared to any other product and the NatureSoft upholstery has a smooth texture. So, comfort and performance like no other product.

Key features:

  • The steel frame has the benefit of powder-coating that will remain unaffected by oil, moisture or any other element.
  • It delivers a weight capacity of 600-pounds and it will not break.
  • Wheels on the legs will let you push it for moving it.

9. SKINACT Opal Electric Facial Bed Massage Table

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You can carry this product to your clients’ preferred location and set it up anywhere. This electric massage table with wheels is movable in any direction. Once you are done placing it, you can lock the wheels and start with your massage session. Not only is the height-adjustable but also the back. Get the desired settings and give the comfort of their choice. This might be white and looks pristine but the massage oil will not ruin its beauty as it is oil-resistant.

You can lay it flat at 0-degrees or recline it up to 75-degrees. The cushion has a thickness of 3-inches that is cozy for any individual.

Key features:

  • The height adjustment range is between 26-inches to 35-inches that is extremely diverse.
  • Any individual with a weight of 450lbs or less can lay on it comfortably.
  • Due to the wheels, you can simply push it with your legs and it will move.

8. Cleo Electric Spa Treatment Table – Facial Massage Bed

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An adjustable electric massage table that will come to use in every massage session, this one is a professional product. Achieving the ADA complaint tag, your safety concerns are clarified. The stable base can take up a heavy amount of load as the entire frame of the table is steel. This is a heavy-duty table that allows making adjustments to the backrest as well as leg.

As a matter of fact, the upholstery is of PU leather and will not rip-off or tear during massage sessions. It is a great product for a medical spa treatment or normal spa as this offers a weight capacity of 400lbs.

Key features:

  • It comes with both armrests as well as headrests for ultimate comfort.
  • When you are making adjustments, the operation will be pretty noiseless.
  • This allows tilt adjustments and even is irreversible to never give a reason to your client to complain.

7. SKINACT Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed/Table with Face Cradle

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With the use of premium-range leatherette, this electric massage table with a face cradle is a luxurious product. The dark brown color will certainly not catch stains. Next, the metal framing gives it a structure and sturdiness to tackle heavy-duty tasks. To keep your face resting in a comfortable position, the face cradle comes to help.

Moreover, this powerful table has got two motors. One will help you do alterations to the height and the other one is for making back and knees adjustments. Its adding is of 4-inches in thickness and will comfortable when brushes your skin.

Key features:

  • To deal with any sort of fault, you get a year warranty from this brand.
  • The 450lbs weight limit allows unrestricted use for anyone.
  • Its armrests and headrest are detachable anytime.

6. SKINACT ALL ELECTRIC Solid Massage Table – Facial Chair with Adjustable Motors Beige

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Convenience is the USP of this product and hence, comes feature-packed. Keeping in mind the idea of relaxing the entire body, it has an integrated adjustable feature in everything. You can adjust the height, fix the tilts, alter the backrest and even adjust the footrest. The settings will be done all according to the customer’s preference. For allowing everything to work uninterruptedly, this has 4 powerful motors.

To make these adjustments, the brand offers a remote that features a long cord. Even at the steepest angle, the weight will be evenly distributed. Lastly, there are two different headrests that will let your client relax according to the situation.

Key features:

  • Concentrate on your work, as the towel holder lets you hang towels that are 23-inches wide.
  • The tightening knob behind the headrest helps to keep it firmly in one position.
  • It has a length of 76.8-inches when the headrest is installed and so, the tallest individuals can use it.

5. Mt MaxKing Salon Electric Massage Table

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Fully electric-controlled, its motor has a UL-approval that clears any speculations against safety hazards. This heavy-duty electric massage table is height-adjustable for supporting all individuals. The legs of the base have casters that will allow you to move it with a push. If you want it to remain stable, then lock the wheels and it will not move.

However, the blush pink color will always keep shining as it has PU upholstery. So, if you spill oil or water, nothing can stain or make it wet. Finally, the multi-layer small cell foam gives it a generous thickness of 3.5-inches. Your client will feel comfortable and relaxed when sleeping on it.

Key features:

  • It is devoid of CFC and will not harm the environment or any individual.
  • The 5-year warranty period will cover a lot of defects, damages, or any accidents.
  • Even the face pillow is of foam and your face will sink in when relaxing.

4. Dir Facial Beauty Bed Medical Aesthetic Bed

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Be it a tattoo session or a therapeutic massage, this table is a blessing. Featuring two electric motors, you can adjust the backrest as well as height according to your requirements. The interesting fact about this product is that it can be manually adjusted as well as remote-controlled. Further, you can control the settings with a foot-operated remote or hand-operated remote.

This product never lacks strength as it has a steel construction. Steady and strong, this will bear weights up to 400-lbs. You also get a breathing hole so that there is proper air-circulation when massaging your client.

Key features:

  • The head-rest will support your head without breaking.
  • Its ink-black in color makes it hard to get dirty.
  • Keep your arms on the armrests and your foot on the footrests, it will feel therapeutic.

3. Monet 4 Motor Electric Facial Chair – Facial Massage Bed

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A fancy saloon needs a luxurious table like this. Featuring a unique design, this offers the users the liberty of unlimited positioning. In fact, it has hidden wheels that you can use to maneuver it but hideaway when customers come. The luxurious fabric of this table makes it breathable and cleaning as well as maintaining is easy. Its hand-held remote even matches the tables’ aesthetic and looks way prettier.

Moreover, coming with a vast range of motion, comfort is always attained when using this product. The cushion has a thickness of 4-inches that will eliminate all the knots. Finally, the face cradle feels smooth on your skin and will not lead to any wrinkles.

Key features:

  • The table has the limit of bearing 400lbs weight.
  • Its sleek look makes it appear pretty in one’s eyes.
  • There are 4 powerful motors in it for making this functional.

2. SKINACT Malibu Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table

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SKINACT is known for its professional range of massage tables and this one is another exceptional example. Having 4 motors, each of the motors individually controls height adjustments, footrest alterations, seat tilting, and backrest adjustments. So, no interruption is going to pause its performance. Ideal for medical treatment, therapy as well as massage, it provides satisfaction to the customer as well as the user.

As a matter of fact, the PU upholstery looks expensive and you will not feel uncomfortable sitting on it. Finally, the full control of the product lies in the remote and you can operate it with one hand.

Key features:

  • Remove the armrests and detach the headrest, comfort can be altered as per your choice.
  • What is the maximum weight limit of this product? Well, it will deal with 350lbs at max.

1. Dir Beauty Salon Spa Electrical Facial Beauty Bed

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This is a typical professional massage table that has been delivering happy clients always. It is super heavy-duty due to its full metal structure and will not collapse. If you want to adjust the height to give your customer’s comfort priority, do it with the help of a remote. To give your customers enough room to breathe when upside down, you get a breathable pillow. In fact, you can remove it to get more room for air circulation.

With the high-grade vinyl on top of the high-density, you will be always at the receiving end of comfort and luxury. Finally, the retractable wheels will be well hidden when not in use.

Key features:

  • You can adjust the height to an ultimate 33-inches.
  • It requires a bit of assembly for making it ready for use.
  • 400lbs is the maximum weight that this table can take.

Massaging your clients and delivering satisfaction is the goal of every masseuse. A professional electric massage table is a solution to all you can always have happy clients.

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